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Civil Chat With Lee

A Dude Talking About God


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A Dude Talking About God is a show that explores the world today from a spiritual perspective.

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A Dude Talking About God looks at what is sexual immorality. Are middle aged believing Christians supposed to be celibate until marriage? What does God consider spiritually acceptable in this area?

On this glorious Saturday "A Dude Talking About God" speaks about the feelings of abandonment we feel in general and what Jesus meant when he said "My God My God why have you forsaken me?" A Dude Talking About God also... more

Today's show looks at the manifestation of sin in our culture and around the globe, The world is Satan's playground and wages of sin is death. The Las Vegas shooter epitomizes the evil that Satan generates in ruining lives. Call in and/or... more

It's A Thank God It's Friday Civil Chat with Lee. Donald Trump received a large amount of votes from the religious right. His Vice President, Mike Pence is a Christian. Should Christians and secularists PRAY for Donald Trump? Has God... more

Today's segment looks at the recnt firing of Steve Bannon from the Trump cartel? What did Bannon actually contribute to the Trump cartel? Was Bannon fired as a scapegoat for the most recent debacle in Charlottesville? Do you think Trump... more

CIvil Chat with Lee looks at the chaotic Trump circus as Sean Spicer resigns. This administration has the stability of a 26 handicapper on Augusta. The Trumpster sounds off again engaging with the public against FAKE news as Senate... more

Civil Chat with Lee looks at what Grinds his Gears on this GYG Sunday. The lies, lies, lies, of the Trump circus continues as we learn that Donald Trump Jr. retained a criminal defense attorney weeks before the story leaked about his... more

Today's one hour podcast will be about the facts and opinions surrounding theories of evolution vs creationism. Was our universe and ourselves created by God, higher being, what have you or did we morph and evolve with time... more

Civil Chat with Lee discusses the last ditch effort of the GOP to pass the health care reform bill in the Senate. Mitch baby says if it fails then Republicans will have to work with Democrats on the ACA and abandon their attempt to repeal and... more

It's a GRIND your GEARS Sunday. Today I cover the whole spectrum of my ADD mind on civil and political topics happneing today. The newest reform health bill is released and what will that do to millions of Americans in need of Medicare and... more