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Non-Judicial Foreclosure: TIME is of the Essence

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Hello folks and thank you for joining me for another episode of the ADR-NOW! Internet Radio Webinar.  I am your host, Anthony Johnson.

In this Foreclosure Dispute Resolution Webinar, we will specifically talk about TIME and how TIME will be your ally or enemy if you do not act swiftly in non-judicial foreclosure situations.  In a non-judicial foreclosure, there is no traditional court process, vis-a-vis a judicial foreclosure.  In a non-judicial foreclosure, the Trustee will be notified by the lender that the homeowner is not making payments on the mortgage as promised.  The Trustee will then communicate with the homeowner via a Notice of Default (NOD) which will state the terms and conditions of getting caught up with the payments.  This is the reinstatement period in which you have the opportunity to bring the loan current.

The Notice of Sale (NOS) intiates the second stage of the foreclosure if the loan is not brought current during the right to cure period.  Folks, the key to the Foreclosure Dispute Resolution process is to act quickly.  You can't expect to waltz into a court, file a Writ of Injunction a day before the sale date and expect a judge to stop the sale.  Your efforts to stop the sale should have metastasized long before the NOS, and preferably, at the NOD stage of foreclosure.

For more information on how to utilize TIME as your ally, contact A. Johnson & Associates, LLC at 888-502-0586, or www.adr-now.com.

DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys.  We are not engaged in rendering legal advice.  We are Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners.  If legal advice is required, the assistance of a competent, qualified legal professional should be obtained.