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Ice Blue joins Eklectricity with Adam and Belinda

  • Broadcast in Music



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I was born August 31, 1987. I had the family everyone dreams of, growin up in church and having my mom and dad until the age of 3, when my life took a complete turn. My parents got a divorce. So this left a scar in my heart, that later on had a major effect on my life. But as time went on my mom re-married. So my step-father who was an awesome father raised me. But always wanting the love and acceptance of my biological father, I pushed away my step father. As time continued, I looked for other ways to be accepted, I started affilating with gang members at the age of 13. What attracted me was how they treated each other; such as being there for one another, having each others back and that acceptance and love I longed for. At the age of 15 God saved me and filled me with the Holy Ghost. So I began my walk with God, I still had that scar in my life. So at the age of 16, I left God and turned to my gang memebers again. But this time I went deeper into the gang life. I was robbing, getting into fights, carrying guns, drinking, smoking, selling drugs, I was out of control. I had lost myself in this lifestyle. My family tried to reach out to me many times, by reminding me of how God saved me, but not wanting to change I pushed them away. I submerged myself deeper into the gang life, thinking I was happy and complete. My heart still longed to be loved. I questioned whether God would want me back. After all I've done, how could he forgive me for the things I've done. So the enemy held me in condemnation for a long time, he had me thinking that God will never accept me back. But at the age of 21, God gave me another chance and accepted me back into his loving arms. He allowed me to come back home. And to this very day I serve him with my all and am in constant rememberance of his grace and mercy in my life.