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Welcome to AV Radio: a collaborative social development information exchange framework for community leadership and global activism. Our effort is best captured by the words of Simon Sinek: “The responsibility of leadership is not to come up with all the ideas, but to create an environment in which great ideas can happen.” Social development content is important to sustainable development and we are committed to continuing to improve our programs and outreach to our listeners. Intelligent discussions are no longer taking place in silos. If you have anything to say, here is the power to say it. The world is listening. Therefore, we encourage individuals who feel passionately concerned about social development to take advantage of this opportunity to using our platform to test new ideas, debate, ask questions and participate in sharing with other likeminded people from around the world during our live broadcast. Please join our weekly discussions live by phone or Skype and listen to program archives as we connect local individuals to the global communities. The objective of our programs is to serve as a platform for awareness campaign of independent advocacy groups, presentation of relative ideas and innovations on sustainable development; for facilitating cooperation, and for ideas generation and a spot for inspiring consensus and leadership on sustainable development. Our programs include discussions and presentations on the following categories: Environmental Awareness, Health Dialogues, Cultural Diversity, Family and Social life, Women Advancement, Technology, Economy and Finance, Psychology. Our host and guests include pundits from the private, public, academia, and independent sectors around the globe. Please visit our website ( for more information.

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THIS WEEK'S TOPIC OF DISCUSSION: Is Nigeria Heading Towards Deconstruction or Reconstruction? We are inviting you to join the conversation between Nigerians at home and abroad as we collectively explore the ?State of the Nigeria's Union.? We welcome debates, opinions and analysis from pundits representing all political parties, as well as regional, cultural, and circular perspectives. The pressing questions are: Is Nigeria heading towards deconstruction or reconstruction? Diaspora Nigerians are among the best and brightest on the world's stage but they do not have the privilege to vote in Nigeria elections because the Nigerian government does not currently grant voting rights to its citizens abroad. It is time for Nigerians worldwide to have a genuine conversation about the country they want. We hope this will provide an opportunity to weigh in on this very important election. Join the conversation on AV Teleforums. Follow us as we take the conversation to the streets of New York City on Friday night. The World is listening!
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Despite maintaining regional offices within Africa, major international drug manufacturers mostly overlook the continent when sponsoring clinical studies/trials. The main reasons are lack of clinical settings that are acceptable... more

The economic well-being of women is often used as an indicator of the overall advancement of a society. The better women fare relative to men, the argument goes, the better the overall society is at creating equal opportunities and benefits... more

What is left of the 75 percent of the earth's surface made up of water is land. And land comprises rock and soil. Soil or what is left of the rocky part of land is what sustains life in the world. The ecosystem of the earth depends on soil and the... more

Unwashed or poorly washed hands are a very common way of spreading many diseases. Such common diseases are colds, flu, eaafricanr infections, strep throat, intestinal problems, and other diarrheal illnesses (salmonellosis, hepatitis A,... more

And what better way to improve living conditions than by empowering women. After all, countries' successes are also the success of their women. In Bangladesh, where 65 percent of workers in the garment sector are women, the... more

Our first country director's meeting will focus on getting to know each other and sharing visions and getting to know your role and responsibilities with AV. Please prepare for this meeting/training/ orientation course by going through the... more

Water and sanitation are fundamental to health and development, especially in densely packed urban areas, where outbreaks of diseases such as cholera can quickly turn into epidemics. Clean water and sanitation have proved time and... more

African Health Dialogues is a weekly health care discussion on AV radio about awareness, progress and gaps, costs and accessibility of medical /pharmaceutical products and services within the African and African Diaspora communities... more

The economic well-being of women is often used as an indicator of the overall advancement of a society. The better women fare relative to men, the argument goes, the better the overall society is at creating equal opportunities and benefits... more

This weeks topic is: Understanding diabetes Diabetes is a disease that affects the body's ability to use blood sugar for energy. The main types include type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Diabetes insipidus, a rare... more
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