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THE OVERINDULGED LIVER - Understanding It and First Aid

  • Broadcast in Health
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Holidays are good excuses to indulge ourselves with too much of good things such as eating, drinking, etc.  Everybody has done it at one time or the other; some admit it and others hide it. It is important that we understand the short and long term effect of too much of such good things on our bodily functions. Everything we ingest, absorb through the skin or breathe must be detoxified and refined by the liver. Too much rich food, sweets, wine and far too much 'hard' alcohol overtax the liver.  Without enough water intakes, it will not only affect the liver but the gall bladder, digestive system and the kidneys are also affected.

The Liver is the major filtering organ. It removes waste from the blood and is the major detoxifying organ. It must deal not only with excess accumulations of fats, proteins, etc, but all the environmental as well as the unnatural chemicals found in modern (commercialized) foods.  Soft drinks, flavor enhancers, preservatives, artificial agents, color, emulsifiers, pesticides on foods, hormones in meat, chemicals in the water supply and cosmetics such as hairspray, creams and more all contribute to toxic buildup.  Toxins, by the way, are stored in the body fat if the liver cannot get rid of it.

Join us this week as we attempt to determine the point of reasonable satisfaction between moderate and excessive amounts of kilojoules and partaking in activities you really wish you hadn't. We will be discussing the subtle signs of a sluggish, clogged liver, as well as how long does it take for abused liver to become a problem, and if and the liver can be healed. We welcome your tips for portion control and let remind our youngsters before going out to party that “Moderation is medicine".

Join us as we explore the consequences of over eating, drinking, and other excessiveness on the body system.