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Aboriginal Radio is the Voice of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide discussing the International implementation of Global Aboriginal Autonomous Government for Indigenous Peoples. Aboriginal Americans Kuxi or Xi-Amaru (Olmec-Maya) are the worlds oldest Nation and People. Dr Aly Muhammad of the Aboriginal Republic of North America and its affiliated entities is the Main show host.

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Tonight We Discuss year 7 of our 25 Year Plan for the liberation of Original People Globally within Indigenous Governments Domestically and Internationally Why Indigenous Political Status with the aboriginal republic of North America is... more

Aboriginal Radio LIVE AGAIN Tonight 9pm EST Call in # 646-381-4991 DEBUNKING The Human genome Project & Out of Africa Theory Head of the ARNA ISIS Ministry of Health and the Aboriginal Medical Association Discusses... more

A 2012 Throw Back A discussion on the Origins of Life Cosmology of the Ancient Blacks and the Origins of Race a prelude to my 2013 Book Ancestors Encyclopedia

A THROWBACK This Show discusses what is called UFO's in History and Modern times We make special connections to The Message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and His arrest by the FBI and their inquiries into UFO's... more

Tonight We discuss the Solstice of 2012 and its Importance to Olmec Prophecy Book of the Ancestors - The Umm Al Kitab and ancient Science of the Tzulu-kin Calendar and Islamic Manzil Astronomy and Divination System ...the lost... more

This Presentation opens the discussion of the Origins of Man and Woman and the True Science of the Protection of Women The Honorable Elijah Muhammad laid down the foundation for the mental resurrection of a dead people. His... more

This show investigates both the 1994 Assassination attempt and the 2001 Assassination of Dr Khalid Muhammad We address the separation between Dr Khallid and Minister Farrakhan and what was at the root. We discuss the 1994... more

Call in # 646-381-4991 9pm Confusion About Nationality & remedy at Law for the so-called Negro-African American Tonight we have a civilized and Open Discussion about Remedy at law for the denationalized so-called Negro-African... more

646-381-4991 9pm-Until Stupid Niggas that Vote and DONT READ Part 2 The End of Welfare & Nigga Benefits Signed by Obama in the Budget Control Act 2011? In 2012 the Mayans Predicted the END OF THE WELFARE STATE as... more

Call In # 646-381-4661 Time 9pm-12pm Tonight We Discuss the Elections of 2012 and the accurate and Tru Politcal record of Barack Obama & Why i am calling some folk STUPID Niggas This is NOT an Emotional RANT It is actually... more
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