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Aboriginal Radio is the Voice of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide discussing the International implementation of Global Aboriginal Autonomous Government for Indigenous Peoples. Aboriginal Americans Kuxi or Xi-Amaru (Olmec-Maya) are the worlds oldest Nation and People. Dr Aly Muhammad of the Aboriginal Republic of North America and its affiliated entities is the Main show host.

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We discuss the Aboriginal Calendar and the change of the year from 15097 to 15098. What exactly is time? And what does it mean to WAISTE Time...waisted time= wasted melanin... Self-Propelled Motion aka Aboriginal Self... more

Tonight we discuss Venus Cosmology and do Readings Red Star and Blue Star Kachina and the current solar activity Tonight we discuss the origin of the Star and Crescent in Islam Flags and its origin in the epigraphy and calendar... more

U R ON THE 13 CLOCK We have a BRIDGE overwhich the denationalized African American can walk over It is a safe strong and sure plan that we are 5 yers into implementing We have less than a decade to be at a certain rate of... more

This will be one of the Greatest Presentations ever The scriptures of the Bible have been questioned from every angle however for the first time Dr Ali will reveal the truth of the Following The Asiatics (A-Xi-atics) Semetic Lineage... more

Tonight We will discuss The mathematical scientific and atful means to rebuilding Indigenous Institutions Who/what are Indigenous Peoples Rites of Passage for Individuals and Families Goals of the Group Economics of Indigenous Instituton... more

This show will address some 'VERBAL" and Written Attacks, Defamation, libel, and slander upon the Aboriginal Republic of North America and the International Indigenous Society by 1) THE Regional Organized Crime Information Center... more

Call in Number 646 381 4991 LIVE STREAMED via Aboriginalglobalmedia Link and passowrd on Dr Ali Muhammads Facebook Page @ 8:55pm This show will detail 100% mathematical accuracy on what Elenin is NASA has known about... more

www.dralimuhammad.com We will discuss Our very 1st Own Aboriginal Moorish Health Paradigm Aboriginal Bio-Cosmology The Cure for HIV, Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, MS, Palseys, CFS, etc... is based on 4 prescriptions... more

This show will end all the mythology about the heritage and history of the Moors 1) What is the etymological origin of the word Moor? Ta Mry versus Kmt Amaru-ka versus America 2) What is the historical difference between the... more
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