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Women and the Media

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Positive strides have been made in how the media portray women in film, television and magazines, and the seen a growth in the presence and influence of women in media behind the scenes. Nevertheless, female stereotypes continue to thrive in the media we consume every day. Stereotypes occur when individuals are classifieds by others as having something in common because they are members of a particular group or category of people. Gender stereotypes are a psychological process which illustrates structured sets of beliefs about the personal attributes of men and women. An awareness of the contents of gender role stereotypes begins in the preschool years and is rather well-developed by the time children enter first grade. Parents are the most important socializing agents for children in shaping values, beliefs and behaviors related to gender. In addressing such issues at a young age we can ameliorate the possibilities of these stereotypes overarching in future generations. This also works inversely as when women believe these stereotypes they often times restrict themselves because of a belief that is socially constructed. Women suffer from specific portrayals of women and also from the limits women face in publishing media. Media is very powerful can raise awareness can change ideas that people have in their mind. Media has been used negatively in relation to women issues because of the focus such as beauty. If a child is raised with good education she won’t be desperate and won’t feel the need to expose herself in this manner. Women have made great achievements and have broken all the ceilings.