African American Women In Politics

African American Women In Politics


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A progressive talk radio show, that provides political content that is inclusive of the African American female perspective.

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A look at Caucuses held in 4/4. Updates, resolutions, and more!

1 in 3 American women live in poverty. This episode will look at factors attributed to poverty.

Washington is deadlocked as it enters the 14th day of a partial government shutdown that leaves the United States facing the prospect of defaulting on its bonds - a move that could send both the dollar and global financial markets into... more

Every single thing the DFL allegedly does as a party, centers on the most fundamental rights ... Holding Republicans accountable and promoting theDemocratic agenda. As of late, the party which African American's as a... more

After a full day of speeches and voting, the Minneapolis DFL ended its convention Saturday night without endorsing a candidate for the city's mayoral race. Six candidates entered the convention hoping to secure the endorsement... more

Assata Shakur was convicted of killing a state trooper 40 years ago, but escaped from prison and has been living in Cuba. The FBI has placed her on their top ten most wanted list. This episode will dispell the FBI claims that Shakur is... more

The democratic party was always mostly in favor of supporting the poor and middle class American Family . They basically flip flopped demographics and ideas over the last 15 years. Now the party lines are becoming blurred, and the... more

In this episode we will provide commentary on the women's movement specifically the role of the black feminist movement, as it relates to politics, past present and future. Join us for a riveting look into a genre of advancement for women of... more

Thisepisode will explore the African American female perspective concerning business leadership and development, issues with the lack of females in government and business leadership positions, and feminism.

In a major step forward, Mississippi banned slavery this week. This type of definite legislative action is ostensibly the type of thing to be excited about in an era of unprecedented political foot-dragging, so congratulations Mississippi for finally... more