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Join Randall & Stacy Harp daily to discuss issues from a biblical worldview. Stacy is a clinically trained marriage and family therapist and Randall is a computer genius turned composer and all around fun guy. Learn more about us at

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Jared Brock is the author of A Year of Living Prayerfully, and the co-founder of Hope for the Sold, an abolitionist charity that fights human trafficking one word at a time. Jared is happily married to his best friend, Michelle, with whom he is... more

Earlier today Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress. You'll hear his comments and we'll fill you in on some other interesting headlines you may have missed, including two men who "became women" and who are now... more

Today we see the response to chapter 19 of Judges where a group of homosexuals raped a woman and the response of the Levite was to cut up her body and ship it to the 12 tribes of Israel. Verse 13 of Chapter 20 is key - "Now... more

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States: Deist or Christian? Dr. Chaps interviews Jerry Newcombe about new evidence in his book, "Doubting Thomas".

50 Shades of Grey, Girls Gone Wild: These are not romantic movies. We have an alternative: A Christian movie called ?Old Fashioned?. Dr. Chaps interviews Rik Swartzwelder, the film's writer, director and lead actor. For tickets and... more

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * President Obama says that America is not at war with Islam. * State Department says that jobs can stop Muslim extremists. * President Obama accuses Israel of distorting his love for... more

Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues: * A judge says that a Washington florist who refused a gay wedding somehow broke the law. * Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is going to defy the Supreme Court if it rules on gay... more

Bill Salus Author / Radio Host / Speaker ?My hope is that people from all over the world will learn through these steadfast efforts, that prophecy is not just for the scholarly, but also for every common man, woman, and child.? — Bill... more

Today we are privileged to have Stephen Black, a former homosexual, who runs First Stone Ministries and who is a member of The Restored Hope Network. Stephen was the Chairman of the ministry counsel of the now defunct Exodus... more
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