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A political news & information podcast on issues that matter to the African Diaspora and Africa. This does not exclude others but does focus on areas pertinent to the progress of Black peoples throughout the world. All music on this podcast has been released under a creative commons license. AFRISYNERGY: Building the capacity for a strong United States of Africa and African Diaspora. When President Obama tells you that you must FIND YOUR OWN DESTINY as African Americans, he is indicating that you must now look beyond the ordinary and reach for the extraordinary. This is what I want to talk to you about. Whether you are counted among those who are primarily concerned about your earnings from your properties, commonly known as bourgeoisie, or just the ordinary person struggling to make ends meet every day or somewhere in between the two, I want your intense attention.

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Right wing pundits are doing their best in trying to absolve themselves of their complicity in acts of terrorism, murder and mayhem against people they deem enemies. Because of technology, their words are forever etched in cyberspace... more

You might be shocked with what Fox News is promoting and how it is destroying America. It's primary owners are foreigners. The DOW showed its biggest percentage jump in profits in 71 years in the month of September, 2010! Are... more

You might be shocked with what Fox News is promoting and how it is destroying America. It's primary owners are foreigners. Also, check this out: White America Has Lost Its Mind Click Here! It brings even more perspective to what John... more

Corporate America is sitting on huge profits and yet they are not creating any jobs. Wall Street which was the recipient of bailouts they did not have to pay back thanks to George Bush, refuse to bail out mainstream and refinance upside... more

President Obama and the Democrats are surging in the polls. When all the latest polls are averaged out and excluding the GOP biased polling firm Rasmussen, the Democrats are seeing some gains. Most of the media coverage has been... more

Israelis have been at the center of the illegal worldwide human organ trafficking and harvesting. The latest arrests have occurred in South Africa. How long will these predator elites be allowed to operate feeding upon the poor? We had... more

How and When is Health Care Reform Going to be Beneficial? T West offers his commentary on Health Care Reform politics.The Black Talk Media Project's national & global news brief.Featured Music Artist: Juanitos - Soul Africa

To Join Chat Click Here. Former President Bill Clinton said Sunday that the Tea Party movement reflected a feeling among Americans that "they're getting the shaft" and he gets why they're popular, but expressed concern about... more

Just how nasty can Dinesh D'Souza be? His history includes attacking affirmative action, publishing the names of students at Dartmouth College, and now serving as political hitman of Barack Obama with a racially hateful intent. The... more

The media has been whipping up the gloom and doom for the Democrats in the upcoming November elections but quite the opposite is going to happen. Fox News has been aggressively going after those who expose their lies and half... more
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