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Join Randall & Stacy Harp daily to discuss issues from a biblical worldview. Stacy is a clinically trained marriage and family therapist and Randall is a computer genius turned composer and all around fun guy. Learn more about us at

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Our guest today is Sharon Gilbert from PID Radio and contributing anchor to Skywatch TV, as well as prolific author, talker and mentor to many. We're honored to have Sharon on to discuss last nights State of the Union address as... more

Today we're going to look at the news of the day, including a story that hasn't been covered much in the media, and that is the story of the lesbian, Charlie Rogers, who committed a hate crime against herself, whose story went... more

Today we shared some of the history of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and also studied the 15th chapter of Judges and looked at Samson. We have other show notes available at

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * Muslim extremists in Iraq and Syria are raping Christian women if they don't pay a Dhimmi tax or wear a head scarf. * Does the Quran teach that it is okay to rape non-Muslim women? *... more

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * Police in Paris end the terrorist threat after Muslims kill editorial cartoonist. * Muslim jihadists kill four Jewish hostages in France. * Special interview with Bill Warner on political Islam

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * Investigation now confirms: IRS employees are biased against conservatives. * A New York police chaplain was killed by Muslim terrorists memorialized in New York. * New York City cops turn... more

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * President Obama and Attorney General Holder illegally plan to recognize transgenders. * A fire chief is suspended for quoting the Bible against sin. * A conservative professor is... more

On this edition of Free for All Friday Randall & Stacy are going to discuss the news of the week and also address some of the stories that have been not discussed yet, like a recent tweet Beth Moore sent out and a blog post she... more

Today on Bible News Radio we will share with you a powerful revival message from our friend, Dr. E.A. Johnston. His message is called The Last Judgment and concerns the reality that one day every one of us will stand before a holy and... more

Summary/Description:Death rides upon an evil wind, and Hell follows with him; that is the grim scenario facing the world today. Biblical Prophecy is playing out in our daily headlines headlines which change minute by minute, hour by deadly... more
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