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What's in your name ? Your legacy.

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African Warlord X

African Warlord X


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If you ask a typical person of European descent to identify the meaning of their name ( John Finnerman, Nancy Sue Baker, Conner Hainsworthy, ect. ), other than referring to some text, they will response by telling you that " I don't know. " Conversely, if you ask, for example, a person of Ghanian ethnicity ( ex. my private physician ), the intellectual complexity of Western Africa's past manifests itself. Most native Africans consider a person who speaks only one " tongue " to be intellectually lazy and somewhat uncivilized ( if you visit any country along the West African coastline, PLEASE don't reveal the fact that you only speak one language ! You will be smiled upon face-to-face, but they will talk down on you behind your back ! ). In societies where hundreds of dialects are spoken, it is most feasible to orally classify people, families, and tribes, because the ability to speak several langauges enables people of different ethnicities to live in homegeny ( at times, even though tribal and religious differences are still exploited by outside enemies ). What the West accomplishes with social security cards, they accomplish with language and systematic rituals when naming their children. Many Jewish customs ( disussed in past shows ) have their origins in these practices ( ex. the Jewish Bar Mitzvah, learned by Jews that lived in colonies within Western Africa in the past ). Within Ghana ( for example ) , a name identifies from what tribe a person is a descendent of, what primary tongue they most fluently speak, the time of year and day of the week they were born ( a descendent of Astrological belief systems ), the geographic location from which they were born, and even the cultural and familial circumstances from which the individual immanated. This incredible intelletual remnant of West Africa's great societiess will be honered tonight.