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As a community of Jesus' followers, we're committed to communicating His compassion, justice, transforming power, & liberating truth by our deeds & words.

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Many leaders fail. Many Leaders succeed. How can we learn from the failures of past leadership (our own included) and move forward to becoming better, more authentic leaders who lead well? John Stanko and Marv Nelson will be... more

Sheran White and Dale Harper are two ACAC members who recently went to Africa with John. Their lives were dramatically changed and they will discuss how in this episode. Both Sheran and Dale lost spouses recently, so they will... more

On today's show, John will chat with Julie Rodgers, a young lady whose story of freedom from a gay lifestyle will move and challenge you. Listen in as Julie shares how the Lord set her free and what she is doing today to help others in Dallas,... more

As a young pastor, I have found that governmental politics can be some of the most devisive topics in the church. Many people fight for their particular party and are willing to dismiss their brothers and sisters over matters of govenment.... more

ACAC has prayed this year to minister more effectively to the gay community. On today's show, John will interview Jeff Buchanan, executive vice president for Exodus International. Exodus is a prominent ministry that ministers to men and... more

If we're getting real, we have to be honest that for many the idea of Biblical Manhood has been forgotten and lost. Many men in our American Culture are not church goers and those that are struggle to figure out how their faith impacts... more

Denise Riley, who attends ACAC with her husband Ian Ajanwachuku, recently wrote her first book, Love and Love First. Denise will be John's guest as they discuss the need to love unconditionally and the benefits of doing so. Denise is... more

As people, we all have tons of baggage in our lives and this baggage tends to find its way into our parenting. We all hold wounds, some deep, some simply on the surface from our family past. How can we navigate this pain while walking... more

On Sunday, June 19, David Brickner, executive director for Jews for Jesus, will be speaking in all services at ACAC. David will join John to talk about his journey, the Jews for Jesus ministry and what to expect when he speaks at... more

One thing I think we sometimes forget is that we, everyone of us, was born into our sinful nature. We struggle with being real about our sins because we don't desire to be judged. In this segment, we will see from some Scripture how we... more