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"A Book and a Chat" has proved a hugely popular radio program with people of all ages. With over seven hundred shows already recorded, Barry's format of "a chat over a cup of tea" has received nothing but rave reviews from guest and listeners alike. The writer of a successful young adult romance book "Across the Pond" Barry has himself appeared on a large number of radio and TV programs. "A Book and a Chat" is a program for writers and readers, not so much a literary show, more like... let’s sit around have a cup of tea and a few laughs." - Read what the guests are saying about the show at http://storyheart52.wordpress.com/a-book-and-a-chat-blog-radio-show From August 2013 the show will be sponsored by "The Atwater Group" freelance proofreading and copy-editing company..

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Dwarfs, gnomes, fairies, talking animals, and an evil queen all the ingredients that myself and many others love. Tonight my special guest is Victoria Simcox author of "The Magic Warble" Join me as I chat to the new C.S. Lewis about... more

Join me as I chat with Aaron Paul Lazar author of two Mystery series "LeGarde Mysteries" and "Moore Mysteries'. we'll talk about his writing and his latest novels even those yet to be published. So join Aaron and myself for "A Book and a Chat"

Barbara Knobova is author of"Tales for Delicious Girls" offers witty, refreshing, clever and ironic insight into relationships between men and women from all points of view. The book is a modern relationship manual, providing answers to... more

"The College Survival Guide" contains hangover Remedies and Much More. Eric Kraven, was meant to be my guest tonight instead I had another no show, so attempted once again to fill the thirty minutes with some chat, news and perhaps... more

back on August 1st I had a great show with author Tina Field Howe about her and her "Telling of Xunar-kun Series" During the show we found out about the plans to make an "audio book" of her writings. I am delighted to say I have Tina back... more

Unfortunately my guest did not turn up, so the show was another sole event. I explained about the YA Radio month and guests I had on the show. Narrated my next weeks Thursday Story for all to share. Went through some up and coming... more

Someone is stealing the hearts of beautiful young woman... Find out more about his as I chat with James Hayman a tremendous new voice in crime fiction. About him and and fantastic debut novel "The Cutting"

Derby author, Tim Conlon, will discuss his new book: The Girl With the Yellow Sneakers. Written under the pen name Gimpel Lee, this new novel deals with an emotional and contemporary moral dilemma. It’s the story of four health care... more

M.M. Anderson has always had an active imagination and a mischievously macabre sense of humor. As a child she enjoyed scaring her parents, brother, cousins, and friends with creepy stories and Halloweenish pranks. All the while... more

Award-Winning Romance Novelist and Children's Author is my guest on a book and chat. Her first book of the series, The Crypto-Capers in the Case of the Missing Sock, is currently released so let's see what esle we can find out about... more
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