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This week the lines will be open to callers who wish to talk about the issues of their communities and their plans to make a difference!  

Lana Patton, Campus Coordinator for Students for Liberty and Vice President of Young Americans for Liberty, will join us today to speak about the projects that are going on in these groups in the Tampa Bay area.

We will be covering a multitude of topics! 

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Are you a small business owner, manufacturer, or are you selling a product and are looking to set yourself apart in your community?  Do you know anyone that may be interested  in promoting themselves as a business that supports jobs in the USA?  More and more, families are looking to bring jobs back to the USA through the power of their wallets.  

Check out Made in the USA - Certified to learn more about how you can have products certified as manufactured in the USA:

Join the national grassroots effort to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA! 


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