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 - Thu, Sep 7 2006

ADRIENNE H. R&B Singer, Songwriter Adrienne was born April 26th 1982 in Los Angeles, CA. Adrienne has been singing since the age of four in church, inspired by her grandmother, great grandmother and aunts who were gospel singers she quickly picked up this star mentality and a star was developed. Adrienne has always been a very unique child from her down to earth persona to her melodic voice. At the ripe age of 24 this young mother of one, is not only a role model for teens but she's also role model for anyone willing to share her dream and believe me she's willing to share it with you. Adrienne just did a radio show on July 1st 2006 with Jeffrey Henderson from 89.7 F.M. and may I Say she held her own. Adrienne has competed in many showcases and talent shows, she is currently in artist development and working on an album titled "SPEAK" due in early January mid February. Who says being beautiful and talented was a hard job never met Adrienne. This Los Angeles native who's family is from belize has developed her talent and is ready to take you on a ride. Adrienne also has the ability to write her own music which is something some artists don't have a heads up on. Why isn't this artist signed to a label yet you ask? Simply because Adrienne feels when the right deal comes along all her dreams will finally come true and Adrienne can make music people want to hear. Adrienne has been described as down to earth and fun, to compare Adrienne to another artist would be an understatement because she's simply Adrienne. This R&B Diva may live in the city but her personality is far from it. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of Adrienne and let her "SPEAK" to you

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