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The Strangest of Obsessions.

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African Warlord X

African Warlord X


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A common cliche states that " the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results. Well, this term may best be suited for some people moreso than others. This definition is perfectly suited for the typical black man and woman in America. Over and over, the black man and woman living in America has failed to recognize that NOTHING s/he does will be appeasing enough to ward off strange enemies. Slavery in the U.S. was brutal, and part of that mentality had to do with the fact that we were living in the midst of strange people. In Africa, tribes fought over tangible things. However, in America, the strange inhabitants needed no particular reason to rape, rob, kill, harass, or harbor unwarranted suspicion of Africans and Indigenous people Native to the land. Everywhere black people went, these strange people would follow. They burned down Rosewood out of envy. They followed black people towards the West, and destroyed Black Wall Street, because " that place is too nice for negroes to live in. " Black people ran to Chicago, Detroit, etc. This peculiar existence wasn't limited to violence. If the black man danced a certain way, this same strange crowd would adopt the dance. Racists such as Elvis Pressley became rich by imitating the dance moves of James Brown. Blues preceded country music, and jazz preceded techno. Hell, the black man and woman couldn't even smoke crack in peice without the white man joining in on the fun. How many brother or sisters have you ever met, however, who've tried LSD, or some other drug that was not force fed upon them ? So the first thing black america must understand is that outside of migrating to the moon, whites will always have and act upon this strange obsession with black people. This is why the safety of black men is on the line as the Trayvon Martin trial proceeds. Hopefully, Walmart, church, and Ketucky Fried Chicken won't rock us fast to sleep.