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African Americans Aint African

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Smashing the myth that the so called African American is a product of a slave trade with no evidence. Critical thinking is required.

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The Minqua were a tribe in the Welsh Mountains in Pennsylvania Blue Ridge Appalachians. They were part of the Conestoga (Susquehanna) Indians, and the Welsh Mountains were the territory where they lived. Join hosts Anthony... more

If we're honest about it, most Aborigine Amerindians didn't start out knowing our history. Most of us started elsewhere, through both social and environmental conditioning. A lot of us have religious backgrounds, be it Christians, Muslims,... more

For over the past century, Indigenous Negroes have been vesting their interests in our political and civic leaders. And for the past 100 years, those leaders have failed us to a large degree. For some unexplained reason, we keep endorsing... more

So-called African Americans and black people are waking up to this fact: We are those Indians they speak about. The African Americans Ain't Africans movement is gaining momentum, as Aborigine Ame'Ricans are besting Pan Africanists,... more

Malcolm X said the price of freedom is death. If this is the case, are Indigenous Americans willing to pay the price of freedom? Looking at us from a distance, it seems as though we are unwilling to gain our freedom. Have we become that... more

The hustle and bustle of the daily grind is constant and can wear you down. But throughout all of that, there's a difference between living and existing. Which one are you doing? Living doesn't necessarily mean you're well off financially. And... more

Colonialists came to our American shores and gave us the bible, with the command that, ?thou shalt not kill.? But their religion did not stop them from killing us. Once upon a time in our glorious history, we used to kill hostile... more

It's been said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And while we know this to be true, what happens when a man is scorned? Men are often doing wrong by women in relationships, business dealings, etc. Who pays the price when men... more

As more Negroes wake up and realize their Amerindian ancestry, the push is on for us to continue to embrace the African American mindset. Ghana is leading the way in attracting Ame'rican Indians to relocate to their country with their... more

There's a carefully planned onslaught against the Indigenous American. We see it every day both on the news and in the environments we live in. It's an ongoing process that never ending, yet for some reason, we choose to remain blind to it.... more