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The House Negro is no longer our greatest threat.

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African Warlord X

African Warlord X


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In yesteryears, when I referenced the Final Call, it was obvious that I was referring to the N.O.I. newspaper. Today, I refer to the final call as two seperate events : (1) Hurricane Katrina, and (2) the Haitian earthquake. The response by Black people to these events confirms that VERY few Black people will survive the third plague headed our way. What is the third plague ? The collapse of the World's economy. Most people cannot imagine mass looting for food and shelter, because " those sorts of things don't affect Americans. " Most cannot imagine ten dollars being reduced to having the purchasing power of one dollar overnight. But this disaster is headed our way, unless extreme fortune prevents it. Prayer, reading, and professional training may not be enough to save many from prolonged chaos. Why would such a " doom's day " scenario hit Black people harder than anyone else ( seen Detroit lately ) ?  Well, the answer is relatively simple. The " big shot " Negro has lulled everyone to sleep. " Big shot " Negroes typically have widespread appeal and acceptance by media elites. THESE NEGROES NEVER INCLUDE ECONOMIC AND EDUCATIONAL INDEPENDENCE WITHIN THEIR DOCTRINES. To vote or not to vote is the beginning, middle, and end of their mantra. If the World economy does collapse, by the time that we realize that the titanic is sinking, we will also realize that the bigshot Negros are NOT such bigshots after all. As was the case during hurricane Katrina, complaining, crying and praying will be the order of the day, and none of them will suffice to save anyone. Indeed, the time to awaken is now or never.