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I am an almost 60 year old grandmother who is into Progressive Politics. I write GLBT and erotic romances for a living under the pen name AC Katt. I believe in gay rights, gay marriage, President Obama and a Democratic Congress. My books are categorized as m/m romances, erotic romance, erotic intrigue, erotic science fiction. I am articulate, opinionated, with a sharp wit. I am a novelist with specific views. I belong to the RWA, EPIC, Rainbow Romance Writers, and LERA. I run blogs on my website - http://www.ackatt.com, http://www.ackattspolitics.blogspot.com, www.ackattsjournal.blogspot.com, http://www.ackatt.weebly.com, www.ackattonning.ning.com, http://www.ackatt.livejournal.com.

On-Demand Episodes

AC Katt

The Hidden Agenda of the "New" Republican Party

  • by AC Katt
Minimum WageWatch out! For those of you who are currently depending on minimum wage jobs to feed your families during the current economic crisis, be aware that if certain Republican candidates have their way, your wages will go... more
AC Katt

No Defense Necessary, A List of Presidential Accomplishments

  • by AC Katt
A List of Presidential AccomplishmentsI can't see why Democrats are running from the Congress and Presidential accomplishments of the last eighteen months. Perhaps if we look at those accomplishments, we can see exactly how effective... more
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