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The Wesside is ConservaTainment:My job is to entertain , inform, make you laugh and think and most importantly NEVER BORE YOU.It's very simple: no abortions,no military bashing, no man on man or woman on woman love (unless the women are both hot), no gay marriage, no men crying (unless a close loved one dies) no women telling men what to do, When i am wrong i will apolgize( but don't hold your breath on the wrong part) no sissys, no cross dressers,no post ops, pre ops are ok because there is still hope, no excuse makers, no police haters, no America haters,no music haters( but if you hate country music thats ok) no rich people haters,no affirmative action,no wal-mart bashing, no illegal aliens,no anchor babies, no black men with perms, braids , curls,dreds, gold teeth and without jobs. The list is always growing just tune in. NO TOPIC IS OFF LIMITS , UNLESS IT IS BORING