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Join Randall & Stacy Harp daily to discuss issues from a biblical worldview. Stacy is a clinically trained marriage and family therapist and Randall is a computer genius turned composer and all around fun guy. Learn more about us at

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Today bible teacher and author, Randall K. Harp, teaches from the book of James on the topic of not being conformed to the world. Join Randall in verse 8 of James 4.

Author and teacher Randall K. Harp continues his messages on the Creation account of in chapter one of Genesis. In this episode, Randall addresses God's designs for food, and whether or not eating meat is according to His will.

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * Virginia legislature tries but fails to ban Christian counselors from telling kids that homosexuality is a sin. * The Disney Channel features 2 lesbian moms on a children's show. * Russian... more

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * Part 2 of a study on Christian persecution in the Obama military. * Amazing speech by Coast Guard Admiral William Lee who dares to share his Christian testimony. * Military chaplains and... more

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * Military brass lied to Congress denying that Christian Chaplains have not been persecuted. * Speech by a Congressman exposes the anti-Christian bias of the Obama military. * Some... more

This week we have had a week of impacting shows discussing issues that that we are often told not to discuss. We discussed a bad science debate, the homosexual agenda moving forward, lesbian sex crimes and more. We also had... more

Yesterday we told you this horrendous story concerning a lesbian predator who is getting a slap on the wrist. As of the time of this show, there are 4 news articles about this predator. We'll discuss this and more on our show today!... more

Did you see the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye the science guy? If so, call me up and tell me your thoughts. We'll share audio from their appearance on the Pierce Morgan show. Have you heard, Hate Speech: The New Inquisition -... more

Today we're going to discuss the topic of homosexuality. I recently had a conversation with someone about this issue and was told that they wouldn't listen to my show on this subject because they have homosexual "gay" friends.... more

Today we continue our bible study in the epistle of James and we start in chapter 4.
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