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Join Randall & Stacy Harp daily to discuss issues from a biblical worldview. Stacy is a clinically trained marriage and family therapist and Randall is a computer genius turned composer and all around fun guy. Learn more about us at

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Author and teacher Randall K. Harp continues a verse-by-verse study and commentary on the Word of God. In this episode we consider three vistors who came to Abraham and the interaction between them.

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * 2500 Christian chaplains are denied class standing to continue their religious discrimination lawsuit agains the Navy. * Interview with Dr. Phil Brassfield, motivational speaker who is a strategic... more

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * President Obama ignores the Supreme Court and pressures Hobby Lobby to fund or facilitate abortions. * Atheist complainers threaten to sue a Christian pizza maker who gave discounts... more

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * A Christian family in New York state has been fined $13,000 for refusing to host a homosexual ?marriage?. * A leading psychologist says that transgenderism is a mental disorder. * Judges in... more

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * A Christian soldier is suing the Army reinstatement after being fired for his faith in Christ. * An atheist has been banned from offering invocations before a city council meeting. * Another atheist... more

It's been quite the week. We started out with Randall's Sunday Sermon, then we continued with our bible study in Judges on Monday and we talked to Twila Paris, then we had on Kay Camenisch to discuss The Judgment Trap, then we had a... more

Today is the 13th anniversary of the brutal attacks by radical Muslims who follow Islam and practice jihad, on American soil in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Last night Obama addressed the nation about the "non threat"... more

It's Wednesday and we've got a lot of news to look at. So much has happened in the last few days and today we'll try to catch you up with some of the headlines we feel are important. Join us with your comments or questions.... more

Today we have back our guest, Kay Camenisch, who authored the wonderful book Uprooting Anger. Kay also wrote an ebook, you can get for free, called The Judgment Trap and today we're going to look at judgment and anger and see... more
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