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Aquatic pollution occurs when a body of water – rivers and seas - is adversely affected due to the addition of large amounts of foreign materials to the water. The sources of water pollution are categorized as being a point source or a non-source point of pollution. Point sources of pollution occur when the polluting substance is emitted directly into the waterway. A pipe spewing toxic chemicals directly into a river is an example. A non-point source occurs when there is runoff of pollutants into a waterway, for instance when fertilizer from a field is carried into a stream by surface runoff.


There are a few types of aquatic pollution:


Toxic; Organic; thermal; ecological


If it is toxic it could be source from a chemical plant spewing into water bodies toxic materials. They could be insecticides, herbicides and industrial compounds. Organic pollution emanates from material like fertilizers and decomposers that use a lot of oxygen from the water bodies.


Thermal pollutants could be water recycled after being used as plant coolants and can contribute to lowering of oxygen levels in the water bodies.


Ecological pollution when the three pollutants of organic, thermal and toxic combine to pollute water bodies.