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As a community of Jesus' followers, we're committed to communicating His compassion, justice, transforming power, & liberating truth by our deeds & words.

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There is only one way to grow in your knowledge of the faith and God's word and that is to study, not just on your own, but also with others who know more than you do. On today's show, John is joined by a number of people who... more

George Furman is the associate pastor in Student MInistries at ACAC. Today George joins John to talk about the upcoming Spring Fling on May 9 that will benefit the Student Missions Opportunities this summer. While on the show,... more

Continuing on in the Revelation series, here Marv preaches through Revelation 1:9-20. These are pre-recorded from Aletheia where Marv regularly preaches

Sheran White first went to Kenya in 2011 and it changed her life, perhaps even saved it. On this past trip in February, 2014, Sheran presented Pastor Peter Kihungi and the widows with whom he works $13,000 that she raised through... more

Today on MAGNIFY, we will visit with Patricia Youngs. Patricia, from a small town in upstate New York didnt giver he life to the Lord until she was 22 years old, and God didn't waste anytime calling her to the mission field. Patricia shares... more

On This episode of In Real Life, we begin sharing with you the series on Revelation that Marv preached at Aletheia. Here Marv desired to share with you what God has been speaking to the college students on Pitt's campus! Tune in... more

John recently returned from a trip to Kenya with 11 others from Geneva College and ACAC. This was the seventh annual trip John has led and today he is joined by several of those who were on the trip. While in Kenya, they... more

Welcome to Standing Firm in Faith with your host Colleen Swartz Have the winds of sorrow blown your way recently? If you're breathing, more than likely sorrow has touched your life in one way or another. Together, let's learn about the... more

Today on MAGNIFY, a Major League Baseball prospect, standing on second base at Three Rivers Stadium during the Pittsburgh Pirates tryouts was all but guaranteed a future in baseball, then life totally turned. Ed Glover shares his... more