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African Americans Aint African

African Americans Ain't African Radio


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Smashing the myth that the so called African American is a product of a slave trade with no evidence. Critical thinking is required.

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The ?downlow? brother was exposed in the 90's, and has largely been ignored by the media over the years. Still today, the effects of Indigenous Negro men on the DL has been devastating on Negro families, especially when it comes to... more

Why do some Indigenous Ame'ricans believe anything they're told instead of taking the time to know something? It's a bad habit most of us have that's the result of centuries of social engineering. As the old saying goes, it's best to learn... more

The slavery system in America was more about the plantation system in all its forms. From sharecropping to the prison industrial complex to factory work to professional sports, the plantation system is in full effect, unbeknownst to some... more

It's difficult for Negro men in America. They are forever walking on the eggshells of racism, unable to move and breathe in their own land. It's a white man's world, and Indigenous Negro men are outsiders, forced to either adhere to a... more

Ame'rican Negroes are bashed at every turn. Amerindians catch flack from the media, government and law enforcement and the immigrants that come to our country. It seems as if those aborigine Negroes have no control of our lives nor... more

The recent royal wedding has caused both a stir and a buzz with Ame'rican Negroes, especially women. Some Aborigine Ame'ricans feel proud that a woman with Negro blood is marrying into the royal family. But most people... more

Indigenous women are movers and shakers in today's society. Sisters are in positions of authority and power. But can those women be submissive in their relationships? Are indigenous sisters capable in positions of power capable of... more

Contrary to what's being said, Indigenous Ame'ricans are not afraid. We are always ready to arm ourselves and fight. Unfortunately, we arm ourselves and fight for the wrong reasons. We fight for being dissed, bumped into when we're... more

The angst and undercurrent of hatred between Aborigine Ame'rican women and men has reached a critical mass. Both sides point fingers at each other for the breakdown in the relationship between the sexes, but there are several factors... more

There's overwhelming evidence that sisters do not get along in the grand scheme of things. Indigenous women seem to be catty, backstabbing and apathetic towards each other. And our lack of unity feeds the racism machine that keeps... more