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As a " Sword of truth ", I will spit the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, from a biased vantage point. As I've stated before, " The truth is like Castor oil; for some, it's hard to swallow, but if one holds it down long enough, it will clean them up, inside out ! " I will address topics that span the full spectrum of human interest to give swagg and flavor to my broadcasts. Politics, however, will always be my " specialty. " So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, fasten your seat belts before each show begins, and enjoy the ride. --Tribal Warlord X *** Disclaimer: YOU ARE ENTERING AN X-RATED, POLITICALLY INCORRECT FREE SPEECH ZONE. I TAKE NO PRISONERS ! This show is suited for mature, well-read, well-traveled, politically informed, and mentally stable adults. Teabaggers, Nascar fans, Fox News zombies, Limbaugh hoes, and Black Coonservative shoe-shine boys are welcome as well. ***

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Everything in nature has cycles. The weather, ocean tides, moon phases, fertility cycles, circadian rhythms, and many other things bear witness to this. So is the case with human traits such as motivation, awareness, and activity.... more

In fact, an overly occupied ( a.k.a. " noisy " ) life can wire the brain up for insanity, in the same way that too much traffic to a website can shut it down. This can create an appetite for unhealthy relief that comes in the disguise of drugs,... more

Part of being human is having the capacity to dream. To have ambition. To set goals, become motivated, and fight to transform dreams into realities. In terms of activism, this journey is complicated. What is the struggle ? Is it a hybrid of... more

No. Most of us wouldn't. In fact, most of us unknowingly deal with the devil, many times over, on a daily basis. The devil I'm referring to now isn't the arch enemie of the ages. I'm talking about devils that wear melanated skin, and militancy on... more

Part 2 of part 1. In this installment, I will continue to elaborate upon an economic world view that I developed independently over the span of + 20 years. Live free, or die ! X

Is all this new talk of " nation building " just talk ? The newest black fad ? Well, not to some. Some of us believe that prosperity cannot be fully attained when grown people breast feed until adulthood. Black people have been sucking the... more

Most sane people will agree that if you enslave individuals and groups mentally, the behavior that ensues will please the master very well. Dogs can be trained to live with cats. Is this not a testament to the power of psychology ? Since all... more

One morning years ago, I was late for some engagement, and I was struggling to tie my tie, tie my shoes, etc VERY quickly. I jokingly thought to myself that " if god would tie my shoes, I'd be good to go. " Later that day, I began to think... more

By now, most people have seen clips of the altercation that occurred on a Transit Bus in Cleveland, Ohio. The driver of the bus got into an altercation with a passenger. RTA spokesperson Mary Shaffer confirmed the bus driver's name is... more

Oooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhhhhhhhh ! Coons send me email, I hear Coons quoting books, they're messing up the movement, brothers and sisters, take a look.....At the coon-scious celebrities, black CON-scious hollywood, the... more
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