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African Warlord X

African Warlord X


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We all heard the proclamation that " if you work hard enough, you can do anything.......etc, etc, etc. " This is true for some people, but it is a fairy tale for others. UNFAIR ADVANTAGES ARE THE GIFTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING FOR SOME SEGMENTS WITHIN SOCIETY.  Furthermore, the beneficiaries of unfair advantages ( ownership of banks, hospitals, factories, grocery stores, etc., monopolies in politics, monopolies on decision making, educational issues, etc. ) see efforts to level America's uneven playing field as efforts to " take away [ our ] freedoms, and OUR country. " This delusion of reality has made it easy for those who weild real power to persuade those who have illusionary power to circle their wagons, and to covertly oppress America's underlings whenever equality of education, employment, decent housing, access to healthcare, etc. are made. The only remedy that enables oppressed classes of people to circumvent tyranny is to abandon the " every man for himself " ideal instilled into many after the Civil Rights Movement. NO sane groups of people practice this philosophy, although many claim to embrace it, and many preach in. Sanity is always accompanied with a culture that embraces BOTH self and group identity. The needs of both are of preeminence, and the well being of the individual to " be all they can be " is determined by the aforementioned inclusion in economic, educational, and other types of development. If there were gains being made in these areas, there would be no need for this I-NET radio program. However, the intellectual laziness of Black people regarding the " do for self " remedy for what ails the Black community must be beaten out of the culture by those who are from lineages that did not lose sanity after the Civil Right era. Yes, it's nice to be able to read in a public library. However, the spirits of Black Wall Street inhabitants would argue that CREATING libraries is more sane