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African Warlord X

African Warlord X


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He's a birther, a Muslim, a socialist. Lies, lies, and more lies told in order to instill fear in a species of people unlike Obama's species in many ways. Let's for a minute forget about the lies and focus upon the liar. The " good book " reveals that ancient people had " parables " and " metaphors " to describe real-life phenomena. One such sentiment is that " Satan is the father of all lies ( and liars ). However, the good-book also states that " Satan cometh not but to steal, kill, and destroy. " What metaphorical messages may have been enscribed within these writings ? Do they pertain to this day and age ? Is the Satan spoken about an invisible force long forgotten with the other myths contained in ancients texts ? Or, can something be learned from ancient writings regarding the present ? Does the belief in demons and devils that torment people contradict with contemporary science ? Maybe so, maybe not. One thing is clear, however. Only minimal numbers of black, brown, red, and yellow people are attempting to lynch the commander-in-chief. However, a LARGE number of another species of people who are no stranger to lies ( and therefore, the father of lies ) are trying to destroy our beloved black leader politically, psychologically, and racially, only because they cannot get to him physically. However, those created in his likeness can easily be attacked by rabid cops, phony " boss men ", educators, legislators, teabaggers, oath keepers, and Armageddon fanatics. The caucasion species has driven my blood pressure up, so it's time to release some steam to reestablish some balance. *** THE FOLLOWING THOUGHTS ARE ONCE THAT I USUALLY KEEP PRIVATE, AND THE ASSUMPTION SHOULD NOT BE MADE THAT ANYONE ON BTR IS THE TARGET OF MY COMMENTARY ***