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African Americans Aint African

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Smashing the myth that the so called African American is a product of a slave trade with no evidence. Critical thinking is required.

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Parents often say they love all of their children the same. But in most cases, that's not true. All too often, parents and grandparents have one child they favor over the siblings. And by treating that child as special, they alienate the... more

It's been said that good friends are hard to find. While Indigenous Negroes have many people of other so-called races that are friendly with us, do we have any real friends among them? How many people that don't look like us have... more

Aborigine Amerindians are constantly tested by the white supremacy construct on every level and all fronts. When it comes to our celebrities, activists, athletes, politicians, etc., in particular, more than often, we fail these tests. Politricks, and... more

Long term relationships are fast becoming a thing of the past. It's evident in the high divorce rate and the overall discord couples are having. People are breaking up today for the pettiest of reasons. And even worse, a growing number... more

We know the Colonial Agenda is real. It's been proven time and again. White men are doing everything they can to keep their foothold on our Indigenous land, and white women help to further the white supremacy banner they thrive under. The... more

Long term relationships are becoming a thing of the past today it seems. Both men and women don't seem to be interested in committing to each other in a meaningful relationship. There are a number of factors that contribute to the lack... more

The Colonial Agenda is real. We see it time and time again, unknown to most Negroes. Every time you see laws being adjusted and readjusted so that the white supremacy power structure wins against us, you're looking at the colonial... more

On a daily basis, Indigenous Negroes are being convinced to buy, quite literally, into a system that is corrupt, bankrupt and outdated. It's a con game that has been played on us for centuries now. And we're still falling for the con, but not... more

The B-word is now thrown around today like a greeting. Even females address each other as bitches, in much the same way men are addressed as niggas. This is in direct opposition of just a couple of decades ago, where it could mean... more

A definition for dismantle: ?To get rid of a system or organization, usually over a period of time.? The Ame'rican Negro has been dismantled, going from Indians to Negroes to black and now to African American. The U.S. Government benefits... more