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Project Dark Corona

Project Dark Corona


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An informative show where you can learn about the unexplained anomalies of paranormal,ufology and conspiracy....

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David and Jason will talk about the secret Navy Project that took place in 1943. Also known as Project Rainbow. sometime around October 28, 1943. It is alleged that the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered... more

Are Ghost real ??? or just our imagination. what are 4 and 5 demensional beings .......Aliens or ghost? we will also discuss the upcoming book The Myan Influence Written by Our own David Reagan Of Project Dark Corona........

Jason and David will be discussing the ramifications of the Sandy Hook shootings and the Government wanting gun control. We will also be asking the question does Oabma have a secret agenda to get rid of guns?

Midwest Mound Builders "when the Great Spirit made the people, some of them became giants. They made themselves feared by attacking when most unexpected. After having endured the outrages of these giants for a great long... more

Jason and David will be talking about the Sandy Hook school shootings and the possible ramifications and our Second Ammendment rights.

This show David and Jason will discuss the possibilities of world ending scenarios. With the show lasting 2 hours we will be broadcasting from 11pm to 1am with a count down of the Mayan Calendar starting at 11:50pm. We will be... more

Prophecies of the Mayans , Hopie Indians,Nostramdamus and the Bible.

Anunnaki is not any mythical god.He is considered one of the very first human forms of God of the great Sumerian civilization.