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Till death do us part.

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African Warlord X

African Warlord X


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No, put the wedding bells away. Tonight, I will be talking about divorce ; divorce from things that will prolong the ignorance and suffering of Black Nationalists. In a society in which you are a guest, if your role is that of a dispised buffoon, economic subserviance and propaganda will seal this fate. Most people think that you black ass pacifists are stowaways that never contributed anything to society. In their minds, we've never shed blood in any wars, we're lazy, we haven't contributed to science, we don't hate crime, we are indifferent to hard drug usage. Isn't enough, enough ? ! ? If you're sane, the obvious answer to the question is yes. In the future, a relatively small number of the most intelligent Black people will be self governing. Professional from all walks of life will do for a territory what we're already doing for an ungrateful society. However, you cannot sow foolishness into anything without reaping foolishness as a reward. This is what would happen if we, with our current mentality, tried to govern ourselves outside of America. The things that corrupt us over here can, under our own system of laws, be easily dealt with in a country in which we are not a " pesky host. " WE WILL NEVER RISE TO THE OCCASION AS LONG AS WE'RE A BUNDLE OF CAUCASION VALUES WRAPPED UP IN BLACK SKIN, AND EMBLAZONED WITHIN OUR THICK BLACK SKULLS. The road to freedom must be paved with death. No, this won't be terrorist talk Mr. Charlie. A death penalty exists in America. Does that make you, Mr. Charlie, a terrorist ? Well, that's an interesting question for some other time...lol  All joking aside, however, while this man uses the death penalty for entertainment, BLACK SELF-GOVERNANCE MUST BE COMPROMIZING TO NOTHING LESS THAN INTELLECTUAL SUPERIORITY. Anything that gets in the way of this noble goal must be destroyed with death.