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Intelligent discussion and commentary of social, political and historical events, past and present from a Christian Perspective.

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In light of the upcoming Holiday Season and as we prepare for this Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, we find that it isn't so wonderful for so many people.There are people that are hungry, there are people that are Homeless,... more

Beloved, we are living in turbulent times. Times when innocent people are being persecuted and killed in foreign lands. African Americans are being shot and jailed just for being the wrong color. Beloved, I am here to tell you that no... more

Our Subject today is forgiveness. We find that today, we are more apt to persecute rather than forgive. We would rather hold on to our hatred and our hurt rather than forgiving someone who has wronged us. The Bible tells us that we... more

I have found in my Christian walk that people aren't always sure of where they are going. The 'Lost' are leading the lost and "Sinners are leadiing other sinners, it's as though the Bilnd are leading the Blind. The Bible says; "Without vision my... more

On today's episode we will be interviewing Nassau County Chapter NAN President; Elder Annette Dennis. We'll talk about recent events including the death of Eric Garner, NAN National President and Social Activist; Rev Al... more

Tonight's episode is called: "I've Got A Secret." You might remember that many years ago there was a TV program with that title. It was that game in fact that had inspired me to title my Sermon and this program. Becasue Jesus had a secret,... more

Our topic today will deal with whether or not the Lord cares about our day to day problems. I find that we are sometimes dismissive when it come to what we believe the Lord will do for us. Today we will also talk about current events and... more

We are living duriing a time when people have stop caring about each other. They is no more sense of morality, no respect for elders. People have stopped care about the well being of others. In the news a woman just left her baby on a... more

This episode of "A Christian Perspective" will feature a worship service at Westminster Presbytarian Church in Jamaica, New York. The service took place on Fathers Day and the sermon will be coming from Genesis 6:9-13, 17-19.... more