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Race WAR

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AD Ice Cream

AD Ice Cream


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RACE WAR SCHEDULED BY ILLUMINATI (This is not for general consumption, but for those who know about the New World Order) The Obama administration, under the complete control of the New World Order, is going to erect the final tiers, of the militarized police state, in order to facilitate dictatorial world government. With their ability to move 20 tactical steps ahead of the people, the globalists or illuminati, have placed a black president, a black attorney general, a black GOP chairman, and a corrupt black judge, who sponsored the bill for the funding of concentration camps, euphemistically referred to as "emergency centers" located on military bases. The Obama administration is undeniably, coming to disarm Americans of their guns, and their 2A, second amendment rights.This is going to polarize the public, because white people, of a certain perspective are going to lose it, when the hardcore tyranny comes down. Their're going to see black people as doing this "to us", in their fear, panic and rage; when their're forcefully disarmed, subjugated, and eventually held in detention camps as domestic terrorists. Black people of a certain perspective, are going to remain supportive of the traitor and puppet, Obama, and are going to fight for Obama, against all comers.The media will strategically inflame the conflict, and black, and white provocateur agents will create "incidents" to foment racial divisions, and hopefully, a race war, as the illuminati have "scheduled". This will ensure the complete take down of America, and allow the rise of a militarized fascist state and the full operation of all so called Fema concentration camps, under martial law.This scenario may be the future unless the great and mighty souled everywhere arise and come forward.Black people fail to see that they are the fulcrum, the great axis, on which these events are turning.