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AIR: Abundance-Internet: Radio is a subsidiary of the ABN: Abundance Broadcasting Network a solutionary company. Sundays: Cozmophyzix Radio - 8:00 p.m. -11:00 p.m. w/Ra Akhu (Founder), Krysten Littles, Markhu Amun, and Coach Khayr Mondays: The Best Black Biology w/ Minister Enqi 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Knowledge is Power Radio w/ Mahiir Tarik Bey and Hensekh Bak Re Thursdays: Drop Squad Kitchen 8:00 p.m. w/ Young Patrick and Aiya Abrihet & Abundance AC WORLDWIDE - 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. w/Abundance Child

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Shyaam the Liberator and Abundance Child....BUILD on anything relevant to the upliftment of fallen huemanity. Straight Business.
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Pyramids: Are they supernatural or paranormal? Are they ultra magnetic? Do they generate negative ions that repair and reproduce our body cells? Do they have a balancing effect on our bodies electromagnetic field? Is there a secret power in... more

Calling all my moors! Big event in so called Delaware this Friday! Tune in to here all of our local artists and the Deities that will be representing. Sa-Roc's mothership is traveling all the way from Atlantis with the God Sol... more

Is it healthy is it sexy is it love is it a relationship? Male and Female. The balance. Not one or the Other. Dr. Llaila Afrika. Dr. Alim El Bey. Abundance Child and You! Lets Talk about it!

If you do not reclaim your birthright, your Status, your organic innate Nationality then you volunteer to be nothing more than a voluntary debtor/ bondsperson with no real title and ownership to your persona, which makes you the Grantor of... more

He is no virgin to AC Live's Thorough Thursday:Hip Hop's Sound Right Reason to take the Mic. We introduce Curly Castro's debut LP, Winston's Appeal tonight. If you are in the Hip Hop scene in the Philly Metro Area than you know who Curly... more

A candid conversation about Aboriginal Love our State of Mind in regards to partnerships, children, Economics and the overall Self Governance of the Home.

Anyone who is celebrating Prophet Noble Drew Ali's Birthrite is welcome to call in and share their Love for Prophet Noble Drew Ali, how it man or womanifests in their life personally and what festivities we can look to and where. Currently our... more

The Top Ten Interview Downloads of the Abundance Child Live Fiscal Year of 2010 C.E. Sophia Stewart, Dr. Delbert Blair, Dr. Phil Valentine, Lloyd Strayhorn, Sistar Myrah, Aton Edwards, Professor Griff, Shyaam the... more

Any education outside of the home or designed without the governance of the home does not maximize the child’s potential and is a form of parental abandonment and therefore is abuse. Join Abundance Child, Mahogony... more