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Olmec Cards of Destiny-Indigenous Cosmology

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Tonight we discuss the Origins of the Cards of Destiny and the Coming New Book: Book of the Ancestors Volume 1

Dr Aly gos in and Does some online discussion and readings and shows How Black People invented all of the Most important Divination Systems and Shows how Indigenous Cosmology Corrects Astrology



3:17 Aly Muhammad

Peace Family. Welcome again to Aboriginal Radio. I am your host, Dr. Aly Muhammad. This show is sponsored by the International Indigenous Society and the Aboriginal Republic of North America. We operate the show to bring education to our people on our current position that they can do nothing functional until they learn the methodology, tactics and the implementation of indigenous government. Tonight, we will start the show off with some announcements and talk a little bit about indigenous land investments and bring some project managers on, trying to get more last week, but like I said, as they are on and we're gonna go into some aspects of a book we're about to release called Book of the Ancestors. It's about the Olmec calendar. Sometimes called the Mayan calendar and it'd be an oldest spiritual and divination system on the planet and we'll take some calls on that tonight. Alright, so we're gonna take another break so we will come in and we will be right back with you in just a few seconds.

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7:00 Aly Muhammad

Alright, peace family. We're back and if you are just joining us, welcome to Aboriginal Radio. Our caller number tonight is (646) 381-4991. Tonight, we are going to take about half and hour to discuss some of our projects that we are operating within the International Indigenous Society and the Aboriginal Republic of North America and then we're gonna jump to our cosmology and history discussion. As we do first of every month and then we might even take a few readings tonight if you're interested in getting some astro readings or get an idea of where you fit in the cosmos and look into some things that could we go on over to currently to give some assistance. We will see if I could bring Gus here and see if he can hear me. Peace __07:53__.

7:55 S

Yes sir.

7:57 Aly Muhammad

Yes sir, yes sir. I'm trying to see if I __08:01__ with number that I can bring him in to -- I want you to do this -- see, just introduce the people to what Indigenous Land Investment is, what we're doing with that and give them a spill and let me see if I can get old __08:18__ there on.

8:21 S

Right, right. Alright, peace family, this is __08:24__. I'm one of the project managers of the Indigenous Land Investments and basically, what we're doing with the Indigenous Land Investments is we're not only implementing change, we're allowing to show the people that we can come together and get ourselves out of the conditions that we're in. So what we're doing is we're allowing for all nationals of the Aboriginal Republic of North America to participate in one of the greatest transformation that about to take place for us as a nation in order to rebuild our institutions, in order to work on the integrity of the financial status of all nationals of Aboriginal Republic of North America. This will allow us to make a tremendous change and by doing that, what happens is our nationals can invest in the project by first going to the Indigenous Land Investment's website which is www.indigenouslandinvestments.com. On this, you can click on facts, and frequently ask questions and that will give you a basic overall fundamental method of how we're operating ourselves on our indigenous jurisdiction to produce and to provide for ourselves as an independent self-autonomous government, not with any assistance from any foreign jurisdiction.

10:20 Aly Muhammad

Here I got. I think we got some interference in the background. I just brought Sister Naomi on. Can hear me Sister Naomi?

10:32 S

Peace here, I'm here.

10:34 Aly Muhammad


10:35 S

Peace __10:35__. How you're doing?

10:38 S


10:40 Aly Muhammad

Great. I didn't mean to break you. I just heard the background. I thought __10:43__ or get knocked off, go ahead Ga.

10:45 S

Oh yeah, that's not a problem, but basically that's -- just of it. This is actually one of the greatest things that has been done. I don't see anybody else doing what we're doing as a nation to really change the conditions of our people and we go on and utilize anything within ourselves. So, I will look forward to have greater accomplishments that we're making and what we really need in the future and I appreciate everyone who has so far participated by assisting us as well as the energy that we need in the operation.

11:29 Aly Muhammad

Absolutely. It is a beautiful energy and the thing I like about it the most is that it allows for purer creativity to take place, because in order to get to this particular point, we had to do so many things -- that people say are impossible, although one thing is getting black people to stay in the same room and work together. And what we gather consistently over the long periods of time not just one project, but multiple projects where families are involved and that within itself is a commendable act to be consistently amongst the brothers and sisters who are on the phone now and those who are not present here, but they are present in another places so that within itself is a powerful act. I'm trying to see if I can find all and bring him __12:33__. Okay, another thing too, we have a beautiful event today. I was allowed to peek into all sisters' meeting and it was run by Sister Fatima, down __12:56__ University, plus Sister Naomi was there and because we're gonna be talking about some of the history of the aboriginal black civilizations in America, maybe you can share Sister Naomi and I think this is your first time speaking on that kind of meeting. One, spirituality and -- for that nature and sitting then on it and getting the feel for it and how the bill that I was getting how necessary that and other things that we do or that we can do __13:29__ and improvement so -- maybe you can just share some of which you felt the day and some of the things that we do and what we could do to assist our sisters.

13:40 S

Well, first the -- like the energy that was expressed to everyone there is usually think that like whether it']s good advice or bad advice or just somebody it's kind of like tell you about yourself and tell you like show you the behavior that you exhibit with units of raw farm, being able to hear that from somebody who doesn't even know me was especially rewarding because now, it's not coming from somebody who has a bias because we're in a relationship together and you're mad at me, I'm mad at you, so I'm just not say whatever. It was coming from someone who is knowledgeable about how our sciences work and could look at our science and basically tell me about myself and where my life is headed based on the things that I'm doing and so it was very, very rewarding to see there and to see it for other sisters.

14:54 Aly Muhammad


14:55 S

We all like -- I mean I think that's part of where a rite of passage would be absolutely necessary like having something like that incorporate it in a rite of passage program is most important and that's something that we're doing. So just to be able to hear the things that I need to grow on and to hear for other sisters that I communicated daily was a really beautiful thing.

15:32 Aly Muhammad

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I think I see Og. I'm trying to bring Og on. Og, you should be able to hear us now. Peace god.

15:42 S

Peace that was good.

15:44 Aly Muhammad

It was good what's going on __15:47__

15:55 S

Yes sir, yes sir. I'm very excited. Peace sis, how are you? Peace __15:53__.

15:57 S

Oh man, we're just doing the work, you know.

15:58 S

Yes sir, yes sir.

16:01 Aly Muhammad

I'm let the sister to continue because I know -- she sounded like she wanted -- Sister Naomi sounds like she wants to say something further about just maybe some of the things that we look forward to inspire women in our society or just overall, __16:15__ by sisters, well go ahead, sorry, go ahead.

16:19 S

Well, I mean, it can be on like personal traits that -- we need to develop. Just being able to look back into our sciences and to know that okay, our protocols are in place for a reason, not just because somebody is dictating that to us and not just because there is this aspect of a false sense of control that people automatically assume coming in to ISIS rather from a lifestyle where you have this false sense of freedom so you think you'll be in control, but it's actually you returning to your nature and so having the outline for us in our sciences and being able to look at what our ancestors did and to continue those tradition is just most important and it's very rewarding.

17:20 Aly Muhammad

I have a question for you sis, as a sister in your own development coming from -- all the stuff that we all talked about -- life but the distance from the advantage point of a woman and then taking your walk and your journey through the steps to improve yourself, when you look back at where you were and where you are now, where you wanna go and you look at the disciplined part, what is this for you that made you accept the self-imposed discipline to make corrections like what were some of the triggers because I find __18:00__ brothers and sisters to implement discipline __18:05__ because they sometimes feel depressed in that.

18:12 S


18:14 Aly Muhammad

What was it for you that kind of walk you through okay, I'm gonna make this decision to do these things.

18:23 S

The biggest, I mean the biggest thing that I experienced that kind of turned me around when I was in that light -- doing whatever I want and being so called free, I experienced the most pain and disappointment I have ever done in my life and this being at a program like you know what, this lifestyle is not working for me. I'm not cut out with it.

18:53 Aly Muhammad


18:54 S

Because I'm just like intuitively knew that wasn't what I was supposed to be doing. Well, that's not how I was supposed to __19:05__.

19:09 Aly Muhammad

Okay. We're breaking up a little bit. Can you hear me? Can you hear me sis?

19:17 S

I think so.

19:29 Aly Muhammad

Alright. Can everybody hear me?

19:31 S

I hear you __19:33__. I hear you somewhat.

19:39 Aly Muhammad

Yeah. It looked like we get a filled echo. Alright, we'll see if I can do something with this __19:45__ better. Oh well, yeah __19:54__.

20:01 S


20:03 S


20:04 Aly Muhammad

Yes. Sister Naomi you go ahead. I was __20:06__ interview through my phone.

20:13 S

I'm here. Just having that would be outcome of what I was speaking out into the world, the face that I was know and the way that I was directing my own energy, the ways in which I was __20:24__ and having the result of all of that -- the pain and disappointment, I would like you to say, you know what I'ma try something different and luckily, I was introduced to a lot of what I'm still learning now by my husband and he was able to bring me up to feed on the things that I knew intuitively, but in no __20:52__ and now I'm just to the point where I wanna keep growing because there are no like -- at this point, the way that I'm living now, pain and disappointment are only relative to me when I possess energy outlines of the world when I'm acting negatively, when I'm falling back into poor behavior and so that's where my pain __21:17__ some of the things __21:22__.

21:29 Aly Muhammad

Right that's it. __21:31__ can you hear me, __21:35__ phone __21:36__. Can you hear me?

21:46 S

It's going in and out. Hello.

21:57 Aly Muhammad

Are you there? I'm gonna hang up my phone and call back to you __22:01__.

22:09 S

Hello. Maybe that is the interference, but she phoned.

22:22 S

Yeah, yeah, he hanged up.

22:25 Aly Muhammad

You could still continue.

22:29 S

It was the only thing __22:33__.

22:40 S

Can you hear me? I heard my name, but I think it's the same question.

22:46 S

So was there anything that you wanted to say?

22:51 S

No, that's basically - I mean - there I mean, the indoor was just impressive to the business if anybody who experienced pain and disappointment __23:03__.

23:37 Aly Muhammad

I will be back on family and hopefully all can hear me? I had the __23:39__ come back in later on __23:45__ giving me some feedback __23:49__ my phone __23:50__ but I'm not sure, but it was __23:54__ but oh, can you hear me Ga. I'm right here Ga.

24:02 S

Yes sir, yes sir. We've build a little earlier __24:06__ assessment and __24:12__ real estate and can you talk about __24:18__ and how the __24:22__ in a real estate and some of the advantages that __24:24__ can use __24:27_ that you know in general real estate __24:31__ education performance __24:34__ but in our __24:38__ in a different way. So we will think about some of __24:44__ active economic development and building in that manner.

24:50 Aly Muhammad

Yeah, yeah, still freaking up so I can't really hear the question, but a real estate, it is a beautiful for financial security. If you make the right moves, we as the people have not been sought properly as to the proper application of real estate - just going by a house and now everything is good. Well, most rich people in the world made their money one part or another through the real estate industry. Me, being an agent, I see a lot of people and what they want in - they __25:34__ I've seen this land investment, the Indigenous Land Investment has an excellent opportunity for the Nationals, for us to actually do some positive and do something on a large scale, on a large scale of __25:50__. We can do this. We will able to do this. I couldn't really hear your questions -- but this is the beautiful thing that is going on now. You know, the pollen period is -- the middle of the month, July 16th for those who still wants to get involved and the return of the outstanding. You wouldn't find anything like this if you're a foreign jurisdiction. Oh yeah, you got a family over here -- once we get the operation, it's already running and we can show others, explained this to our children and -- we all can be secure in our property without __27:01__ complexes, mortgages and rents and we can do this. This is possible. This is possible to do this thing. __27:12__

27:12 S

Yes sir.

27:16 S

Can you give the people an example of what you mean in reference to having a goal about an investment and how do we go about given the returns back for those who may invest and what is the outline of how to invest with the Indigenous Land Investment.

27:39 Aly Muhammad

Okay, okay. I do hear you clearly on that. Well, the investment is open to Nationals of Aboriginal Republic of North America. What happens is if the person is interested, they go to the website. They will read over -- what's there and they will call the number that's on the website. The 888 number to call us up and we will answer any of your questions that you may still have. Okay, so what happens is most prior of share, okay, shares 500 units of American dollars for now and you determine what kind of share that you want -- you can be of a share that goes to four months or eight months or a year so what happens is every four months, the share returns 100% of your initial investment so if you put $500 in four months that will equal $1000, in eight months that will equal $1500 and at the end of your assessment period okay, you have the ability, the options to reinvest or pull your money out, that's your choice. We appreciate all those who feel the light and it's a beautiful thing. Now, for those who do the year investment, there is an extra incentive for investing for so long which normally how it goes and there is an extra bonus on top of the initial investment they had __29:26__ three times already. Is there any question?

29:35 S

Yes sir, yes sir. I'm just - wondering because you especially having the more experienced in real estate so just give an example to other people how that works, but invest in things. I'm not sure if he's got knocked off or what, but we want to keep it moving because I just wanna follow up on what everybody was saying and it is kind of want to go on transition into what chief is wanting to talk about later on in the show in reference to the spirituality of broke people that have a broke spirit.

30:17 S

Oh yes.

30:19 S

So, and the people with a broke spirit don't think there is an alternative route for them to gain as an energetic stability. I don't wanna use cause that is all money uses energy which allow you to gain access to certain things that you need. So, it will give -- we will have never have any energetic stability if were given whole lot of energy to this slave __30:52__ who already conditioned us, it broke us down to make us believe that we can't do anything in this world without the hope of that system.

31:04 S


31:06 S

So what this really allows us to do is to resurrect the spirit of the people who've given them opportunity to collectively treat themselves out of whatever financial crisis that they're maybe in.

31:24 S

I like the way that sounds.

31:28 Aly Muhammad


31:32 S

Which would then allow them that would then uplift their spirit because _31:36_ we are stressed and we are so spirit broken is because of many situations. So the people have proper economic stability that change into a whole dynamic of the spirituality and then that also allows them to more it happen to the creativity as the unit for the front of production of a future and exactly what we are going what the indigenous land investments for all the nationals of the Aboriginal Republic of North America so that we can rebuild our nation to not just it's a nation, but to action. You cannot change anything physically if you do not put the footwork behind our vision so everybody there is the part of the Aboriginal Republic of North America they know how we function we are about nation built and we just don't talk about nation and we are building back our nation and as indigenous people, we have a right to do so by any means necessary to enhance or redevelop our situation that were. So, I just wanted to share that because spirituality does play a major role in that and if the spirit of the people is not right, we can't go nowhere.

33:09 Aly Muhammad

Can you hear me __33:10__?

33:11 S


33:12 S

Yes, sir.

33:14 Aly Muhammad

Okay, I just wanna make sure you can hear me. Go ahead, I will back _33:21_.

33:24 S

No that was actually _33:24_ I was just finishing up just touch and basis on how our operation will assist with the spirituality resurrection of our people because they will work on their integrity of our financial status and how broke people spirituality is broken as well. You really don't have the ability to even think about changing your condition so that was basically touching on is that, yes that is what the Aboriginal Republic of North America is doing for the people not just by talk for those who are around us and who are in a role work they know that we are not just about talk we are about putting the world in because only we the real being the god and the goddess on this earth can change our conditions. So that is what the indigenous land of _34:33_ and not only that this spirit resurrection is what we can pass down to our children and a generation that come after was so it's a beautiful thing and I hope those who are listening really have an emerge that the only reason why I were in the current condition that we are in only because somebody don't brain wash us to function a certain way which is dysfunctional because we are functioning outside of our church as indigenous people. So that is only because we don't know, but you say _35:25_.

35:27 Aly Muhammad

I had there, that was my bad, sorry.

35:31 S

So just know that yes though we are suffering tremendously which has looked at the reality condition of our community, something is wrong. We just know that the Aboriginal Republic of North America, International Society of Indigenous Sovereigns are here to assist resolving the international crisis that went longer and we are doing that by first redeveloping our economic stability which will then uplift the spiritual frequencies of our people, that is all I have to say.

36:14 Aly Muhammad

We can shut down the damn radio show on that one because if we give daddy __36:19__ people getting contact with us in respect of indigenous land investments whom work __36:41__ project manager on tomorrow, but if I was playing the process, how they can get in contact with this?

36:58 S

I think all these days layout the procedure of going to the Indigenous Investment, I mean Indigenous Land Investments' website which is www.indigenouslandinvestments.com, again go on the website you can over the fax, the frequently asked questions and that would give you pretty much overview layout of how we operate as an indigenous firm. Saying what you would do it, you will contact one of the project managers who would then go over the contact with you. If you decided to invest, you can contact us at (888) 574-9042 extension 102 and we can also be reached at 215-688, but excuse me I got to get this last four.

38:06 Aly Muhammad


38:11 S

Say it again.

38:13 Aly Muhammad

I said its 2681 the last four digits on that number.

38:17 S

Yes sir 2681.

38:22 Aly Muhammad

If anybody was that listening again, you can go to the website and check it out. This is going to be our first run with it as far as the maturity period going through November and March in next year. While we gonna do a lot of things with urban and agriculture that whole projects we have that summit coming up in August and we expect to some powerful elders to come and meet the youth, to share this vision that we have and we expect to just leave it everyday and do what we do, that people are there have been the greatest and most creative people on this planet and there is no reason why adjust the appointment out we should be energy sleeps and spiritually growth which means that we are not allocating human energy properly which is what our discussion was really tonight. So I'm just gonna segue and I am going to take quick break and then we will come back __39:35__ everything that we have said to boss so we discussed history we are discussing our cosmic energy bank and if we are broke as a people is because we don't know our system, the value systems spiritual suggestions that which keeps us to get to this and resourceful and working together, but was always healthy to discuss on things what you will gonna do some general readings with some breakdowns, though if anybody was calling for that we will give him a time for that and we will take a quick break and we will be right back with you in just a few seconds.

41:57 Aly Muhammad

Alright, peace family. We are back Aboriginal Radio. Excuse me for the disturbance as early I had to jump to another methodology offered a phone to try to office gate all the background problems that we have we just have been discussing some of our project managers _42:17_ about our Project Indigenous Land Investments. We want to segue now into cosmology and heritage discussion to show its applicability and allow for them to continue to speak if they will like to and then taking callers and just looked at what we call spirituality and different light. One of the things that we were discussing in the class last week is getting understanding of words and understanding the etymology and what we found out last week in class is that when we use the words in English, usually we don't either take the time knowing the meaning of them or further, discuss them in groups so that the people that we are around the most that we share common understanding of words and lastly to trace those words into our own languages. Well, at least our own concepts and then you know how to figure out whether we have some understanding of things. One of the things that ask the members of the class last week was if they consider themselves married is my theme _43:37_ or small but one of things that I ask was if you have two people that are married, have they ever come together and have or discuss a common understanding of the what the word marriage actually means.

43:56 Aly Muhammad

Now I consider that a spiritual act because we are using words which are vibrations. And when vibrations are disharmonious, it causes confusion, alright. So if we use any of this vibration that we call words and two people consider themselves to be together in a union and they are using the vibration to describe that union and how is it that they can have a harmonious union with different definitions or understandings of the concept. So when we discussed cosmology in our system, in our heritage, we are discussing a common understanding of our origin. That is the most goal that we are striving for. So when you see that we are saying we are indigenous people. We are highlighting what has been taken away from us so that we could put this puzzle back together and one of the things that we have found from the varieties of literature that we published we just brought out a book called The Lost Aboriginal Heritage of the so-called Negro-African-American Resolving a Historical Political and Economic Identity Crisis. We brought that book out to highlight the evidence, the overwhelming evidence of our heritage here or in this land and to get up political perspective or why was suppressed and what we found out are these two things, the group of people that we called The Olmecs which was centered in civilization in North America in the area that we now call Mexico and have been found the other areas as well, but that area is a concentration for it.

45:49 Aly Muhammad

We found out of course that there is a black civilization, but it was always taught to us in the early days of discovering the Olmec that they came from Africa. And that was fine if they were true and it would fit into a paradigm only shaped by white people not by black people. The paradigm that we have all from harmony and do the evolution we evolved into homo sapiens, which is so call current modern woman and man and in my great __46:24__ Africa that was not a theory constructed by historically or in any hieroglyphics, the epigraphy or age of civilizations nor a black people nor with the constructed in modern day by black scholars. It was constructed by a white scholars and the anthropologist and the problem with that is that they control the institutions so anything that is outside of that dynamic, we as the people usually turn away from it because we see the institutions that have been built by a ? we see the less of hours and we give power and in our energy as that they will stand early over to these institutions to validate what is reality for us. So what we have found from our study is that the Olmec never said they came from anywhere. As a matter of fact, they were clear not only they did not come from anywhere and from their own words, but from the other evidence, he has no evidence that they migrated from anywhere. Must be looked at that that leave us with some problems because there was nobody here 3000, 4000, 5000 years ago beyond to see it. There was no slave operation at that time across the Atlantic.

47:55 Aly Muhammad

When we look at the epigraphy, the stone carving the mural art which is very significant of the Olmecs and the mines, we find out that these are phenotypically black people, wearing in doing similar things like cranial deformation to other blacks on the planet. So that left me with this that in our heritage, alright, there has been what I have called closet racism and it's a severe level of racism in native American history for whatever reason, and when I say racism, what I mean is that a particular class of people, we have a particular phenotype which we usually called black people have been left out, removed, undiscussed, put in rare books libraries and that was done intentionally by researchers, anthropologist, archeologist, museums, etc. So if that has been done in the best accurate, then that is what you call political genocide. Historical genocide of the people. And it's accurate so any of you want the material, you can go to our website, aboriginalglobalmedia.com and order that particular book, The Lost Aboriginal Heritage of the So-called Negro-African-American Resolving a Historical Political and Economic Identify Crisis because we do inject a chronological order from thousands of years ago all the way up into the 1800s of the existence of this aboriginal blacks. Our ancestors in Mesoamerica, in the South East and part of what we call today the United States of America, along the Atlantic seaboard, along the areas been in called Louisiana, etc. and we want their education to be in the hands of our people.

49:58 Aly Muhammad

But or however, excuse me, this is more to just the identity and what we have also found is that what we are calling the prophetic traditions, the systems of prophecy, the systems of divination we have found that the oldest system of system of divination also come from our ancestors on this land and we are publishing another book that should be out next week called The Book Of The Ancestors Volume 1 to assist with that and the purpose of studying that particular material is application. Most of you who have learned about tarot and astrology including myself when I first learned it. It was learned through institutions and people that didn't look like us and it was obviously handed down from people who look like us but we could make the links or make the corrections that were necessary to improve to use that as a system of self-analysis, self-defense and self-preservation. Now we can do that, alright, we can actually do that. So all of the areas that are in Greek astrology, so the most part of that are important to our daily lives, we can make those corrections, have made those corrections often even in our discussion and make this a part of our conversations when we are talking business when we are talking relationships, when we are talking family, we should add this things that will gonna discuss in tonight because they will help us, alright. So what I was doing and give a quick summary of what we have found from our research and then developing to. What we found is that approximately, we give a date of let's say 240,000 years ago.

51:51 Aly Muhammad

On this planet, we developed a system of study by necessity and that system of study was how in the area that we know of now as Mexico. The people who lived in this area will call the Xi people, alright? Sometimes you see it spelled in the phonetics characters as X-I "Xi" That is the indigenous name for the black races that we call Olmec-Mayan. You see it today even in the word, Mexico if you look right in the middle of the word you see a X-I, alright and it's given a X, sound but it really "Xi", alright. Xi people. The Xi, the word itself means energetic power, kind of like chi and it also means tree, as in a tree, and we use the symbolism of the tree of word tree because there was a study of what we know to be the herbs magnetic field. The place where all the energy is _53:03_ where trees grow up into etc. we've _53:09_ from higher levels of radiation for the sun, but absorbs the energy from the sun to allow for everything to growth on there. So this does _53:20_ a technical name for this called paleomagnetism, but this is a study of energy, energy on the air and it's a study of human thoughts, it's the study of nature, okay. So this particular study led some of the wisest of the people to create a system of study that we now called the Tzolkin calendar.

53:47 Aly Muhammad

The Tzolk'in calendar, modernly is thought to be a calendar that was developed that was based on a 260-day count that Mesoamericans use. But what it actually is a mind reading mechanism and it uses images and the images in the ancient times were used as what we called Ya Hawa or ancestors, alright. So black people have the study on ancestors sciences for a long time. What we mean by ancestors when we say ancestors in our spirit of systems is that there is a creator. The ultimate cosmic power and force and then there are elements in nature that are arranged by the spiritual power to give animation to things that exist, animals, plants, human beings. And we looked at ourselves as a personification of that creative power so we see ourselves as walking gods and goddesses by potential and we engaged in our studies so that we can achieve self mastery or strive for self mastery which is peace. The only self mastery that we have in life is peace and satisfaction of mind. When we had peace we and ourselves master, when we are out of peace, then we were looking for the two to get us back in. So this people developed various types of studies, but one of the studies that they develop was calendars. Now to give you idea of how complex these studies are, we learned in our rite of passage society through memorizing lessons about the antiquity of the calendars one of our questions that we ask in our rite of passage which we have to memorize lessons questions, who are the aboriginal people, alright.

55:53 Aly Muhammad

And the answer that we give is the aboriginal people are the Xi people. And as we go to the progression of their answer, we come to answering when our ancestors describe themselves as manifesting onto this plane. That is the wording that they used in a languages that we spoke as a manifestation and the count that is act a real place on a real calendar _56:18_ in a place called Coba in Mexico is 41 octillion years. Octillion alright so that is 27 from 0. So we know that nobody on the earth has reported calendars that are old, and this particular calendars are dealing with astronomy so we also know that there is no other people who have old calendar system or more exactly. One of the things that we are gonna show on the book is how Egypt came about, where the older studies came from with some technical data, but the purpose of it is to give up a different world view that we have been given by white anthropologist that would help us out, alright. It helps us with the institution that we have built, but as we progress what did Olmecs do, what they did study? why is it important to us today, well it is literally a mind reading mechanism _57:19_ and we know what today surprisingly to most people who might be listening we know what today as the tarot the original tarot, which are 52 images that we call cards. Now one of things that are pointed out in my book is that a European anthropologist, William Prescott when he went and study the monks the Mesoamerican civilizations, he was able to find somebody reads that this 52 images were impressed upon and it gave credos to the system.

57:55 Aly Muhammad

There was another catholic friar his name was Bishop Diego De Landa. He also found a system that we use today we call it a _58:07_ system, but essentially there is 52 cards. Most people learn the cards came into Europe to the gypsies that are not an accurate statement without some footnote it was the Moors or the Muslims in Africa who were using the 52 card tarot who brought that into Italy and we have recorded some of that information in our book as well. So what essentially we are talking about is the most of us plays spades, we play cards, we played card games and this is a handy doubt tradition from thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago and what it does is it takes every type of person on the planet and it also tights their behavioral aspects of the human being and it goes further in types the ability to read the progressions in their life. Now, for those of you who know me and know my background, the nation of Islam you know, I often introduce the calendar system that I was introduced to _59:18_ called the 25 thousand year calendar that all the calendar and in our lessons that we will given in the nation of his land we will ask questions about the nation of this calendar and how it was that people could write things that have not occurred yet but understand the energy has speed them occurring and prophesied that they would occur. This is a real science it's not fake, it can be tested mathematically and it is very accurate depending on the person who is communicating the system to, but the system is very accurate.

1:00:02 Aly Muhammad

How is it important to everything we said tonight. It is important because it's your human energy and the difference between a successful person and a person who may not be classified as successful and if that successful person lives out their human potential, alright and they have purpose in their life on. They live it up and they give the best out of the energy which means that the best economist, alright? Live their best with their self currency, the currency that they have. So when we look at in a system like we are talking about, we talking about all you getting the best utility out of the human energy or are you making bad investment. Are you making investments with things that are draining you in all you in what we called a parasitic equation. Ask the question that all of us have to ask ourselves everyday and if we find ourselves in our potential, do we find ourselves in our peace. So we use the system to be there. Now what we done is many of the teachers of the system like Robert Camp, Thomas Mural, Ian MacLaurin-Owens, Alley Richmond, Flores Campbell, all the people that I named are white and they are all over this and their various series that this information came from Atlantis. Well, I wanna show you and tell you is that the accurate understanding of where the __01:01:47__ comes from were only be a spouse by the descendants of the people who actually made the systems. That is us and we are the descendants of this particular people.

1:02:00 Aly Muhammad

We are genetically prime to teach this particular information and we are also ready to share levels of it. We are people for their own protection, their own manifestation of their human potential. So what is the system like, the system is like this. It is a minor reading system, so any of you who have played cards, check out looking at the cards, alright? And we looked at the cards, you see at lot of things. You see hearts, use see clubs, you see diamonds and you see spades. Now in ancient times, the tower had different symbols, alright. You have pentacles which represented the earth and was similar to the diamonds, you had the sword which was similar to the clubs and represented the element air. You had the wand which is similar to the acorns which became the spades which is similar to the element fire and you had the cups which are similar to the heart and are represented by the element water. So now we have fire, air, earth and water. The elements that we are all composed of, that all animals that composed of at the earth itself is composed of at the atmosphere is composed of. That the sun, the moon, the stars, everything that made of those four elements. So I entered to talk about this elements, to discuss it and today, we give names like alchemy out, but alchemy is a system, a value system of the original man and the original woman either the sciences of knowing your own human energies again in the best deficiency out of it, alright? If we want to get into some technical terms, we could do that because fire is __01:03:55__, air is oxygen.

1:04:00 Aly Muhammad

Water is H2O, we drink it, it is all around us, we use it and the earth is carbon in the middle of the earth. So we use these things on a daily basis. We have got iPhones, computers. We are made up of these things and I insist to study these particular frequencies. They studies them because of one purpose and the one purpose that they study them for is because each of those element comes from what we called an infinite black substance, we call it space the different names or whatever. But they studied the elements because they saw themselves as creators. So the question that we have to ask ourselves is, do we see ourselves as creators and if we do, which we should and even if we don't we still are, what are we creating. Are we creating madness, are we created functionality or are we creating healthy family or are we creating good investments of are we creating functional children. What are we creating; this is what we have to ask ourselves. So we developed the system to look at what we are creating to deal with the energy and know to potentially put people in a position where they could do the same, alright? So as we have broken down the elements and the study of nature, we also look at frequencies. Well I am not gonna go too far into the frequency aspect, what I will do tonight is the kind of open the chat line and open the lines so people can talk and if it is possible anybody who wants to give some information on how we did this greetings or to get a few words about what capacity being going on with them.

1:06:02 Aly Muhammad

Then we will be more than willing to entertain you know some of these things that I have done that definitely applied to and will assist of that and look in ourselves at little bit better. What I wanna do it open up some software and have my computer so I can assist anybody that calls in for any greeting material. We actually got three hours a night, but I wanna make sure that I don't stay on too long, so I think we gonna go two hours to develop my software so I can may do some readings while we are online and allow for you to ask questions. We are here to do our best described to ask question and to give some clarity on some things and to have give you clarity on some things and the only way we can do that is by showing the practical application or giving moment to open up this software and will come to some of the people on the phone line and see the hands are going up now and I will take some questions, see if I am good to software up, looks like I am __01:07:20__ in a minute. Now I will do my best to strive to explain these things in our language and not in the language of the people that talked about the cause of destiny. Because I wanna adjust that thinking just a little bit, but I also want to make it pretty easy so you could understand it. Alright, so we are going to take some caller. Someone is calling now from 26769. Hello, you are in Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

1:07:49 S

Hello peace, hello?

1:07:52 Aly Muhammad

Speak men, how is you? Okay, can you hear me?

1:07:57 S

Yes sir. Okay, peace too. __01:08:00__ to everyone. I tried to buzz in a bit earlier but I am listening, and I am learning a lot and my comment which is first of all, I just want to say thank you for __01:08:12__ email about the procedures with __01:08:19__ and the EIN numbers and I just wanted to say thank you for being vigilant on that because we go on a great work and we need to continue that and do everything that we need to secure you know what we are doing here. So I just want to say thank you and I appreciate you for that.

1:08:35 Aly Muhammad

Thank you Fam, we appreciate that. We do recognize what environment we are in and we do recognize when people come in. One of the things I explain to day family is that when people come into the Aboriginal Public North American ISIS, they are like a jar or a pitcher and if you could imagine African-American being in that pitcher and the pitchers being dirty with all of the things that have happened since our genocide and denationalization. What we need to do is take that pitcher and pour it through some strainers, different level of strainers, so imagine the world of going to one level and is strained in some things and then we have a strain below than one is strain in some things. We have a strain below and we strain it on some things, and at the bottom you have a glass that is catching the clear water and that glass that's catching the clear water is the Aboriginal Republic of North America, because we are Aboriginals, meaning that we are from the original, from the origin, from the Creator, we used the term republic just to speak in respect to rule by the people, self rule, self governance and we are located in the space that we commonly called North America which we do have indigenous names for. One of things that is important is that in the Xi or the Olmec cosmology, the gods came into existence in the form of an Ak and the Ak is the Xi or Olmec word for the turtle. Even the word turtle itself comes from a variant of the word "tutu" which is an adjective attitude of the Xi and what are the attributes or why the turtle was used is because the turtle is one of the oldest animals on the planet.

1:10:37 Aly Muhammad

Secondly, it is patient. If you ever watched a turtle, it is patient. All masters are patient. It takes patience to become a master. If you are thinking you want to become a master by reading the book in one night, you're a joke and the only filling your ego. You have to have stripes scars to build through obstacle in order to get self-mastery, but the reward on the other side is immaculate. So we are on turtle island because this is the island of the masters and masters make wise decision and we are not gonna interface with the department of treasury __01:11:18__ and allow anybody to obstruct the group's progress. So we have to implement certain things only for protection, we are not trying to control anybody, we are striving to protect the group as that is our job as long as we are in a position that we can elect it out and that is what we are going to do. I will take another call. A caller from 313505. You're on Aboriginal Radio, peace.

1:11:47 S

Peace __01:11:49__. How you doing?

1:11:50 Aly Muhammad

But how you Zerk?

1:11:53 S

Pretty good, pretty good just following and get one of the readers on the Olmec, the calendar.

1:11:58 Aly Muhammad

Yes sir absolutely. We did land investments to contribution and do so you can get information back to that.

1:12:10 S

Alright. Fill my chart up. __1:12:15__ going a little bit.

1:12:27 Aly Muhammad

Brother, __1:12:28__ when is your birthday?

1:12:31 S


1:12:34 Aly Muhammad

12/23/83. That will be... Alright you are 28.

1:12:52 S

Yes sir.

1:12:56 Aly Muhammad

Alright. Okay. Put the date in for today and then we can go... Okay what I am gonna do is I am gonna do progressive reading to I just give you first what I see as far as what we will call the first Tzolk'in quadration which means that we start out with the images of the ancestors or let say the cards and in their perfect order which is from the ace of heart all the way to the king of spades and then we moved into the first spread and gives them some amazing fold. Let us see what we got here. You are once called, we will call any cards an eight of diamonds and six of clubs. __01:13:54__ ancestor names we are all debt right now eight of diamond sits at the crown of what we call the nine quadrages and at the crown, it is the physician of the highest level of values and it also a appositioned that excellent was the success in resources and currency and money. The aid is ruled by Saturn, have a character card or planetary ruling card. The have different name should get from it. We it from books, it is the 6 of clubs which is down or what we call seven sky, seven sky will be called Neptune in other book, it was down at the bottom and that deals with the six which is ruled by Venus and the club which is ruled by speech. We are dealing with balance and lawful speech even chromic speech so be an honest communication is very, very important to you in that respect.

1:15:09 Aly Muhammad

When I looked at the chart, let us see what period are you in right now. I am going to go the 52-day period __01:15:21__ you in. You are in your Jupiter period right now for the 52 days and essentially what you have going on as a matter of fact may go to at least __1:15:39__ usually do it. I saw 28 year. I like to have somebody doing these readings because they can still live for me. I like to have a lot of air space, were essentially you are going to Jupiter right now.

1:16:29 Aly Muhammad

It was ruled by king of hearts which deals with success in relationships and it is also supported by a deck of diamonds which means that we are looking at expanding, create to find it which was we see you displayed and you did __1:16:51__ investment, that's a good operation dissipating in, in the Jupiter period. This is also a period -- Jupiter is also supported by a king of hearts so that could in this period represents a marriage whether it is a reawakening of energy or some kind of new relationship. Depending on an age or what circumstances that you are dealing with. Your cosmic card for this period with eight of spade which deals with starting out new work, new labor, something new of that a bit nature, and the other displacement is with two of clubs. Now I want to do is to __1:17:37__ quadrate, but actually not __01:17:42__ 1983 age 28.

1:16:29 S


1:18:04 S

It has a lot of point, perfect.

1:18:07 Aly Muhammad

Well what I wanna do is look through what we call it the thirteen heaven, thirteen card and looked at some displacement so I can give you a little bit more thorough break down on some things, getting my position to do that. Alright. Diamonds. Alright. Let us see. Alright. Okay, so you are in your 28th year. So what we usually do is we go through Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune periods. These are periods for your birthday in 52 day increment. Like I said during your Jupiter period. Next period is a Saturn period, it is stable with a four clubs, according to the chart let us see. My orders get to some other cards that might help. In fact, we have that called the transformation card, sometime it's called the Pluto card and the card that is fitting then and now is the four diamonds. The four diamonds represents Jupiter again for and diamonds represent resources so the thing that transforms you this particular year is making money pretty much.

1:20:06 Aly Muhammad

It is the result or the outcome is back by was called the two of hearts and that means collaboration with someone. Collaboration will bring about the best and the collaboration is the intermittent collaboration with the female to bring about that particular result, let us see where you carded this place from the spiritual spread, we deal with that is called, some people call it replacement, some people call displacement and essentially your cards which is you moves through different slots on this quadrates so it carries its energy, but then it allows energy to come from another energy or ancestor to manifest from this so I'm gonna look up what's your displacement and the environment that you are in now at 28. You are displaced in a five of clubs. The 5 of clubs is the mind that is ready to go on an adventure. It is not standing still so this year, as you pass through all the way to December, you want to have the adventurous pioneer in thoughts. To some people, it might be as stable.

1:21:41 S

Oh yeah, it is.

1:21:42 Aly Muhammad

That is where your mind is this year, they want to look in at and the also as we looked at the environment aspect of the card, we get a seven of hearts and seven must we know as Neptune, the hearts represents some intimacy to that could be a woman again and the seven of hearts has had a functional in addition to the side, the functional side is about inspection of spirituality. The dysfunctional side of the seven of heart is, it can be about delusion, deception of the heart of that in __1:22:28__ is very, very important that you give personality out of that. If you arouse somebody to have that kind of energy that is functional, __01:22:38__ dysfunction you gonna have to deal with that this year. Let us look at the cause and spread again to see if we got any combo cards. When I see that were looking at the five, I am looking at your cardboard displacement with the ace of spade, you are ready to get something popping. That's it. (Crosstalk)

1:23:17 S

As far as a relationship or just like professional, you know what I am saying.

1:23:22 Aly Muhammad

It looks like professionally. I mean...

1:23:26 S


1:23:27 Aly Muhammad

That is what I am seeing. I am seeing it professionally. I don't see...

1:23:29 S

Yeah. That is what I am feeling here.

1:23:33 Aly Muhammad

Yeah, I was thinking about the relationship that is start to a professional stuff 'coz the ace of spades, spades rule your work and your will power.

1:23:41 S

Yeah, man. I will make sure I you give you a call when I got that property available. (Crosstalk) as from nation chief, I have move all the energy you just say it I'm gonna give that to you so that's why I am not okay.

1:24:00 Aly Muhammad

Alright. And like I said you'll be receiving the rest of your stuff within the __01:24:04__ looked while you get loaded up and get ready.

1:24:08 S

Right, right, right I appreciated that (crosstalk) two weeks in a row because I wanna do a three hours because I only do readings in a go through, what's called the weekly spread because what I can do is kind of throw out some projection to see if something happened during your week the show how the system works and we can do experiment with that. We will be on next week for three hours on it.

1:24:37 S

Okay, cool. Alright peace.

1:24:38 Aly Muhammad

Alright peace Scott. Alright, let us see if we can get back on here. We got a caller calling in from 937546. You are on Aboriginal Radio, Peace Family.

1:24:58 S

How you doing Brother Aly?

1:24:59 Aly Muhammad

Oh excuse me, 1:25:00, how are you doing?

1:25:02 S

Can you hear me sir?

1:25:05 Aly Muhammad

___1:25:05__ are you in there? Heard you up one second, but I can hear you.

1:25:10 S

I'm sorry about that. Am I better now?

1:25:14 Aly Muhammad

Yes Sir, you got the line back.

1:25:16 S

Alright man. It's an honor to talk to men. I have been listening to all your radio show and I have learned so much man, you opened my mind for the right thing. I really appreciate that.

1:25:26 Aly Muhammad

I appreciate you got.

1:25:27 S

Thank you sir and if possible, I would love to have a reading, if that is possible, if not, I can definitely think of any other question.

1:25:38 Aly Muhammad

No. I will give you short -- give me your birthday bro and your age.

1:25:42 S

December 2, 1979, age is 32.

1:26:19 Aly Muhammad

What we called the summer card or your life card. Some people call it planet sign card but it is the final stage, the ancestor is called hope in the Olmec language, signal the name and other languages because the system was passed around is simply five fire or the five of spade. This card is the pioneer, five represent Uranus, the mind has that is quick, its movable, it is changing, it is innovative. It could be sudden to some people because it looks sporadic in some points, but it is constantly ready to be on the cutting edge of change but because of the spade, that puts up what functionally be someone who is accomplishing multiple things in his field of work that is probably developed, if not they can turn it into sudden changes when you constantly change in your labor or your work position and you might need to ca bit more, depending on how to self discipline. Self discipline is always the barometer __1:27:30__ manifesting in the energy. The __01:27:34__ cards sometimes is called a planetary card or character card, it is a different card, it is a nine of spade. Nine represents endings, completion. It represents universality. It represents things coming to an end. So this particular card, when I look at it on the __01:27:57__ is on the Venus line and that could indicate on issues with relationships coming to an end. Depending on the nature of how you exude the first card.

1:28:18 Aly Muhammad

On the first card is also on the Venus line, so we are dealing with Venus or two sky which deals with relationships, it also deals with converse and contract, but it also has been a primary deal with love and relationships, partners, so five and nine are together are in the same place. Well look at some of your other cards, the thing in this lifetime, that's what gonna transform you, keeping a clear mild, that is your Pluto card, sometimes calls you transformation card. Keep in a clear mind that it will help you without your entire life and the result of you keeping the clear mind is that you will get the business partnerships that you need in order for you to be successful, alright? Some of the things that you need to support are someone who had, if they are going to be of any assistance to you, they had to have almost perfect values systems when it comes to finance, if not, then I could be problematic in relationships where you dealing with resources or money in that respect. As jumped to your age now 32, and let's see how you plan the ancestor images. Each of these readings is very brief. We have conversation with people to tell us much more and we do progressions on many different levels on 52 day period and yearly period and 13-year periods and other periods as well.

1:30:02 Aly Muhammad

7-day period, daily periods, even hourly and minute periods. So we're going to go to your current age to see what was going on. Alright, alright, let's see, let's see, 32. Give me a moment to pull this up. Alright, 32. So -- what do we have? I'm doing some of these by hand too because I prefer to do that. It actually helps me out. Alright, you are in during the year, we have seven periods that you go through and we usually relate them to planets. Right now, you are going through your Saturn period, alright? So let's look at it and see what we're dealing with. Alright, you're dealing with some challenges right now. Some things coming to an end, possibly in finances and it might be even some relationship issues there, karmic relationship issues. Let's go down to [inaudible]. The thing that is there for your transformation for this year is new knowledge and new relationship and what gets you there is starting work. Make it sure that you got some initiation into some new work or even initiation because it's ace of spade there, initiation into some, some, some newer levels of knowledge that can help you out with some of the issues that you might be having and are going on right now. Because you're in your Saturn period, let's see one, two, three, four, five, it's a lot of self sacrifices going on right now and I'm not sure where it's coming from. I will have to look at some of the other aspects to see where it's coming from, but because it is showing right now, show a lot of self sacrifice. Let's look at some other things on alright, yeah. A lot of self sacrifice is going on. I will probably need to look at your weekly card. Let's look at the 13-day period. That's you're in right now so I can see if I can get some information on. Is anything I'm saying making sense to you right now, bro? Somewhat or are you still on? Can you hear me?

1:33:20 S

Oh, I'm still here, I'm still here. Yeah, I'm still here. I was being extremely quiet because you were putting together masterful work. (Crosstalk)

1:33:34 Aly Muhammad

Alright, I'm going to let's see. __1:33:39__ acting up a little bit, kind of pull up -- I'm trying to pull up your weekly. Give me a moment. I'm going to use my book. I'm going to use my book to pull up your weekly, so I could get progression. Just give me a moment.

1:33:51 S


1:33:55 Aly Muhammad

Alright, so you're dealing with December 2nd, alright. Alright, so you're on the 47th quadrate right now, so let me see. 47th quadrate, right. Give me a moment to pull up this quadrate real quick.

1:34:53 S


1:34:55 Aly Muhammad

47th quadrate, alright, it's going 46 and let's look at five, five, five, five. Alright, today did you do anything today to make any money today?

1:35:18 S

Ahm, not today, not today.

1:35:21 Aly Muhammad

Not today? Alright, so I might be on the wrong quadrate. Let me do this count more time. I will make sure I'm on a right week. Alright, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12... Alright, okay. Let me give you something of the right position, 31, 28. Alright, 46. Alright, you're 46 so that means 45, alright. Alright, I found myself. Forgive me because when I do the readings sometime, I like to have somebody along with me.

1:36:16 S


1:36:17 Aly Muhammad

It takes a little bit longer to pull up the things when I'm looking at the weekly spreads in the software, I'm dealing with this a little quacky right now. Alright, so let me see. Let me look at your Neptune on this one because you want your Neptune day to day and I wanted to see what that is about. Alright, so what the actual card is the six of hearts. Let's back that up and let's see. Today is Sunday, alright, Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday. On Wednesday On Wednesday, did you have any issues? Did you have any issues on Wednesday with any endings or problems in relationships or something like that?

1:37:15 S

Definitely, one financial and then one relationship.

1:37:21 Aly Muhammad

Yeah, you got a nine of spades and a Mars on that day and it's on a Venus row so that's what I'm looking at, the relationship and let's see Thursday, Friday, alright. Wait a second. Alright, a Friday Friday could have been a like make-up day or something. You got like a king of hearts there, Friday, and today, you got a six of hearts which is karmic love and it's between those two days. It looks like, you know, something could have been happening to make up. I'm just doing a weekly progression to see if I'm on a right quadrate for you right now for the week.

1:38:13 S

You are, you are I mean it's masterful, very masterful. Everything you're saying is spot on.

1:38:23 Aly Muhammad

Wow, okay. So were you having this week any issues with your relationship and then as the week closed in, you kind of you know, kind of made up and then when a six of heart is actually in the Neptune, so that's where sometimes you don't see somebody as clear as you need to see him, but it can be a karmic love where it can be a make up or it could be -- being on how Neptune was playing. Neptune is in the Mars so there could actually be a fight, you know, to someone who has a karmic love or I mean we got to look at that too. Essentially, what we do is we look at the daily rhythms and we kind of put them together in the better package and then put it right now. I can see a lot more of exactly what's going on and then how it plays out in longer-term periods as well.

1:39:16 S

Alright. Yeah, I'm thoroughly impressed. Like I said, it's an honor to speak with you. Everything that you said has been extremely on point and just it's really a simple question so I'm this would be an easy yes or no. Does the result in calendar nullify the science of astrology?

1:39:40 Aly Muhammad

Well, I would say yes with some modifiers because astrology as it currently stands is a very good applicator if you have some additional component. One of the components that you need is some study in astronomy and history because without those, we won't know what was the purpose and the design of the system as far as the observational aspects of it. We use them to study astrology and study and know history and they just give out a bunch of generalizations and it makes a useless night, both with some levels of initiation with it. So with the Tzolkin, what's essentially happening is we can read down to the minute. I'll use an example. I don't even like to use the example, but it's the latest one I had. When Trayvon Martin got killed on February 26th of this year, in April, as things picked up, I did a reading on what occurred with them and one of the things that I pointed out before the autopsy came out was that he got shot one time in the heart. I knew from looking at the cards of the moment and the minute cause as it was reported when the incident went down. Not looking at the cause, I could say what part of the body got shot and he could've got shot in the leg, an artery bled out. He could've got shot in the head. He could've got shot in a lot of places and die, but I knew he got shot in the heart one time because of the card that was on the minute of his death and this was before the autopsy report came out. We have evidence of that and we have evidence of the foul play that surrounded that whole thing.

1:41:32 Aly Muhammad

So the Tzolkin gives what I call Forensic Astrostudy because it's so detailed. It's accurate. The astrology adds in another aspect because what we can do now is each degree of the zodiac, we can add an ancestral energy to it or what we call a card to it. So I can look at not only the degree that you were going in, but the prevailing energy on that degree and deal with, you know, what you're striving for with that particular degree. If your son is at a particular degree, alright, if you're moon is at a particular degree, we can now match a card to it and accentuate what it really means to function. Lastly, astrology needs some corrections, just dealing for educational component because right now, it's so called __1:42:34__ and it's not Sun is not in Cancer right now whether you're dealing with sidereal and tropical. The sun is just not a Cancer. What we do know is that it's in the fourth polarity from the vernal equinox which means that we got four periods of counting degrees which we call days from the vernal equinox, and that puts up in the frequency of what we usually label as Cancer. Cancer is a word that came from the Greeks in the other terms, but without understanding Greek Mythology and where do you got the term from, it's difficult to interpret and it convolutes the science. It also adds this factor in what our studies are adding in and how we're going to deal with them, add in, is the history of these particular things.

1:43:31 Aly Muhammad

The history is certain because it lays out how fully we get now and some of the spiritual things that we need to work on to fix ourselves. You can acknowledge what I'm talking about right now but without the integrity behind it which is rooted in the cosmic principles and the cosmology and the education initiation, it means nothing. You can be somebody trying to look in to somebody's business which is a lot of astrologists and people would really think to do and misuse the sciences and in divination of spiritual systems. When you misuse the energy, you become responsible for it and anybody who contracts with you who does that, they become responsible for it. So it can be simple and it can be complex, but the Greek astrology is mathematically incorrect. I would challenge anybody on those particular things, tropical or sidereal, it doesn't matter. It needs reformation in order for it to become a holistic science that we can use for education in our community.

1:44:37 S

Very well said. The second question is even easier. How what would be the steps to begin to learn the Tzolkin system?

1:44:48 Aly Muhammad

Okay. The Tzolkin system is pretty easy. What we start off with is what we call aboriginal mathematics. We learn the elements because the elements are so important. You see when you're the learning the cards like I said earlier, you have the hearts, you have the clubs, you have the diamonds and you have the spades. Those are the elements. They're either fire, air, earth and water. When you learn those elements, you will learn in aspects that the Olmec placed on the ancestral energies so that initiation is important. I'll give an example how important this is. Let's say the person call themselves a Capricorn in astrology. We call that __1:45:28__ polarity of the earth. What we do with the elements is okay, that person is an earth element, but the earth element is best situated and functional under certain conditions. We label and this is straight from the Olmec and it came it became later in some of the __1:45:48__. We learn that the earth element this includes so called Taurus, so called Virgo and so called Capricorn. They are isolated in relaxed people, alright? So the sun is there, the sunshine is there, the sun deals with yourself. You're not going to get them around a thousand children and doing things that Aries signs do, like so called Gemini, so called Libra and so called Aquarius because those signs are energetic, alright? And social. So you start learning how to place your energies and when you learn what Mercury means, it deals with your mind, Venus deals with your heart, Mars deals with your actions, you learn how to place those actions that heart, that mind in the __1:46:34__ setting to get the best energy out of it. So what the Tzolkin does is it properly teaches us that, not only does it does that, it shows us the progressions of the energies everyday.

1:46:45 Aly Muhammad

When I was reading from you, you can get a card for each day which gives you the element and it gives you the planet for each day of your life and you can accentuate. You will know whether you should have a business meeting or not and how the meetings will go off and whether you need to postpone it or whether you're going to have it but you had a day with a gem of diamond? Of course. If the gem of diamond is in a Jupiter period, that's diamond. That's resources, gem, public success Jupiter, that's my lucky period. I'm going to have it. If you came up and it was in a nine of spades, in a Saturn period, you're going to say I'm not having that midnight day, I'm postponing. So we can look at the energy daily to the Tzolkin and literally, map out our mathematical success and because of who we are as a people, we synthesize this energy. These aren't just cards and calendars. This is dealing with the motions of the universe and our relationship to it. You know, we are stars. We are the sun. We are we're birth from those things and we give birth to them. So be in that, in a position, we will literally when we learn our cosmology and our domination, through the right initiation, we will literally be controlling the forces of our own nature which is what we should be doing anyway.

1:48:08 S

Right, I agree. Much respect to you. I appreciate that. I'm going to look much further into the Tzolkin and the new knowledge and the clear mind, that was like above one point, I mean I've no words, but much respect to you.

1:48:23 Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Thank you for loving that. I appreciate you bro, I appreciate you calling in and we'll definitely be putting on more information so you can do what you do in actual lives and then use it how you know to do it efficiently.

1:48:35 S

Thank you sir.

1:48:36 Aly Muhammad

Alright, Peace Family! Peace Family! Alright, oh men! When we're doing these readings, the time goes by fast. It's 12 o'clock already. Here's what I'm going to do. Next week, we're doing three hours, alright? So all the people who called in today and you wanted to get some readings hopefully, I can get some of these other giants from the line with me so I'm not the only one talking and they can add in they flavor where they can do things that I can't do. So we'll do that next week. We'll not going to be late for tonight. I know a lot of people have their hands up, but I could still literally hear my children downstairs. I put them downstairs and they're awake and they're watching a movie so I'm going to go down and check on them because it's 12 o'clock and they're looking for their Baba to come on down and be with them. I think this would be __1:49:31__ with me because, you know, they could be whiling out right now but they understand that daddy is doing radio show so they're helping me up. Next week, we'll be on we'll continue these conversations, start up with the Indigenous Land Investments again because we're going to be closing out the employment period in a few weeks. Any of you interested in contacting me, you can get me on Facebook at AboriginalChiefAly. You can get me on the website, www.aboriginalglobalmedia.com. We will be in New York tomorrow for our weekly class at 7 o'clock at the National Black Theater. Any of you who are in New York who want to continue this conversation which every first week, we talk about cosmology, we do it in lecture format, we'll be up there getting it in on Monday night. I don't think I have any more announcements. I think the project manager is coming on tonight. I invite him with me on the show. I always appreciate group, group activity so the gods and the goddesses can build and that's all I could say.

1:50:34 Aly Muhammad

We got to continue to improve ourselves and implement what we know and challenge each other to be better in the right spirit and we will continue to transform. Alright, so we'll going to fold up for the night. Thank you all for calling in tonight, all the people. I'm looking at your numbers right now and I've literally wrote down the numbers 214-802, 937-546, 305-458, 832-947, 347-972 and 586-329. Others, all of you who have called in, I'm going to write these numbers down so when you call in next week, I'll make sure that we'll make you the first one to get __1:51:19__ readings. Alright, thank you for your patience and we're going to close out with my big brother who likes to go in sometimes, but we love to hear it for us.