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African Americans Aint African

African Americans Ain't African Radio


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Smashing the myth that the so called African American is a product of a slave trade with no evidence. Critical thinking is required.

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The educational system is in shambles. And more than anyone else, Indgenous Ame'rican children are paying the biggest price. The school system as we know it is devouring our children. It sets them up chews our kids up and spits them... more

Church on Sundays can give people a rush that's uplifting for the time they are there. However, Monday is right around the corner, and those people shouting and clapping in Sunday service often forget the Word and revert back to their... more

Negroes are being encouraged and pressed to vote like never before. Other Negroes like Oprah Winfrey, are even shaming us into going to the polls. But the question remains; over the last 50 or so years, what all has voting done for... more

Aborigine Amerindians are the funniest people on earth, and it's not even close. Jokes are and have always been a way of life for Injuns, despite the white supremacist colonization we face in our own land. Negro Ame'ricans can make a... more

In the dating game, the old saying goes, ?there's plenty of fish in the sea.? But all too often, people date close to home, so close in fact, that your ex's are not off limits to your friends. There used to be a rule among friends that ex's are off... more

European colonists came to America and stole lives, land, food and cultures. Yet they put the bible before us and told us thou shall not steal. We blindly obey this ?rule? they put before us, which begs the question…How are we stealing... more

It's voting time again, and Negroes are being urged to vote and urging each other to go to the polls. American Negroes seem to be stuck on voting, despite not understanding the politics game and never having seen where it gives us a... more

ography is readily available these days. You can find and access it anywhere on the Web. Some people use as a source of reference in their relationships, and others even go far enough to use it as a guide in their love lives. has also been... more

The time for action among Indigenous Negroes is now. Purchasing land is the first step in moving forward. Feathers up! Let's make it happen. Join hosts Anthony Colquitt and Janet Warmwind as they discuss with guest Joy Spirit about... more

Contrary to what their history teaches us, Aborigine Amerindians prospered after the Civil War. All across America, Negro Indians created successful, thriving communities that our white counterparts were both jealous and envious of.... more