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You're just playing the " genitalia card. "

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African Warlord X

African Warlord X


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Conservative thought was reduced to an all-time low during the Bush years. Would a doctor who used the same medication to treat all types of illness be taken seriously ? Of course not. In fact, the doctor would rightfully lose his or her license to do anything. This should be the case with politicians on the right. There solution to EVERY AND ANY problem is to deregulate everything and cut taxes. If we're in a recession, cut taxes. If the economy is bullish ( out of the red, and into the black ), cut taxes. How well did this work when George Bush squandered the surplus he was handed ? The idiot cut taxes AND started a war at the same time. At the present, we are in debt due to the tax cutting and subsequent deregulation of the housing market by George Bush. What solution is being offered by the idiots on the right ? Tax cuts for the top 1% of tax payers ! President Obama extended the Bush tax cuts, and after they did NOTHING to lower the debt, or help pay for extended unemployment benefits, they are saying we need to do what ? Cut taxes. I've begun to call the Republican party the " sloganite party. " When you have someone on the ropes in a debate, they ALWAYS resort to empty slogans to defend themselves. This is the case when claims are made about the so-called " race card " arguments, an empty slogan invented to dismiss racial injustice as being invalid, contrary to the evidence of it's existence. The facts and statistics don't lie, however. Black people suffer TWICE the unemployment of whites. There is no representation of Black people on Wall Steet. In 2012, there's not ONE single Black Senator. Additionally, the mass lynchings of people all over the country, no different than that of Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, and others show that Jim Crow politics is alive and well in America. However, those who know better are accusing as just " playing the race card. " This claim is on trial tonight.