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AIR: Abundance-Internet: Radio is a subsidiary of the ABN: Abundance Broadcasting Network a solutionary company. Sundays: Cozmophyzix Radio - 8:00 p.m. -11:00 p.m. w/Ra Akhu (Founder), Krysten Littles, Markhu Amun, and Coach Khayr Mondays: The Best Black Biology w/ Minister Enqi 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Knowledge is Power Radio w/ Mahiir Tarik Bey and Hensekh Bak Re Thursdays: Drop Squad Kitchen 8:00 p.m. w/ Young Patrick and Aiya Abrihet & Abundance AC WORLDWIDE - 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. w/Abundance Child

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Onkwehonwe Land is land upon this third Earth from the Sun, known to be Mu, Temple Of The Sun And Moon, North Gate, Moab, Maghrib El Aqusa, Al Moroc, Amexem, to include but not limited to such Land, Islands, water, marshes,... more

In the early 1990s Hip Hop Culture gave birth to the original messenger group; X Clan. The original 4 members were Professor X, the Overseer, Brother J, the Grand Verbalizer, The Architect Paradise and Sugar Shaft “The... more

Did you know that Nubians have 9 Chakras and not 7? What is Color Deprivation? What are some of the tactics used to De-Aactivate Melanin? What is Genteic Duress? What is Genetic Invasion? Did you know that woman have a... more

Maxine L’Abbee has an innate and genuine mothering instinct that has been passed down to me and mine. I call her to the table on 3/12/2010 CE and every other moment when it is deemed necessary. I give thanks for being able to... more


Hip Hop is more than culture ... it is Life for some. It has the same Vital Elements needed to sustain Life... Food, Shelter, Clothing, etc... One being in particular has been consistently on his Deen is Sol Messiah. He has internalized the Vital... more

Sneak Preview…This is not a cut and Paste Rebuttal with no error for Discussion. Stop the Boot leggin, Stop the Facebook, Myspace, NING Sermons, Stop Your Android Redemption stick your hand in my pocket schemes, stop preaching from... more

The Veil is lifting higher everyday. This is the Age of Information. Our Redemption is literally right at our fingertips. The truth that we are seeking exists within us. We as a whole are the Nucleus of this truth. We are the Rightful heirs of... more

We spend a lot of time focusing on “correcting our status” and debating who is right and who is wrong in regards to being politically correct as Aboriginal and Indigenous People. Do we ever truly take the time to reflect on recent incidents... more

The Aboriginal Indigenous People have a Voice. We rise against the FALL that prolongs our meaning as NATURAL beings. ABUNDANCE CHILD LIVE brings the Remedy to the Mic. Our... more