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The Aboriginal Calendar-Time Concepts-Astro-Etheric Imprint

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We discuss the Aboriginal Calendar and the change of the year from 15097 to 15098.

What exactly is time?

And what does it mean to WAISTE Time...waisted time= wasted melanin...

Self-Propelled Motion aka Aboriginal Self Government...Aka Do 4 Self

We discuss time in the jurisdiction of Aboriginal Heritage

The Creator is the Author of time and the Creator 'Scientifically' has 2 attributes...Black and Infinite...Challenge Me!!!!!!!!

Time and the science of Observation...the Cosmology of Aboriginal Mathematics from 0-9

Discussions on the spring equinox and how we calculate it

Discussion on how Aboriginals have invested in a foreign time dynamic via investing outside of a un-natural thought dynamic

We discuss basic concepts of astronomy...right ascension and declination and the simplicity of calculating our Sun cycles as discussed by our Ancestors in Meso America

We discuss what gave rise to seasons 240,000 years ago and tropical time sequences

We discuss the birth of Prophetic Sciences and How to take back our time


5:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Hey, what's going on family. Welcome to another edition of Aboriginal Radio and I am the host Dr. Aly and we are back once again to dig in to the practice of this wisdom so we can bring something forth. This show is brought to you by the International Indigenous Society, we are indigenous government advocating that black people wait to held up to start planning, realize what has happened to us and at your own pace take the formulas that will put you in the best position of the individual. Put your family in the best position and last put our communities in above position by understanding not just analogies itself but the strategy of self which takes us into another gear. Our call in number tonight is 646 381 4991 and you could also reach us at, if you wanna contact us www.aboriginalglobalmedia.com also our resource network for those interested in labor www.aboriginalnetwork.ning.com if you wanna reach personally you can contact me at www.alimuhammad.com. Hi, so our show tonight is that we are discussing the aboriginal calendar and concepts of time. The astral etheric imprints of time.

7:02 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And we wanna spend most of our time talked about how we waste our time and how we could probably do some better investment in self. I did not do this show to take you all off into subject that most of us probably are not interested. We do want to understand the calendar that was given to us or resurrected by Master Muhammad and why I did that particular time has frequency and discussed on a general sense the false constructed time. There is a movie called In Time, did any one see it and the movie is interesting. I will start up with this movie because in the movie, every one has certain amount of time that was displayed on the arm and when you work you got more time. They can trade time between two people and pretty much the movie breaks down at time as energy and the people are struggling for it and the start of the show basically along with all other people in his ghetto are struggling for time, they only have enough time to go to work on their arms. Now people when they run out of time, they die. They had the numbers on their arm, time goes down to zero you're done.

8:52 Dr. Aly Muhammad

They have a scene where his girlfriend was trying to make it home and she did not have enough time because the bus, so she had to try to walk and she die late before she go home because she did not have enough time. And everybody is struggling for time, exchanging time, just trying to make it and basically a man comes from another time zone, and kind of brace down to a guy that a, man, I got like thousand years, man. Then I keep redoing my time. I'm pulling another time zone. Telling this hood gentleman, what's going on? Is the time zone like this? This people with a thousand years of time, you are running with 30 minutes, so he basically kinda breaks down telling him he don't what to live no more and he being chased. Somebody is trying to steal his time. They got time cops but simply puts, the guy wants to check out of here so just until they can sleep. He gives them all of his time thousands of year which essentially means that Dustin is rich now and he breaks down to how the different time zone that how to get through the time zone. So just put the time zone, you have to have enough time and if you're working in that ghetto, you try to go to the gate they wont let you out because you don't have enough time, a time on you own and so he finally can solve these years and the guy coming suicide. He do not want to live no more so he goes out, he goes beyond the time zones and he finds out that there is a whole another life that he live and reached to go all kind of time. Nobody able to watch but the risk that they are running out of time. It's like wow!

11:07 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I had been in the hood my whole life. I do not even know there was a reality like this. So essentially the movie goes on. I won't tell you all the rest but if that you watch it is called In Time; you can get all in demand or Amazon or whatever. But that is kind of way we stuck at as a people. Stuck living paycheck to paycheck. Stuck living buy formulas that do no give us the time except the goal from one slavery operation to the next and this is just the plantation lifestyle. It is just real upgraded. Imagine having an iPhone on a plantation. Imagine having an iPad, an android phone, you can call to the next plantation. They do not give you some high level privileges but still at the end of the day unsatisfied which is self lacking peace and finding yourself mind as productive as we could be. Now time is a magical art and we have to actually define what time is actually in order for us as original people to take advantage of our time.

12:54 Dr. Aly Muhammad

We have been not utilizing all of what we could utilize to get all of what we get out of life because of problems with perceptions of ourselves and not accepting that we could do better and then going and experimenting and doing better and feeling, tasting, observing the result and becoming engross with that reality productivity. Peace. Peace of mind, so that is where we wanna go within tonight and we wanna label, I mean we wanna tied all in to because homogeny and cosmology and the astronomy of time so we can understand what these rhythms actually are. The rhythms do we forget it then? So we gonna get back on schedule. I'm going take a quick break, until we'll come back and we will get right into the subject. Are you having legal troubles? Indigenous people worldwide need to have the understanding that they have the power now to form their own jurisdictions. The Aboriginal Republic of North America has formed the world's first fully operational indigenous legal institution with over 100 aboriginal jurists, we are here for you. Contact us at www.aboriginalglobalmedia.com and www.aboriginalnetwork.ning.com, we are here for you enter our plebiscite, declare your indigenous nationality. Change you commercial and economic state. Learn to build institutions, the common aboriginal jurists. Join our jurists society. We have legal remedy now available for those who have suffered genocide and denationalization. Contact us again isislawmasters@gmail.com

15:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright we are back. Welcome to the least notice if you just came in. Welcome to Aboriginal Radio. We are born in on the New Year in time the aboriginal calendar and our concept of time, and we wanna go into some astral and etheric imprints and respect the time. Our call in number 926 4638 14991. And what I wanna do first is I want you to understand back in original people's culture. The only real time is invested in lineage. I want to say that again, The only real time is invested in lineage and when I say lineage it means that perpetuation of our own immortality to ability to make ourselves over and over and over again infinitely as an original people and we are loosing the power that is displayed in that immortality and I hopefully I make it clear but I want to show you how and what your natural enemies use the perceptive psychological ritualistic, sociological, environmental, whatever you can think. How that they can influence your perception, and your reception, and your concepts of things. I had something to read from Delaware lodge number 46.

17:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Three unaccepted reasons Masonic bible. Questions number 82 and 79. And this is going to break down how wanted into this time aspect so we gonna understand. Listen. Why we spent this 15,098? What is the vernal equinox? What is the spring equinox? What are the solstices? What does that actually mean to me? And what exactly do you mean when you say that we should be investing in self of motion a.k.a. time, a.k.a. doing for self, a.k.a. aboriginal self government. What they have to do with me? How can they help me? Alright. So in this Masonic bible they have a hundred and 60 questions that are provided at the beginning of the bible before you get into the book of Genesis and there are all kind pictures in here. I got this as a gift given to me because I did some health services for someone and they were so appreciative. They gave me this book. Okay so, check this out. Question number 82, statement number 82, is under the title Hoodwinked. It is a Masonic bible now, and it says what is the symbolism of the hoodwinked. Answer, it is a symbol of secrecy, darkness and silence. It is a mystical darkness in which the mysteries of our art should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane, Genesis 3:5. Come on say that again. Hoodwinked. What is the symbol of the mother hoodwinked? It is a symbol of secrecy, darkness and silence it is mystical darkness in which the mysteries of our art should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane. So basically, every body should not be privy especially the profane and who are the profane, Genesis 3:5. What is Genesis 3:5 deal with? Genesis 3:5 deal with the conversation of the serpent with the one in the book of Genesis that is very interesting. Are the masons saying that the eyes of women are unhallowed in gaze and profane and why would they say such a thing? Genesis 3:3 1, 2, 3, 5 I am gonna read it. Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Ye, God has said, you shall not eat of the trees of the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, you shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die. And the serpent said unto the woman, you shall naturally die: For God does know that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as God's, knowing good and evil.

21:09 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Now ask you self a quick question, why is there a section of hoowinked people in a bible alright the hoodwinked? What is the symbolism of the hoodwinked? A serpent hoodwinked in a woman? Three questions earlier you have a title, headline, and there was for heaven. Question number 79: What is the Masonic illusion to heaven? Answer: Symbolically speaking, Heaven is the foreign country into which the Master Mason seeks to enter, in search of wages. Think about this now, what is the Masonic illusion to heaven? Symbolically speaking, Heaven is the foreign country into which the Master Mason seeks to enter, in search of wages. So we got heaven and we got hoodwinked and we got the woman being hoodwinked by the serpent and we got the Master Mason entering the foreign country in search of wages. Now when we deal with time tonight, time is energy that's it time is just energy and we gonna come from the cosmology but as to say we all have human energy. We all use it, we all direct it we direct it towards what we think is valuable and when you look at so-called black people the Negro, the African-American in the United States of America and the original people throughout the world, you can see that we are having a serious group problem. A group problem is that we have a man on the planet, a non-aboriginal non-indigenous people. That is directing and telling those at every corner how to use our time and our energy. That is the reality.

23:35 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So, is March 21st if it is out to New Year, it aint no ball dropping and some of us might be dropping a ball that is only time the ball won't be dropped and I guess they are good enough. However, if we are synchronized to a false time construct, a false energy construct. A false investment of human energy construct then - we have to figure our ways to deal with this in a better way. Now, I mentioned again the woman because the woman is key to time. And right now sisters you are the booty of a war, the booty literally and there is not a lot we can do if we do not have a collaboration between man and woman to produce our own time, alright. Most of our children are now jumping up down saying it is the New Year right now, most of them are not. Most of our children are is American Idol all the night - but I know is that all that is where they are. How many of us are engaged in any type of significant cultural ritual within the last few days to annunciate what historically I think we can gather that information and show we are seeing in many, many, many, many original cultures as the New Year, that's all. Our time is invested somewhere else, okay. Most of us. So let us deal with the false time construct.

25:32 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So in the false time construct what we have is this is the year 2012 that's the false time construct and do you know the problem with that? The problem with that is the people who actually write that one everyday who feel that in today and minds everyday or who just believe that it is actually 2012 have no idea how much that impacts them. Now, to imply what I wanna deal with is was called the collective primal conscious or collective unconscious mind. This subconscious mind or the primal conscious or whatever you wanna call it. Here is the part it is in your body right now that is regulating over 78 trillion cells in your body. This is the part that is your body is regulating over 440 quadrillion atoms and telling those atoms what to do, alright? There is the part is carrying out 1000 functions and each one of them are 78 trillion cells and you do not have to tell me to do it is the part of your body that just allowed your heart to beat given instruction to beat over 100,000 times in one day. So, there is a lot of power and energy in your body, your localized body. And this organizes your conscious mind might get it at any time or upset or even the level of apology think you may have you have access too much more power than you could ever imagine and somebody, somebody has hoodwinked somebody has invaded the foreign land and they give them some wages of for this.

27:38 Dr. Aly Muhammad

This knowledge of how to you use that? How to cut in to that, alright? So we have to look and say okay how we gonna top in school. The first thing that we have to do is to set of respect lineage and by using an Anno Domini calendar you have just violated lineage because you believe that, that is your real time is 2012, March 21 and if you have no alternative view on time then that is something that has been dumped in to your subconscious so let us look at it just the history of it. This calendar Anno Domini, this is important is moving forward in count, it is linear it is in a straight line next year the 2013, 2014, 2015 and we started from 0 allegedly and then you have what you call BC or Before the Coming era where there was as we used it right now we count down to zero and then count up to 2012. Now, it is important for us to know that this is somebody else's concept to time because there was nobody in 100 BC counting down to 99 BC then counting down to 98 BC then counting down to 97 BC then counting down to 96 BC, nothing happened, so that means that they would have been expecting the year zero for something to happen and they were counting down with their expectation that did not happen. The people who live there what we call 100 BC then used BC.

29:36 Dr. Aly Muhammad

That is important. The people 5000 years ago did not use 3000 BC that is what we are using now. Where does the calendar from? The calendar came from a catholic bishop named Dionysius Exiguus. It comes from Rome. Going to Rome on holiday. Check this out Rome Romulus and Remus children of the two wolves who suckled on the two wolves. The Romans are a pale white race, most of the people listen to this show are what we would classified as indigenous or original people or Aboriginal people at least they're descendants of Aboriginal people even if we are starting to loose that. And Romans were invaders to the place that we called Rome today, they invaded the people who we call Rasena some people call them the Truskin and they invaded them in what we would call around 700 some B.C. And they started the calendar called the Ab urbe condita calendar, ab urbe condita, AUC, ab urbe condita means from the founding of the city. Ab-from, urbe-city, condita-founding, from the founding of the city and the founding of the city was Rome. Now he didn't found the city, they invaded it, to give some wages, again the hoodwink and it has been their only objective. To keep you hoodwink and to get to heaven or to stay in him once they get there. And heaven is a foreign land, so this is the foreign land that they have invaded into and started their calendar when they invaded and took it over the city that we called Rome today. They took it over from a black race of people who we call Rasena who basically a colony from Africa _32:03_ and they started their calendar and kept it going for 1,261 years. So everybody who lives in the year 0, on the calendar that we use now would have been around 700 some ab urbe condita.

32:29 Dr. Aly Muhammad

There was no child on this calendar born in 3 A.D., alright? That's important for you to know. I'm not even gonna go there because you don't know the history of what happened in Jerusalem but it was revolt from Asiatic people, a somatic race of black people revolting against a overthrow of their system by people who ever you call Jews today and Romans who called themselves catholic who are the same people, essentially. That was happened in the first century A.D. was the overthrow, but throughout that time period 100 A.D., 200 A.D., there was -- the people who live during that time did not call it 100 A.D. It was not until 1261 ab urbe condita corresponds to the round the year 500 some A.D. that you had to switch in the calendar. It was Dionysius Exiguus who switched from the ab urbe condita calendar over to the Anno Domini calendar. Therefore, as we look at the calendar today it's only about 1500 years. It was Pope Gregory in the 1500 who adjusted the calculation for the year. He did not give the number, the numbering system, the counting system, that was a bishop before him. So this is Roman time, that's my point. Roman time is based on a false premise that they have given you about a historical event that never happened like they said it happened. They have you worshiping their image of a white boy with a _34:30_ or a metrosexual looking black man from 2000 years ago

34:35 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And these images and concepts are reigned on us. So, I just want you to understand that it's not 2012 in the original mathematics of the universe, 2012 is not the rhythm, that's important. Now when we look at that fact we have to ask ourselves a question. How do original people keep time? And it's pretty simple we keep time in ciphers or circles. Time is in our general context kept by motions of celestial bodies, we are riding on one right now and that celestial body has a rhythm in its orbit around the sun, pretty simple, that's not difficult. And as it goes around the sun in an elliptical orbit, we just call it a circle right now, this is how our energy and time is made, it's rotating and revolving in space, it's going around the sun so we call that a year. It rotates on it's own axis we called that a day and within the day and within the year there are all types of things that are going on energetically that impact us that call for us to adapt and adjust to what's going on, on this orb in order to keep the lineage alive.

36:25 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So when we looked at time in that concept we're dealing with ciphers and circles and we're dealing with a focus on certain things. One of them being the sun, so when we say it is the spring equinox essentially we're dealing with four seasons. And I wish I would have do a PowerPoint so we can just show you, for those of you who don't know, I'm not gonna say that either I give anybody credit for just understanding the most mundane things based on how we've been educated, but essentially the earth has a tilt, a certain tilt, 23.5 degrees away from it s own circular plane that is going around the sun is on a little tilt, alright? So if you can imagine that the earth was standing straight up at 90 degrees if you tilt it just a little bit over 23.5 degrees and it's leaning as it goes around and encircle around the sun. And that lean causes what we call seasons, four major ones. When the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun and the southern hemisphere tilted away, it's summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern. That's called the summer solstice up top in the north and the winter solstice in the bottom. Then we got the opposite of that, when the north is tilted away it's called winter solstice in the north and summer solstice in the south, southern hemisphere, it could be a round ball. And the other opposite points are the vernal equinox and the spring equinox. Today, the time when the days are balanced, and don't do a system to some serious math I'm just trying to get you to understand.

38:23 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So we calculated when the days balanced out as far as day and night, the equinoxes until the day and night cycle was equal and we started out in New Year in what we call spring. Now it's important for you to understand that I'm not going to just be regurgitating information that you hear other people say. No, we did not just enter the constellation area. I'm not Greek, although I understand that there are some underpinnings there that need to be explained so you can get some clarity. If we were dealing with the position of the alignment of the earth to the sun, to a constellation, we're still in the constellation Pisces right now. All of the constellations are not space equally 30 degrees. So you're going to have 12 constellations that are equally spaced 30 degrees. And we dealt with a system that we are renamed earth polarity system where the earth has 12 polarities based on its angle of tilt towards the sun which is what gives the variation or radiation and magnetic influence from the sun, relationship to the earth and causes changes in frequencies. So the sun's relationship to the earth is what gives rise to what you consider to be behavioral dynamics related to what you called the zodiac, but it's not the stars that doing it, it's the sun and the earth and the magnetic fields of both interfacing. The proof of it is we're not in Aries right now. You can get any simple software like Stellaruim or some free online software downloaded and look at right now the constellation that's on the horizon in the morning if the earth is turning, right?

40:35 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And the sun is in east as the earth turns the constellation is on either right one as sun peaks over is Pieces, alright, so that is important for us to know. What is the first polarity? The first polarity carried the energy of what we call the Ram, even though it's not Aries, hopefully I'm not losing the body on this. So we have 12 polarities and that comes from somewhere there, it was not always like that but we consider this to be the New Year because it's spring, it's when everything is waking back up. Now it's important for us to understand that all calendar systems comes from astronomical study that has been handed down or resurfaces or restudied throughout time. It's the science of counting rhythms of celestial body. We can look up at night and we can see moons and little stars and other little bodies and they are moving around as we moved and we could use those to count. It's in the nature of human beings to measure and observe. I'm gonna break down with that why we take the position that we are so engrossed in that.

41:52 Dr. Aly Muhammad

But it isn't the New Year yet and we should be celebrating birth, that what we should be celebrating. So let me take my time out to give Asasier and the young guy shout-out little Amaru just came into the world on the 17th and it was a beautiful birth so I got to give a shout out to the original woman and the original man for making it happen, it was beautiful, I got to watch it even though she is kind of far away from me now doing some certifications in another state but because of the technology this is the first birthday I wasn't there for one of my children but it was beautiful it was safe so I make sure that I hit her up on Facebook and give her some props because she did a excellent job. Alright so it is the energy of birth and we need to be focusing on what we can do with this energy because once that child comes through that's the opportunity to do something to make a God or to give them over to the devil, alright, so check this out I'm going to give you my definition of time.

43:08 Dr. Aly Muhammad

What is time? Alright, when we're dealing with time we're dealing with motion the __43:16__ Muhammad taught us in the theology of time, that time is crated by motion and when we looked at it generally the motions that we are is affiliated with the first on we could start out with is we're sitting on a planet that's spinning in a circle. Now, the planet has what's called the magnetic field -- I'm trying to be a scientific here as I can as we start progressing through. It has what's called a magnetic field anything that is material that has a past of spin, alright, can generate a field of magnetic or electromagnetism, any organic orb specifically here a planet. For the earth has a magnetic field that we lived within we breathed ionic particles from it. If the earth stop spinning it will cause the atmosphere to collapse, the magnetic field will collapse and we could not live in this form. So the magnetic field that we lived in is very important because it's why plants grow. The whole life system of the earth was underground, under the water, on top of the earth. It's dependent upon that spin and that spin from the earth is impacted by and seated by the sun and in this solar system the sun becomes the focal point because its magnetic field and what we called gravitational pull impacts all of the other planets and moons and objects and people on those planets.

45:12 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Therefore the sun becomes the focus of study for us and we have another orb that we called the satellite called the moon becomes another focus and then we have other planets, but our focus on the sun tells us we can watch the sun because without the sun there will be no light, there will be no plants, there will be no localized life in the solar system, we need that star there. So it's important so why not count based on the things that are setting the standard for the life principle. Why count based on a false testimony of a devil who has corrupted the scriptures about a SON and you don't know nothing about the SUN yet you depend on that sun or least whatever it's making it move. Now the sun does move, it rotates on its own plasma axis, it has a magnetic field, in that spin, rotational spin and it travels in a path that we call, in astrophysical science, local standard of rest. Local standard of rest is what we would call the solar year. The sun moves around the center of what we called the galaxy and in ancient times we had a system of aboriginal archeoastronomy were we charted the motions of the sun and the moon and other planets but focusing on the sun we could count the rhythms of the sun and we found out that the sun goes in a circle around something else. And when we charted that we found out that it took almost about 25,000 years for that to occur and that became another cycle for us.

47:28 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So we counted that and in counting that we understood that time is a circle of energy, that sounds how it comes through. Time is a circle of energy propelled by bodies, alright, so when we looked at the sun and we understand that we need the sun for the plants, the sun communicates with us and causes chemical reactions inside of our own body and in on our planet. It's the exchange of life, materials, chemicals, physics, waves, particles that's pretty important, alright, so hopefully I get my point across. When I start going into this I want you to understand the simplicity of it. We're not just talking about stuff in a extraneous matter. We're talking about the fact that some of us by eating foods that are not sun based foods, you see what I'm saying? So when where dealing with the concept of time and calculating time based on the sun and you're putting sun screen. We know what level of energy and what kind of time that you're dealing with. We know how you are investing your time, alright, that's important real basic. Hopefully I'm getting my point across.

49:23 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright so when we come back to our calendar, our concept of our calendar. We got some concepts to deal with, the sun is in motion, alright? Now, what's making the sun move, let's not be spooky. What is -- if the earth is being propelled by the sun to move and the sun is moving in a circle, who puts the sun to moving in a circle? Evolution? Huh? The Big Bang? Huh? Let's test this foolishness that even the scientist get caught up into. The messenger said the dragon would take its tail and curled out a third of the star is enough symbolic of the devil taken down the wises of the scientist of Islam. We have people who believe what white people say just because it sounds good, that's it! And that tells me how they have been impacted subconsciously by the images and the fact that they have never stood up as an original people even though they'll tell you peace to the God. A white man can threw a theory at you, a curve ball and that should knowledge will handcuff you. For instance the white man can say we have discovered another planet it's 150 billions miles away in this galaxy over here. And you say, "Oh man, they found another planet," hahahaha! And guess what, if you check the methodology what he is throwing at you is a theory and the theory is if I see a star that is far away and I see what's a called a perturbation. A perturbation look like okay the star has irregular kinda twist to it twiggle to it or moving irregularly.

52:02 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I will theorize that there must be some type of object that has magnetic influence on the star and therefore there must be a planet there depending on the level of the perturbation or the said theory, a theory. The white man hasn't been finding any planets he's been finding perturbations and that's not proof or we regurgitate it or you could say, "Oh we found a new galaxy," and he will show you a picture as if he sent a telescope out a billion miles away to go take a picture of a galaxy. Do you know that has never happened? Do you know which you are actually looking at? So they have two concepts red shift and blue shift, alright, and they can test what's called cosmic microwave background radiation. Well it's just the movement of radiation and if its red shift, then it's moving away from us and if its blue shift it's moving toward us and we can give hypothetical model called the new galaxy and the people believe us. Because they don't know nothing about time, they don't know nothing about astromotions. They're even paying no attention to nothing if they don't have a watch they won't know what time it is. So I can tell them the hoodwink, hook, line, and sinkers. I can get them away from natural law cause I'm up in the garden sliding around, I'm just using a symbolism. As I hoodwinked them to go against that which is natural under the guide that I an expert they will go against they're natural intelligence. They're not gonna keep invading their land. Their land now is the cultivation of their own mind.

54:13 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I can just invade them and raped them every time. So we'll be colonize everyday by the chirp of a Yahoo, Newsclip, CNN, announcement your land is being invaded everyday. The space between your ears and around your head has been invaded everyday because you believe in the devil, that's the reality. So when we looked at this brothers and sisters what we are simply trying to say is, "Hey, what the hell is a Big Bang? What is it?" Tell him he was making the sun moved then you got some intelligence. Alright so let's break this down real quick, if the sun is moving and the sun is the earnest of mass of ball of fire. How did that ball of fire get created? How did it get made? Was it always here? Since they're dying and everything else in the universe dies or goes to some type of renewal process. Then things are coming to birth and dying, that's time. And since that's the reality let's go into our aboriginal biocosmology. I'm gonna break something down to that duff from our clients which make 75% of them go away and never comeback because I break this down to and I want you to follow me. You can follow me on this.

55:50 Dr. Aly Muhammad

We break down the fact that the body has 12 primary systems a 13th one as well that we called elbody or electromagnetic body but 12 primary systems. Alright, the brain, the central nervous system, the endocrine system, the respiratory system, the lymphatic, immune system, the circulatory cardiovascular system, the alimentary tract or digestive tract, the excretory system, the reproductive system, the muscular system, the skeletal system, the meridian system and the integumentary system. All of those systems are composed of organs, so we're gonna go smaller for you, follow me on this. The organs are composed of tissues. Tissues are composed of protein and amino acids and genes. So we're just gonna keep going smaller. So what I tell them is if you have a disease state in the system or organ then the tissue is disease. And the proteins, amino acids and genes are disease. If we just could keep going smaller, then the nucleotide, ACGT if you're not aboriginal then its nitrogenous bases, then if you're aboriginal then it's carbon base basis, the nucleotides adenine cytosine guanine and thymine that's what they named it for today.

57:06 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Then we can go smaller and say the molecules which make up the nucleotides must be in a disease state. Then the molecules are in the disease that means the atoms are on a disease state. Then the atoms are in disease state that means the subatomic particles are in disarrangement. If the subatomic particles are disarranged, the subatomic particles are made of pure consciousness as today being called dark matter and dark energy that means every disease is a result of the consciousness of the person. So they'll come to me asking me what herb to take first because I'm looking at something else and based on that equation that I just gave you since consciousness is composed of what we call waves. And waves come together to composed atoms and molecules and DNA and tissues and organs and systems then how can we say that more dense things can exist when they are derived from less dense predecessors. So we know for a fact that all indigenous cosmology caught what's physics is teaching today and time to catch up, is that the quantum plane gives rise to the more denser planes. So you can't have a Big Bang because you have to have something there to bang. In order for something to bang it has to come in to existence. Now here's where we throw the evolutionary stuff in the trash can, the way that it's being taught.

59:05 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Not all of the aspects but the way that's its being taught. The __59:09__ Muhammad taught us that the black man has seven dimensions. Dimensions meaning die through means move tion act. The act of moving through motion and what is mind is waves. So we're dealing with physics follow me on this now because we're dealing with time. I want to break something down to you so clear that you can just get it and understand this so you can know where your energy or your time is. At the black man's mind, he's not gonna find trough his head or the black woman's mind is not gonna find to their head and it's a wave then the brain is a receiver and a transmitter of waves. Which means the waves are not confined to the cranium, that's important. So when we look at our history and our cosmologies and when we look at the world that we live in and how things have come about the __1:00:22__ Muhammad gave us a key to understanding ourselves on the level that we could never even imagine. Not spooky, responsibly, responsibly. He taught us the day is nothing in outer space except the righteous mind waves. He also taught us and this is verified by all of our ancient wisdom in __1:00:56__ in Mesoamerica and other places. That in the -- or act of bringing fourth creation that the thing that we are calling "God", the creator is a self-created being and that the black people are a self-created people.

1:01:25 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Created from the first atom of life and that the first atom of life came from the very fabric of space itself. Let's stop for a second, because this is not the Big Bang. This is something different. According to our best knowledge that we have available in Physics we have something call "the scene spectrum" the scene spectrum are what we see, light. Light is composed of waves or particles to that we call photons perpetuating waves of particles. That's important that we clarify that because we about to get to how to lose in our time, we're wasting our time. And what is time to understand it clearly. So, when I say I see a wave on the beach, I'm describing the condition of the element water. The wave is the condition, it's not the water. The water is in the pattern of form of a wave. So, we're talking about waves, in our curriculum, we have a new particle that we introduced called magneton and we call that the magneton for a reason because it's literally the smallest particles in existence and they are magnets. And we know that they are magnets because they produce magnetic fields which are waves, so culture is waves moving in a circle. But when we look at Physics, I want you to test me on this now. All of you Muslims I'm gonna get you real quick. When we look at the scene spectrum of lights we give __1:03:29__ you've that learned at in school, right? We just add the W in, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet that's the color spectrum that you see, you know shades on in between and when you go beyond violet you get in to the ultraviolet gamma rays, x-rays or whatever. And when you go beyond the red, you get in to the infrared, alright?

1:03:48 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Many different levels UV band all that's stuff, but it's all waves different levels. However, the frequency that we know of as black, the color black, is in Physics the retainer of all radiation and waves. If there is anybody in disagreement I would like to hear you. Raise your hand and we can make this more clear. Blackness is the retainer of all frequencies, the mother and father of all frequencies and gives birth to what we call color, light. So, original light is black. Now, it's very important for you to get caught up in the curriculum, so that you can see that when you look outside and you are not looking through the impact of the sun on the atmosphere. Let's say you go out at night you can see the space is black. And that all bodies, planets, moons, and stars and people other than animals live on these orbs that are in space.

1:05:19 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And according to __1:05:21__Muhammad it was a space that produce the first atom, A-T-O-M. Now, when we look at that and we see the space is black and when we look at the fact that in Physics, the black body energy is the energy that retains all of the energies. There could be no life from any star without they have in is derivative from what science is now calling dark matter and dark energy. The concept used to be the space was void and empty is a vacuum, but now the new Cosmological constant is that their -- the universe is compose of 95% of this dark matter, dark energy stuff and 4% of matter as we know it in the form of plasmas and you know elements. So, our ancestors taught the Cosmology the same way where they focus on this watery black beginning where all elements and particles came up from this infinite black source. Today, we call it "space" and in space is the frequency potential and element, quantum, that have the ability to produce and perpetuate way. This is the black mind that the __1:06:57__ Muhammad was talking about. So, since we know there was no man from outer space because you can't do that, you need atmosphere. We are the progressive into a building of pyramid structure, the caps stone and we are the end product of a conscious creative choice of formulas in mathematics to come from an origination point to an ending point, the supreme being, that's who we are, so when you hear I say the original man is God.

1:07:40 Dr. Aly Muhammad

We are dealing with the highest level of responsibility in reality. Now, everybody ain't going to be responsible, some people just want to feel good. Some systems just want to be a goddess just to feel good because they don't feel too good about themselves. That don't negate the mathematical responsibility you just need, you're going to be a irresponsible one therefore you are dead goddess. And to say you are not going to attribute that to yourself is to automatically be irresponsible. To automatically accept the responsible because that means you're going to position that responsibility in a place where it cannot be retain by anyone, because there is no one to take the responsibility except you. So, now if time is motion and we just broke down motion is the movement and perpetuation of waves and waves the only thought and the original thought in this universe was to create sun, moon, star and it is black and both infinite. The creator of law is black is infinite and if you say the creators don't have no color. I suggest you go to the holy Quran Surat Al-Baqarah 138 and ask the hell, what is Allah's __1:09:12__ where it says and we take on Allah's __1:09:17__ is coloring. And we are servants. Yes, the Quran teases as it live has a color. What color could all I have except the original color which is black is the source of all things. How can Allah have enough, how can Allah be the.

1:09:49 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Let's not be spooky, so when we look at these little orbs in space, this is important. Sun and other things that are here. Planets that come from the suns, is important to understand the progressions. It is a magnetic field or the movements of magnetons. Magnetons are particle that has a positive spin and a negative spin. It is a magnet. It has a polar reality and __1:10:25__ a lot creative everything in pairs, duality. So, the magneton what you call it is -- and it is electrons and protons, but you saying it the same thing and we don't have to confuse you because you get a bad image of what it should actually visually look like. So, the magneton is just a small particle that gives rise to all of the other elements. It's dual, its polar that polarity is expressed throughout the universe. What would you look like having just a left on and not on the left and a right. What would you look trying to walk on a one leg instead to having two to walk on. What would you look like just one eye a Cyclops, instead of having two balance eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two lips, two testicles, and two ovaries alright?

1:11:28 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Two ribs, two ribs cages, two kidneys. The duality is the express throughout nature and throughout man and women as a testament. That man and women are a microcosmic universe it's simple and therefore as a composite universe and being sink to their environmental environment, the energies are here for their perpetual existence. So, what is the original man and women doing with their black mind in their black body? Well, it looks like the original men and women are taking their black mind in their black body. The aboriginal people are making themselves perpetual slaves to our farm people. Willingly, after the suffering genocide and denationalization, after having their identity politically grab from them. They have chosen, we have chosen to take our time, which is our energy, which is our cosmic self and allow a temporal fictitious non-infinite being who is a product of our rebellion to take our energy like the parasites that they are and use our energy to lie on that energy to have an existence.

1:13:17 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And if I'm not going to repeat myself from what I said earlier go back and listen to the first part, so you can get how and why we are saying you are the originator of this thing called time that's what I'm trying to prove. I'm trying to prove that you are the ones who make time. Therefore you make energy and you make it through your liniest therefore there is no money except "you" and all other people have taken something out of your treasures past and used it. Nothing blame with the aliens and other folks. And we are sitting here arguing about what kind of ring will be going to get. How long we're going to stay the fiance and whether they're going and get married in the Bahamas, Bermuda. Meanwhile, the average black person, black family don't have no family business. Can't even set a budget together and they have been reduced to a bunch of foolish transhumanist (laughter) transhumanist. Oh! I'm transcending race, they transcended everything. Meanwhile, nor as a group as a body is transhumanist? Everybody understand that Oh! So arise came now, it's about __1:15:01__ raising gay rights and native for American race and we are only one still practicing Civil Rights, still stuck. The black boat means nothing, it means nothing.

1:15:16 Dr. Aly Muhammad

The so called Hispanic population with the influx of so called illegal immigrants we are not about to get - what do they call it -- with the amnesty (laugh). The Hispanic population has now past __1:15:36__ means nothing. The black boat is all of the Civil Rights and go on boating and fighting and dying and the dogs bitten us and we shall overcome, that was for nothing. It was a waste of __1:15:52__. It was a waste of time. We took our Cosmic particles as self which have the potential to bring things into existence from the round that I was speak on which is our mind, our spirit up into this etheric pathway into a grows and this reality and then we are carving out the spells our own spells. Based on the fact that we are -- we call in on everything else as divine except ourselves, I mean which means we are responsible people. Do not accept that we are God and Goddesses as we are irresponsible. We can even remove those words. Let's use some other words man and woman. It does not matter. What do you wanna use? So, now the Civil Right movement means nothing. You go all across the country. I'm right here is at Philadelphia. I can walk up to Washington Avenue and I can see Vietnamese have their own markets and business district. Factory low district rights.

1:17:15 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Go down in Chinatown, you'll see them. Go at the 52nd street even see the African's out there. Go to the Jersey __1:17:23__ Irish district over here, whatever. Everybody got the understanding of using their own human energy and their own families to build. Just watch a Mexicans brothers came in and built a house three blocks up, they built in everywhere. They got their trucks out there boom, boom, boom, boom, and boom. Next thing you know, another one out, they start the carpentry they are on it. They live in 10 deep in a house with a plan to get everybody housed because they can build houses now and teach the skills to each other. They got it wide and their children, all lived in one house with a plan. What you've got? What you've got? A good job! You don't go get in death...right? Look at this dummy, look at this dummy Negro now. Come on, don't get upset with me. Look at the dummy Negro, the dummy Negro worked for a free for centuries, then got out of it and got no check. Now go back to our Cosmology, all the energy in the systems has to be present before the system manifest into the gross, dense plane that we called "the organic world of matter and thought" everything -- the energy already has to be there, the energy is there. That's what we are talking about these Cosmological principles, but you catch yourself off from your root, being the original man, except being a dead white man, a Negro-African-American. Alright?

1:19:15 Dr. Aly Muhammad

To ignorance or fear or reject them too, mostly rejected now, then you work for century gets no check start in a system that means that you have to beg for the energy. You've got to beg welfare because you have coming with no energy. You are come in making no time. You come in with no lineage. You rejected everything that is Moorish and Islamic in your past in the East and we are breaking it down to you in the West. The civilizations, all the aboriginal black civilization that built everything, the oldest calendar, the oldest pyramid building, the oldest structure, the oldest __1:19:56__ on nationality. Why are we charging? It should be free. We are trying to bring the circuit of energy back into flow with each other. We got a brother right now, who came into the society, he have got all across the country just teach them financial recovery. How come people all across, and let's say indigenous and modern institutions __1:20:31__ got all across the country, building welfare for his self and another people. I wish I had nine more minutes, just like that would be straight. We are implementing the system of Cosmology through business and family, but you can't have the American dream of going to get a good job, getting that in school, getting finance in all your car, get in done on a mortgage and then you say you wanna be happily married? Negro, you're crazy.

1:21:15 Dr. Aly Muhammad

You're ____ backwards, but yet you're too arrogant to deal within the community living. I have my own space. This is the mind of negro-mania. We have diagnosed it as the only disease that the Negro has ever had. It is a severe case of not only the rejection of the knowledge itself, but rejection of the strategy itself. We're self here in its true sense is the individual, the family community and the nation. Yet, the negro-maniac rejects nation, rejects community, rejects true family and even rejects its true self, for a false self, a false family and a false intergrade of reality. Even though, he is not, she is not getting anything from it, that's pure insanity. So, our formula says that we have to build lineage and lineage is based on tradition and tradition is based on natural law, therefore, we make are own aboriginal government inside the premise that after genocide and denationalization, we become the creator again. We create our own loss. We create our own family structures. We create our own system of education. We create our own legal system. We create our own commercial __1:22:45__ system. We do with ourselves. Why must we do with ourselves? We have to do it ourselves because we have to take back our time. What would I look like working on the 9-5 trying to be the chief of the Aboriginal Republic of North America? I have to go to work to check in and click the time punching on the time clock and it was not chief (laughter) are you kidding me?

1:23:25 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Brothers and sisters, when we're dealing with our calendar system and it being 15098, we are giving honor and respect to our son that we made to remind us of were we are positionally in the Cosmos. For those of us who doubt whether you are smart enough to prove whether it is 15098 give me a moment. I'm shown on my computer right know and I wish I would did this as a live stream, so you can see it. There is an article by a man name Philip Yampolsky, he just compiled some ancient literature that we wrote. It is called the origin of the 28 Lunar Mansions. The lunar mansions were they way to count time. Okay? The 28 Lunar Mansion is dealt with 13-day period and there were a total of 28. They were broken down into 7 periods of 13 days which equal 91 days which equals the seasons. The Lunar Mansions were away that the ancients used the movement of the moon in correspondence to the fixed stars to calculate the seasons and come up with a __1:24:58__ and a tropical exact measure of time on earth. So, essentially, we are looking at using the moon and the stars and the sun to calculate what time it is.

1:25:16 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And in coming up with this Lunar Mansion system, the first identifiable star used to count the first identifiable initiatory point of movement with the star spica in the constellation Virgo, the virgin, the mother and spica is right of her left hand which she is holding something. I don't know even though I say what it is, I let you look it up. But surprising to say, it was the astronomer in Islamic literature that started the count of what's called the Manzils or the Lunar Mansions from that particular point. You can go to our presentation last week, we were read off the __1:26:16__ they breakdown the Lunar Mansion system and we have done presentations on the Aboriginal Ramadan, so you can get the real knowledge of where that calendar came from. Last week, we talked about the origin of the star and crescent that you see in the Islamic flags and that iconography and epigraphy have in this origin in Mesoamerica amongst the people you call Xi, which are misnomer of Olmec. While we are breaking this down to you, because if you calculate, counting using right ascension and declination, specifically right ascension, which is counting degrees, which means, when you look outside at the orb of space and the circle of space specifically, the constellations. Alright? We count the motion of sun, moon, and planets using longitude and latitude just like we do on the earth.

1:27:22 Dr. Aly Muhammad

However, we just kind of press the longitude and latitude out into the spear of space. And imagine this, like standing inside of the middle of a globe where we got lines going vertically and lines go horizontally and we are counting hours. Let's says 24 hours. Alright? And each hour represents 15 degrees, just to make this easy, 24 x 15 is 360. 360 degrees represents what? The circumference of a circle and when we look at that circumference, we can measure from spica to where we are right now. Where the sun is positioned right now and calculates from 209 degrees from spica to the point where at right now. I'm Pieces and multiply that by the approximation of 72 years and ongoing fashion. I'd rather go back and listen. Each degree is 72 years. 72 x 209 is 15098 we just his 15098. The aboriginals in the past counted time starting from that object that is held in the hand of the virgin, for any reason and given that up to night. Now, exact we come down to modern time and your good brother, Brother Benjamin Banneker, whose photo was hoisted up in the blue large room of the oldest Masonic Hall in the United State of America.

1:29:20 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And my good brother, Ampu, got a picture and we got it and we started do on presentations and they took the picture down, but Ben Bay was standing up in that triangle was he not with Andrew Ellicott and George Washington. They are handing them a map of a triangle and was it not Ben Bay or Benjamin Banneker who laid out Washington DC on those three stars spica, a Taurus, and regulus. Encapsulating the virgin inside of the triangle and the point of spica being again the initiation point. So the ancient people in Islam who are mothers and fathers, who brought the science of astronomy back into plate after collapse of the Greco-Roman and Sassanian-Arab and Persian Empires. We brought their science back, these are black people, original people bringing their science back and it was Benjamin Banneker over here in the 1700 who had the exact same plot and do not tell me that Benjamin Banneker did know the Lunar Mansion system. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, he is one of our black scientists who designed the first flag at the United States of America and that flag is a flag with a blue field of 13 stars and alternate red and white 13 stripes. 13 is the significant number of the Lunar Mansion system.

1:31:07 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So now we have a black man designing a flag based on the Lunar Mansion system and aligning it to the star spica just as our ancient mothers and forefathers did in the East and that system originated over here in the West and we called it the Tzolkin calendar of the Olmec-Mayans and that count of 15098 if we start from spica and count 72 years per degree and come around to 209 degrees to get exactly 15098 today or yesterday as the inauguration of the year. So again, the Lunar Mansion system consists of 13-day, 28, 13-day periods, but to go in on this - we just started - what the deal? What time really is? She does not mind now keep the numbers I am giving you. 13 days in 6 of 28. You can watch the moon go by 28 different sets of constellations groupings and those 28 are broken up into four parts, it was 28 divided by 4, 7. 13 x 7 is 91. It is 91 days per season. So, you got the seasons there, which means you have the equinoxes and solstices. So this calendar was made to calculate the equinoxes and the solstices that was primarily based on the number 13 and last week, we went to the Venus inferior conjunctions and showed what? It was based on the number of 13 Venus cycles equals 8 earth cycles. The number 13 was a grained in to the system for a reason. Now, let us go to some biology. Let us see if I can pull this up for you bear with me.

1:33:23 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I have a study by Giuseppe Attardi _01:33:30_ from 1998 two scholars who actually broke down for the first time was called protein biosynthesis in the modern terms. The protein biosynthesis deals with the fact that there are 13 mitochondrial DNA encoded polypeptides that make up and was called the _01:33:51_ cycle as the data pascalization it is how the energy of the cell is actually used to perpetuate the reality of the cells in your body. When a child is born, there was 13 mitochondrial DNA encoded polypeptides actually act together from that formation as genes again are encoded by consisted of molecules, atoms, subatomic particles that give birth to the physical constituency of the child. We showed you last week and in a few of others presentations. We have a presentation called the origins of race that seven of these encoded polypeptides where the mitochondrial lineages that gave rise to the rest of the races. And that study was done by Rebecca Cann in 1987. And that's a real study. Now, while we are relating biology and birth to time because in the Xi cosmogony, every time a child was born, a calendar was born and every time a calendar was born, a being manifested in to a magnetic field and every time a being manifested to a magnetic field that being is perpetuating an energetic cycle called life.

1:35:36 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So, when I am born into this magnetic field that we called in Earth and this magnetic field is interfacing with the sun, the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury, Venus. The Earth's movement and impact by those magnetic field impacts me. You call it astrology. It is just energetic cycles. So we have studied it. So we could see what would come as energies before they came. So we could create using those energies. Now, we have forecast in our own feet instead of becoming the creative that we should be because to become a creative, you have to understand the energy and then be able to probably utilize it with discipline and focus and a peaceful mind, in order to bring about for the peace. Now, I wanna bring up something. If we are correct that magnetic fields actually produce those matters and this matter and then every orb has a magnetic field, and then based on the test from the US geological survey, we have been losing the magnetic field of the Earth and we have lost up to 90% of the Earth's magnetic field. If the magnetic field is a result of the perpetuation of ways, cosmic ways and we are losing it, and then we are losing our connection to the original mind.

1:37:43 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And if we are losing that connection to the original mind, we are losing energy on this orb. The magnetic field is target and we are losing energy, we are losing time. We are losing self-propelled motion which means that we are becoming more and more susceptible to a false time. Instead of making matter from energy, we are trying to make energy from matter. We reverse a new equation. So, the society that we live in is over burdened by the concept and spirituality of resurrection. Even many of our teachers were focused on that. Resurrection from the dead, but through time teaches us this principle that there is no death as in those life and that life and death are cycles of immortality and those cycles of immortality can only be maintained when we live a system and we have studied for trillions of years, different systems we try to live by and we came up with some pretty good ones in order to keep ourselves and check to we could become the time of beings who would not necessarily need those levels of discipline, but we still need them now. But today, we reject those under the auspices that we want freedom.

1:39:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Especially this is that suppression, freedom. Well, let me tell you something that is about the cosmologically and astronomically upon you. The next Saturn and Jupiter conjunction will come on December 21, 2020 and Saturn and Jupiter have a magnetic field influence on the Earth and they are dealing with the principles of discipline and freedom. Discipline and freedom are gonna come to a major conjunction point on December 21, 2020. We are seeing it now and we are seeing it manifest into the Saturn energy of Capricorn which is government and management and the Jupiterian energy of Sagittarius of freedom protest and it is coming to ahead. Municipalities are collapsing. All over the place, they are collapsing. And then those two planets come together in conjunction with Pluto in this position where it is. We are going to see the collapse of those who have not balanced the need with discipline and freedom and that is what 2012 is actually about. 2012 is not even the end of the calendar or the end of the 13th Baktun. That Baktun ends at the end of that Saturn and Jupiter conjunction. We have already proven that to other presentations. So, when we are looking in that what is going on now, we are looking at four years of time.

1:42:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And I am loving up the devil because it gives us nothing. You could become as transhumanist as you would like. The most of us have not even been human and we are transhumanist. We have not even learned to love our own mothers and fathers and our sisters and our brothers and we got all this love for everybody else. It is stray hypocrisy and it is an investment of our own energy in an illusion and that is why it is _01:42:36_. So, our recommendations, let us go through this, let us go through our recommendations. Our recommendation is that if you want to make some progress, if you want to really, really, really make some progress, you got to get it in to a whole new educational curriculum. This is what we mean by aboriginal self government. Aboriginal self government is do-for-self. You're self propelled motion based on our own ideas and our own concepts. It is understanding why we are aboriginal and we are walking around in these myelinated sheath bodies because we are completely synchronized to our own mind, which we are too. We are more than the sheath that we are walking around in. It is a product of outline and we are not racist, but we know that what you call the creator is black and infinite. That's why we are black. And in our mathematics, we all start mathematics out with knowledge and then go through all the way up born into this and like we start out with this cipher.

1:44:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Because in the cipher, it is the infinite circle. It is not empty. Zero is not empty. The cipher is all that which is in existence of the potentially exist and only where you can get knowledge which is memory and stored information is to through science of observation. So we made a symbol for God. What is observation? Observation is focused on self or on the cipher and will you give attention to the cipher which is the nation, which is the group, which is the circle where you focus your attention no the circle, not towards that linear time on the circle on the rhythm or perfection when you focused that, then you can get some real knowledge. Then you will be storing some things that can progress you into aboriginal mathematics, then you can see the light, but our people have become so foolish, they have denied that there is a creator. How foolish can you become? And yet at the same time, they're denying themselves. Makes sense. You're denying yourself on both sides. So, now we invested in the foreign time dynamic so you gotta go to jot them all right and clock. Oh Brother Aly, you're talking too long, I got to go to bed. That is alright, but I have a plan to get out of that. This is why we talk about financial recovery.

1:46:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

This is why we talked about stand in the loop, checking the website out. This is why we are talking about listening to where the other ministers are gonna teach, this is why mentioned, I mentioned Indigenous Law Institute. This is why we mentioned some of the other brothers and sisters that is why we are telling you to go to the aboriginal network. Invest your time. Do not waste your time. We're at the end of a cycle, the messenger was not lying when he said our savior has arrived that we about to be in a position where we can grow into a new growth, but we are dealing with the tropical seasons, the tilt of the earth that came about as a result of a cataclysm. There is no need for seasons on the planet like we are living on. We pointed out last week that Venus is not really a natural planet. It was a moon of another planet. How do we know that? Because the day on Venus takes longer than it does for Venus to go it is revolution around the sun. It takes 225 days for Venus to travel all the way around the sun and the circle and when it does that it feel has to spin on its own axis to get one day. All the other planets have moons Venus ain't got no moon. Venus and Mars so the asteroids floating around. These were moons of Jupiter. We pointed out that Jupiter carried the name Nibiru in ancient times and that Mars used to be as satellite just like the messenger taught us and all of the things are updated on Mars. We did the presentation on Mars margin and events indigenous civilizations.

1:48:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And the people still up there right now. We are trying to take you out of that to _01:48:14_ you, so you can put your focus on the things that you need to focus on. Because it is time for you to take your energy, your time and invest it in yourself and your people you cannot practice self hate at the level and rate that you are doing it at and expect great things to happen. The self-hatred is so subtle that if not pointed out by someone who is wise enough to see you, you might think that you are pointing your fingers at other people __1:48:51__, but self-hate is when you do not have a family business because that means you are not prepared to weigh in your lineage. What you are doing there? That means, you do not have a plan for your children, what you are doing there? That means you do not even want children probably, but that is why we pointed out these physical concepts of magnetrons and polarity because if that is the life force, then why are feeling off? Are you detached from the life's force? Are you not attracted to women? We got a whole group of Negros who has created a new movement it is called the down-down-low. So now, they embraced the new age of sciences but if you watch them carefully, these niggers are __1:49:54__. So now that is creeping in to your conscious soup.

1:50:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And you are feeding from it. Be careful. Be careful. I know Negros who talked about people who are gay and they are gay. That is how deep it is. That is how deep the genocide has become. To the black man got raped when the black warming guy raped too. And that pathology has continued and it is only the systems that we can bring back to read ourselves of that where they can learn proper manhood. And then get those perks at bottom. Same thing for you sisters. Remember when I started on and read on, who are we? Question number 82, answered number 82 at a Masonic bible, what is the symbolism of the hoodwinked? It is a symbol of secrecy, darkness and silence. It is a mystical darkness in which the mysteries of our arch should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane, Genesis 3:5. So they are calling you saying that you are the profane with the unhallowed gaze. Sisters, I pointed out some other things that I did last week to get you to realize that they are now people who can hear, who hear who can really teach you something. What do you want _01:51:56_. I am just saying we can teach.

1:52:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Because what is coming out to your womb right now is not sufficient to sustain us. We need better and we know how to produce better if you will listen. It is for our own good. There is a way and a system that you suppose to be living on that in order to deal with the feathers that are binding you right now and you are not going to be able to deal with them without going through proper righteous initiation in to your sciences. Yeah a lot of astrologers and card readers and all kind of stuff, they are _01:52:57_ running and running people business now they are all _01:52:59_ the responsibility and discipline. That is like a body with energy with no structure. Muscle with no bones and other goes those they just spiritual they do not deal with that stuff. It is madness. I want to take some callers. Hopefully, I something tonight that is valuable. I do not know. We test on the local standard of rest. We touched on the Manzil system. It is so easy to understand and this -- this Manzil system, this is my last point. This Manzil system is directly connected to the calendar. I wanted to show the origin of the calendar that we call the Mayan calendar. It is based on the systems.

1:54:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And I have a place in Tiwanaku, South America that actually has the stone monuments to prove that none of these people know what they are talking about within 2012 calendar. 2012 in this true essence and heals with the rise of aboriginal people back to power. That is all. It deals with the fact that if you are not black, you are not gonna even be able to live on this planet. I know you think you hear that from other people and its to made clear to you, but hopefully when you go back and listen to our shows when we talked about the new binary system, you understand it in a way that we will allow you to be clear about it. When I say black, do not think, do no think that you are a high breed Negro walking around here eating French fries and if you got some melanin and that means you. No, no, no we are the remains of the great people, we are not that great people. Remains and we need to put ourselves back together because we got the tools to do that now. We have the tools to do that now. We have the tools to do that now, but it takes discipline. I know for a fact that the black woman is going to be the greatest challenge that you have to get her to practice discipline because she has been taught to be a liar, a deceiver and a waster of our aboriginal time and she is producing.

1:56:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

From our see deliver boys and the girls you know they coming out. Jacked up, crazy. Out of our mind. So brothers and sisters, I am not gonna waste your time tonight I am gonna take some callers and we gonna got get up by the year. Hopefully I have said something that is valuable to you. Yes we do use the calendar has given in the supreme within less than 15098 is the new calendar year and the ancient Manzil system which is talked about in the Quran Surah 10 Ayah 5. We went over the translation of that last week. The use of 6 star systems is easy to keep a calculation because the stars are fixed. They are not moving in the general _01:56:53_ possession and we can count the year ad we can count the seasons. We cannot count and be ready for the agricultural rhythms depending on where we add on the orb. You can also use that system as a system of prophecy which is where you get this whole the idea of using a Tarot deck. We did not go in to extensively the night was we got review to ahead of talk about those things. Alright, let us take a quick break and we will come right back to you.

1:57:52 Commercial

Are you suffering from a disease? Do you not trust the allopathic Western model of medicine? Would you like to use an indigenous remedy that is guaranteed to remove all heterotopic, parasitic diseases state sand toxicities from your body contact us at www.dralimuhammad.com. Dr. Ali Muhammad also known as Amaru Namaa Taga Xi-Aly has accomplished some of the world's greatest accomplishments in healing the indigenous anatomy and physiology. We have over 10 products that cover the full range of the 12 systems of the indigenous body guaranteed to bring vitality, health back to the anatomical and physiological body aboriginal people. Contact us at www.dralimuhammad.com

1:59:52 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Hi, we are back. One thing that I did not go into which is I gave some brief references. I did not go into the Baktun calendar to break down the back ups which are the four positional points and seasons and the standard counts to give us the equinoxes and the solstices and the actual sun. The suns are the in the Codex Chimalpopoca which breaks down the 25,000-year calendar to give a classical focus written point of reference that somebody on the planet was keeping time and rhythm with the motion of the solar year in 25,000-year cycle that was going on in Mesoamerica. That is the reality. We pointed that out in our other presentations Olmec Mayan cosmology in 2020. We did the lecture we gave the slides and the reference points in the codecs about the 25,000-year calendar was kept. So this is not a myth that's my point. When we are talking about these particular things, the man's self-esteem is definitely not a myth that is kept in what we call the cards of destiny and those cards of destiny were actually written from a system of identifying ancestors and it is actually Tzolkin calendar. Alright? So the calendar is the tower, the tower is actually a calendar and every time which I was born a new calendar would manifest and we kept the regular rhythms of the calendar for agricultural purposes and number of other purposes but I didn't go into all of those data sources because I was trying to get some basic points of some concepts out to you. So we will take some callers so we can get out of here. We have caller, S from 317 464 you're on Aboriginal Radio. Peace. Peace, you're on Aboriginal Radio, 317 464. Did you have a question? Okay. You can keep your hand up. We'll come back to you if you do have a question. Raise your hand if you have a question, I believe the instructions does tell you to press one 1 to raise your hand. We got a caller, calling in from 904 412 you're on Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

2:01:41 S

Peace, Dr. Aly what's going on sir?

2:01:44 Dr. Aly Muhammad

What's going on family?

2:01:47 S

How are you doing guy?

2:01:49 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I can barely hear you, say it again sir.

2:01:51 S

How are you doing, so you sound real good man.

2:01:55 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. I am doing well, but how are you?

2:01:57 S

I am doing all I may. You really put this down okay.

2:02:01 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Yes sir. Good thing. Crosstalk)

2:02:04 S

But you know what -- you know what -- you know this gonna take a few of us man. You will come down and one I went out. You know what I'm saying?

2:02:14 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. That's real.

2:02:15 S

You know. You know what you know so is the planet is still close down here?

2:02:23 Dr. Aly Muhammad

That's right and we all we gonna do...

2:02:26 S

The whole creation is waiting on Gods so as to be revealed. Man, you know sir?

2:02:30 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Right. That's right brother.

2:02:32 S

We gonna do it I believe let's gonna get doing in the God body. You know I say, so it's up with my body.

2:02:36 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Yes sir.

2:02:37 S

You know my thing. So I believe, you know, give us some good news too. You know sir, this movie is already done. You know so.

2:02:48 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Yes sir. Yeah. Yeah. You're right brother. We've already won this.

2:02:55 S


2:02:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And we got to bounce the scales like you're saying? So yeah and which one?

2:03:00 S

You know what I'm saying? so. I was just -- I was just, you know, when I saw you gotta up the world, you know sir is -- I say you know, got into the physical vibe, you know I'm saying? And I open up and see what it is for you. You know what I'm saying? You got the bread of life on you, the spirit of God, a living soul and you know I'm saying, I will deal with photonic transducer crystal, auscultate the heart you got all this super equipment, you know just choose it.

2:03:35 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Here you go. Here you go beloved.

2:03:37 S

You know what I said. You can go look in the mirror, you can stand in the sunshine, you can stay and got up and just be still. Be still. Oh, you grab them. Be still and happy.

2:03:47 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:03:47 S

And decide easily. And for some of you, you might mess around the around you. You know what I'm saying?

2:03:53 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:03:54 S

You know it isn't easy.

2:03:57 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:03:58 S

You know for the people who gonna do it they gonna do it. That's all what I like to say.

2:04:02 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Absolutely. I agree with you.

2:04:04 S

I know you understand. I got much respect for you brother, listened to you for a while then it's my first time getting here with you.

2:04:11 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:04:12 S

You know what I'm saying man? I might have saying checking you out. You know what I mean?

2:04:17 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:04:18 S

And I figure out like a little breathing exercise because I always try to check some techniques to call me. You know what I'm saying? And I figure it out myself and I -- cause me and my people who is looking for a way to do it without, you know, I train in H, you know, whether the alcohol, refill, or whatever.

2:04:37 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:04:38 S

I wanna do without the train in H. You know what I'm saying so. I start holding my breath. When I'm saying I'm holding my breath by I take my breaths in for as longer as I can. Right?

2:04:50 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:04:50 S

Real slow. And I hold it for as long as I can. Right?

2:04:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:04:57 S

And then when I got to let it go, I let it out real slow. You know what I am saying? And I kinda came in and in our real life.

2:05:06 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:05:07 S

And that same time, just I self-realize. Just self-realize they god body.

2:05:12 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:05:13 S

As an idea. Make the idea realize in your brain just you should have being us what you've got and learn your techniques. Do some breathing techniques. Do some, you know, do some yoga?

2:05:26 Dr. Aly Muhammad

There you go.

2:05:27 S

If you just really understand what you are you could tell -- I mean for your self right now.

2:05:34 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:05:35 S

And another way to do it is put some in your ears. Put some ear pulse in there. Listen to the binaural beat damage that brain, your cerebellar, your brain and just hold your breath. I bet you will come in. You stay that side on the ground, hold your breath and put some ear pulse in your ear and just self-realize. Just think it.

2:05:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:05:57 S

And for some, you will experience ruptures and for others, you know, you might give an epiphany. Yeah. You know I'm saying?

2:06:03 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:06:04 S

And you really want to do it what I have Banshee but I have doing that yearly. It is free because you desire to do this.

2:06:13 Dr. Aly Muhammad

There you go.

2:06:13 S

Your body naturally desire to this. You now what I mean? Nothing. Did you climb up in the dark room the worse a seal it with in the closet? You know that I am.

2:06:25 Dr. Aly Muhammad

There you go.

2:06:25 S

You don't realize just by saying that, it's just believe it. Think and feel and know it all enough. You will self-realize right now. You will keep that and one day and one now and you can do it. That's what the world is saying so. You start to get ready.

2:06:41 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir.

2:06:43 S

You know what I mean? Just get ready.

2:06:46 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:06:46 S

And I love all of you man. All of you I love so catch me. I am the one who first calls down here in Jacksonville man. You know what I'm saying but I'm funk. The smallest town outside Chicago called Argo. Summit Argo. You what I mean?

2:07:01 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:07:02 S

You know what I mean? And I know. Hey I'm checked in. I check you back, back when Brother Daussi, the 2012 energy actually was down in 03 and that subject man so -- yeah, but get ready.

2:07:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

There you go.

2:07:18 S

Yeah sir.

2:07:20 Dr. Aly Muhammad

There you go. I like it.

2:07:21 S

But I appreciate you man. I appreciate your show man.

2:07:24 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Thank you, but I appreciate your energy brother.

2:07:27 S


2:07:29 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. Peace God. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Brother is right man. It is all in there. I had a -- a client call me early this week and the brother had been pretty much diagnosed with cancer, prostate cancer and the cancer was spreaded throughout his body allegedly and they pretty much gave the brother a few years to live and if he didn't take the hormone shots, they most likely, you're going to be out of here probably within a year. You might be listening to night brother. Keep your view on and I don't see your number. You go come to class tomorrow for I can make a testimony. But, he was on the products for -- let's say products and to my food. Aboriginal food. That's all I'm talking about for may be with two months went the other day, no cancer in his body. He is the brother who had his prostate removed. So now that we got the cancer out of his body. We got to grow his prostate back. And see the brother was telling my self realization and this is why I started on talking about the anatomy of self so you can literally realize that you can bring into existence what you want to bring in to existence at the level of practice and focus that you are willing to put in. Take your time back. Alright? 214 802 you're on Aboriginal Radio. Peace to the God.

2:08:56 S

Peace Dr. Aly. It's Elijah.

2:09:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. How are you sir?

2:09:02 S

Oh I'm not good. I have to ask a couple of questions.

2:09:05 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Yes sir.

2:09:07 S

My first question is on my mind. My master's examination, I tried but and there is a scan copied but it just really been. Is that okay, because I did it in a hard copy.

2:09:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. Yeah. I got it. I got the hard copy. As a matter of fact I don't know what's the guy agreeing it but if he did, and then it will be graded by tomorrow so you probably be in class phase two on Saturday.

2:09:30 S

Okay. And I found a question about the sun. While looking directly into the sun with you eyes all the time, with that possibly improve your vision?

2:09:43 Dr. Aly Muhammad

From my practice of it, for years now, I will say yes. I know from -- when I'm on it, you know, on a regular basis which will probably means every other day or every three days when I'm doing it, doing how about a solar exercise then I do that my vision maintained the sharpness and when I increase it, you know, I can see a little bit better as far as the fields around things especially plants and I will say because of the nature of what the sun is and the energy that is coming from it and the parts of the eye that is rejuvenating the melanin in which is the macula and the substantia nigra which is just pretty much carbonated parts of the eye, you know, charging those up will improve the vision. I'll give an example. There is a book called Human Energy Systems. Human Energy Systems is written by, what is this white guy's name? I forget, but you know guys, the eye is tested and he does know solar exercise. This is a European. And the seeing spectrum is from 380 nanometers to about 750 nanometers. He had been doing the breathing and the eye exercises for, you know, with such efficiency that he could see 600 nanometers beyond the red spectrum into the infrared and this guy's eye is tested. That is it. You know what I mean? Signification, that if someone with a weaker biology can do that, what can so with the stronger biology do with it if they implement the right techniques. So yeah, I have seen it in hundreds, I experienced it my self, I have never, you know, I am graced that I never ever had any eye problems. You know what I mean?

2:11:44 Dr. Aly Muhammad

At all. No blurred vision. No nothing. Even though allegedly that runs in my family in the sense of my mother and father when they want to read they got to wear glasses and those are the things but I have not had any of those issues. So I know that.

2:12:04 S

I looked into the sun earlier today and at first it hurt but after about 60 seconds I can even look directly into it.

2:12:12 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. Yeah. And it is just like a low yellow fireball. You can see the whole curve edge of it the perfect circle. You know what I mean?

2:12:20 S

Yup. That's the first time I have actually seen the sun and had the lighting within so to speak.

2:12:28 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Right. Right. Alright. If you want to do any research on it I did an article on Facebook, a solar exercise article and just gave some highlighting points. I might give in some sources on the parts of the brain that it helps improve at eye and the canthus which is the memory and there was a book, I forget the name of this book and it is written by __02:12:51__. It's called The Guy's Spot and basically it was talking about improving certain parts of the brain that can improve memory, long term and short term memory. I think that has helped me to -- I haven't done any specific research but my memory, you know, ever since I have doing those exercise and you know, just living all my lifestyle has been immaculate. I could have taught in these devices and I don't have to take notes or whatever. I just got this in my head so I know that is another part that is impact in the whole brain, you know what I mean?

2:13:27 S

Right. And man my last question is, you always spoke we will have to meet in your website about man investments so when I start to you man, just I don't have access to December.

2:13:40 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. I gonna get on my web design about last year but we will get you brother if you are listening to me. He hasn't actually connected the site to have it viewable and I got deal with them because I know he also having a baby and he has been getting prepared for that so I think it has a little delay on that. So as soon as I get it, I will get it up. I'll try to get it up by tomorrow if I can because there is a lot of information on that site. I have seen it myself. He just didn't publish it yet. So I just get it and published that properly.

2:14:17 S

Right. I appreciate it Dr. Aly.

2:14:20 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. You welcome God and I look for an email tomorrow on the test grades and like I said you will be in our phase two this weekend so you get all that email to there.

2:14:31 S


2:14:32 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. Peace to God.

2:14:34 S


2:14:35 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. Alright. We got some more callers. We will take as many as we can. We can try to go 11:30 but I know we got three hours in. 240 318, you are on Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

2:14:49 S

Peace to the God. This is Brother Francis. I'm calling from Maryland.

2:14:53 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Oh, beautiful. Beautiful. How is my brother?

2:14:56 S

I am fantastic brother. I am super, super charge. Super charge of the energy with the love and with the purpose and I am thankful and humble as always to hear your voice and be a part of the great universe. There is a full a lot to gather this far and I just want to get accolade to you brother. I know a lot of worrying going on.

2:15:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes. Yes.

2:15:19 S

I know there is a lot of -- I am fortunate worrying I should say amongst us.

2:15:23 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:15:24 S

But through it all we gonna get through it.

2:15:26 Dr. Aly Muhammad

That's right.

2:15:27 S

But I made a conscious decision and as far I'm on the land I want to say no more. And don't think we need to talk a lot, we need to do a lot and at this point of doing for me is dying with self and giving the proper land, that has been a proper perspective who I need to be for my purpose here because I'm allowing, with all effort be allowing with and I'm thankful for you and the other brother that I have come before you and so forth but we will not going to be apart. We are building to put together.

2:15:55 Dr. Aly Muhammad

That's right brother.

2:15:55 S

And so I'm thankful for that and I'm thankful for you, your family, your original origination and then the people that respond for bringing you here. So I just want to get you accolade and you be encourage and the best is yet to come.

2:16:11 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Ah yeah.

2:16:12 S

And once again I want to be in charge brother and that you know that we're here for you.

2:16:19 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Oh brother, I am humble and honored and I'll be down there this Sunday so hopefully we could touch and keep you it available all the time.

2:16:29 S

I am saying to you, it is my desire to try to build out dear brother who is away. I didn't get out until last Sunday to Morgantown West Virginia which may have been this month because two friends had had me tied up for some other things but if I don't see you, you know I have no problem taking a ride.

2:16:44 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:16:45 S

To there. I'm thinking if it is safe for me to go although I hate missing many things but I made this appointment tonight to -- I'm not __2:16:53__ by accident by the time of the appointment but nevertheless I just want to encourage you to let you know you definitely been a part for me and my family so we want to do more and so when I could take about do more we gonna do it.

2:17:05 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:17:06 S

So we can put a dear to you. Whatever it takes as I say it we will back on a warning with that. Okay?

2:17:11 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Thank you but I appreciate you brother and I'll see you soon. Tell your family I'm saying peace and love brother.

2:17:17 S

See you. Okay brother.

2:17:19 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. Peace. That is a good Francis. Get it in Southern Maryland. Thank him for all the work him and his family having putting in. You know what I mean? If you are having dealing with a negro mania and when you in a position of leadership, you know, our people would challenge you and I just thank them for being strong and, you know, welcome to it because it's an honorable thing and then rewards come when we show that after years we will make progress with each other. We gonna keep it moving. 678 349 you are on Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

2:18:03 S

Peace to you. This brother is based on Atlanta bro.

2:18:08 Dr. Aly Muhammad

What's going on guy?

2:18:10 S

Man, just want to call in to say congratulations once again man. Peace and blessing to you and your family out there.

2:18:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Yes sir. Thank you God. Thank you God. How are you doing down there? Brother you get them ready.

2:18:24 S

Yes sir. Yes sir. Countdown bro. See doing for the week and I see right here now what are some of the plans. Yeah we can and we just get here and that long goes over. I'm coming in and check you on the program but you know I'll go back and check it out. We all go back and check it out.

2:18:47 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir.

2:18:48 S

I did want to ask a question about the solar gaze.

2:18:53 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:18:55 S

I personally wear contacts so when I go out, should I take my contacts out?

2:19:01 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. Yeah. Definitely take the contacts out and before you go out make sure you drink more water because the contacts do affect the liquid in the eye and you want to make sure that, you know what I mean? You properly hydrate it so get some water before you go out. Yeah, make sure you take them of so you can engage.

2:19:25 S

Okay. Yes sir. Yes sir. Yeah. And we've been all the -- I mean the scores that you gave us about the bridge.

2:19:33 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:19:35 S

And we go back to the west on Monday? Tuesday.

2:19:40 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:19:42 S

You've been doing some man, bro, you know, if you turn it all the way, yeah, but -- man we will see. We will see.

2:19:48 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. You know, when I see I'll be up here because she had a baby in Texas. I was skyping over but she will be up here with the baby and she, like I said, she knows all about this so what I'll do I'll make sure that to put the numbers up intake. Make sure she gives you our call. She should be here tomorrow, tomorrow evening or something like and that it's bro.

2:20:12 S

Yes sir. Yes sir. I appreciate that bro. We are waiting all here to find your work brother.

2:20:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir. Yes sir.

2:20:21 S

I always to be bro.

2:20:23 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Absolutely guy. Absolutely.

2:20:24 S

Oh yeah. I don't know if you got the message I have. I saying I ran just wanted appeals in the whole full store and the farmer's market we converse to a little of bit man. We got to get you down and help you bro.

2:20:37 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Hey man, let me know. Are you listening brother? Let me know. I have been down there by like two years. I think no, it might be three years now bro but yeah I know it can't stop but allow me just coming back and it has rises so and so you know I may -- I love to come and drop some bro.

2:20:53 S

Yes sir. Yes sir. Alright dear bro.

2:20:55 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir I got it. You take care guy.

2:20:59 S

You too bro.

2:21:01 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright peace. Alright. We're moving through. Got some more callers. Callers -- I'll be getting 570 977 you are on Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

2:21:13 S

Peace Dr. Aly.

2:21:15 Dr. Aly Muhammad

What's going on family? Peace.

2:21:17 S

Oh, I'm good. I'm okay, up here in mountains and that everything is like nice and that. I am looking at Venus and it's giving off this, I don't know if this is poor illusion or whatever it is but it is like continuously sparkling. Is that due to the fact that as you stated earlier that Venus has no moons, is that what gives that visual that sparkling because it has no moons?

2:21:53 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I have no idea brother. It can be something going on. I know that there is a conjunction, a slight conjunction between Venus and Jupiter, where I am right now is cloudy so I can't see that, that is what is you're doing and get a chance to take a look and see up and see. Wow!

2:22:13 S

Yeah. I'm up here. I'm up here on a top of a peak brother and I mean just to see the whole canopy and the constellations but like I said Venus is giving off a light show that I have never seen before and I know that I've only been in this so called movement or consciousness the last couple of years and I mean brothers like you I appreciate you because you make things -- you bring so much clarity to things to even give a person the right tools to even do the knowledge like I can state earlier about spica and things like that. You know these things you are speaking are I have been writing down and do my own investigation later on but as long as to get honest to you brother, I am here in this what we call the state of PA I just stay here and that you're down and saw fully of like you know I don't say home's big pride but I mean because we are so close proximities. You know, I appreciate you brother.

2:23:33 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes my man. Thank you brother. I appreciate you brother. And like you said yeah. You kinda research brother because it's there in your hands and says that I have done so many things they just left you this so we can fill ourselves back up bro. It's there for us.

2:23:45 S


2:23:46 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright brother. Peace on you bro.

2:23:47 S


2:23:48 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright peace bro. We got Venus lighting up out there. I don't know what's going on. We have some geomagnetic storms in the atmosphere so I don't know and has supernova explosion yesterday, earthquakes. Hey listen man, this whole thing is lighting up man. We gotta keep paying attention. We got some more callers which I will take as many as I can. 803 I know this number 543, you're on Aboriginal Radio. Peace to the God.

2:24:19 S

Yeah. Peace man. This is Talib Amaru. Yeah. Congratulations on the baby. You know. Congratulations!

2:24:27 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes. Good things. Good things. Yeah, good thing to this young guy, they came through.

2:24:37 S

I have a question. I know they're saying, now is the springtime right? Vernal equinox or whatever. But I mean as I'm observing, you know the earth goes to a transformations or whatever, down here, I mean to talk to you about the last week down here. I mean days were blooming like a week or so ago, a week plus ago, like I want to see two weeks but they posted at so I mean would you say, because this I have see -- I mean -- I think you said earth fills in and all that of stuff we know the earth is going to transformation so would you say I want to view in this, I already can't get more view in but I want you view in this. I mean do the springtime started early because I mean I'm out soaking the sun and feeling the different energy, seeing the plants bloom even my grandma liked to get plant tree right? She is like -- she is 90 years old. She is like -- man she said the plants are already starting the bloom season of plant and she was like I know it started early like in January, the end of January so you'd always see that, she has never seen that before and can there be so called 2012 what you're thinking about that. You know what I'm saying. How do they measure equinox come in, because I mean last week, last week or so ago was really, you know why I'm seeing things start to bloom and all of that stuff so you know, how you measured that?

2:26:12 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well, the measurement is taken from something called the celestial meridian and the celestial meridian is the point when the time for night and day become balanced completely balanced. You know what I'm saying? That's it. The shifting point they give to it but I mean for real, for real bro like you said the best science is observation, is self observation.

2:26:41 S

Yeah I know that.

2:26:42 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And because of the blooming that in January, something is going on.

2:26:48 S

It's great. I mean I'm not - soaking up the sun and I mean you really feel the different energies are coming to and I know since I have been studying on Tai Chi. I do Tai Chi, since I have been studying now, I have been noticing like we always go out and like the sun is in it, equinox, they feel different energies so we do, you know what I'm saying I exercise out there. I also exercise and things like that. It's doing a week so we can feel the energy coming in and it was coming in last week bro. No lie. It is coming last week so I mean a lot of things already does started, blooming and are already full blooms so you know what I am saying and you know I'm just seeing things different. There's lot of question that are raised like, could the earth be tilted to, still has to move and stuff like that. I mean it's just there's a lot of stuff that there are asked when the earth moves, we know if our earth is in transformation and things like this so you know.

2:27:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Like I said, the observation is the best way and then I mean we are dealing with two different latitudes too because if the latitudes there -- it could be that it -- you I mean? What we are measuring actually is like you said the relationship between earth and sun so if that energy is manifesting quicker at that particular point the need to get the shift off on the count of meridian, you know that I mean?

2:28:26 S


2:28:27 Dr. Aly Muhammad

For some reason it's manifesting on those lower latitudes quickly. You know what I mean?

2:28:32 S

Yeah. Yeah. Oh I mean I know the crack is definitely off, the crack is definitely off with this. It's all calendar of that not seems going to be doing up because I mean it is showing a pull down. They didn't even call them the weather right? Weatherman that I need to get the weather right so I mean they definitely off with their own science or whatever they use, but -- yeah, yeah, that was the first question, the next question like it really go on the Saturday night but it's dealing with -- you had this on the map. I think it was on the map or some of the paperwork that you gave me. You got what you tell, you got the word Choctaw and I want to know like could you go into like what shift to, is that the same as Washitaw or a different group from Washita -- I don't why Choctaw got to do Washita? Is that another language for Washita? Tell us something.

2:29:30 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. That was an Ojibwe name. You see when white people talk about the Algonquian language, they call it the language of the frogs and the frog ritual was an ancient of Syrian birth ritual so when you look at the Queen of Ojibwe languages, you match her some of the Afroasiatic languages and one of the original manuscripts that we got when they will describe __2:26:58__ people they use the term Choctaw as a description and then later came after that instead these are the same as the Choctaw or the Washitaw. So, we looked up the name Choctaw we found that not only was that a name that was used for the natives here, if you look in your, your medical science any dictionaries or anything the Choctaw is the plural of Chocti which were the figures that were used to represent a king or like King Tut when he passed, but the most indirectly thy made us keep that name was that in Oklahoma around the same place where they had these reports from the notches and other tribes -- they were calling the Choctaw in a mount, they found some __2:30:54__ scripts and they found some Choctaw figures of King Tut, so that's kind of inspire us to keep that name you know I mean instead of the other one, because they represents the resurrection of the ancestral energies. So, we just kind a kept it as name you know what I mean to use it?

2:31:15 S

Yeah! Yeah! That's it's -- yeah that's all they have bro.

2:31:19 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes! Well, thank you guy, I appreciate it and...

2:31:22 S

Yes sir!

2:31:23 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Keep us enlighten down there, South Kakalaki you know, man.

2:31:26 S

Yeah! No doubt! No doubt! Bro!

2:31:31 Dr. Aly Muhammad

People needed it and we definitely bear with you guy, I appreciate you.

2:31:35 S

Peace to God.

2:31:36 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Peace to God...Oh! Right! I get some more callers, we will go and take them all of them in the night. Let's see if we can get to...832 607 you're on an Aboriginals Radio Peace family.

2:31:51 S

Peace, this is Raden Bay from Utah, I am gonna ask quick question mark on a subject I was gonna ask, the concept of brother Jolly Rogers, the flag. How is that tie into like the first term, I think it was the battle of French like Jolly rule or whatever. How is that tying is all merged __2:32:08__?

2:32:13 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well, you know what that an interesting question. The Jolly Roger flag as far of my understanding of it and there is a variation of that flag.

2:32:23 S


2:32:24 Dr. Aly Muhammad

You have a lot of piracy going on during that time period and of course when you look at the history of the pirates. I mean it goes right back to the beginning of the primary wars where some of our jurisdictions in west was breaking down and because we were controlling the mercantile meaning was the jurisdiction start to kind a playing little bit then we went to the higher see to you know to get that __2:32:54__ from these Europeans, who were moving around.

2:32:58 S


2:32:59 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So that's were our participation in the pirates came then when you get this skull and bones, that's just a straight ancient Osarian knowledge you know I mean, the skull and the bone be in the column and the skull be in the 33rd bone -- yes literally 33rd bone. So, this whole concept the skull and bones __2:33:22__ the X represents of course, they now symbol resurrection, so we're looking at you know what our people was dealing with doing that time as far as the symbol and their lineage and then how it has been flipped to make it look like okay, now there is a pirates, you know what I mean?

2:33:44 S


2:33:45 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Symbols and now they are telling you the symbols in a way I guess just to hide the history and the following words is my free text to have now that being the maritime flag I have to do more research as you can probably enlighten me more on how you know how the connection. I know that there has to be some connection because you know the piracy's connection to -- it is a maritime power at the time, but I have never done a research.

2:34:13 S

I was just asking because I know a lot of places even two mentioned like the __2:34:24__. There was one flag in US _2:34:07__ as to be connected all together because it should be by the region __2:34:26__ there.

2:34:31 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Right! Right! It's true bro! It's true and with that flag was everywhere bro literally in Jamaica, in South America, in Suriname __2:34:09__ I means it was everywhere.

2:34:43 S

Yeah! But that's my only question for you.

2:34:45 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay guy, I appreciate you guy. Take care.

2:34:51 S


2:34:52 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir, peace to the God. Alright! Let see we got some more callers calling in 610 818 you're on Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

2:35:08 S

Hey peace, how are you Dr. Aly?

2:35:11 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I am a wonderful guy, how are you?

2:35:12 S

Alright this is Neil Starshadow we're calling from the Philadelphia.

2:35:16 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir! Yes sir! How is the guy?

2:35:17 S

In good new self. Congratulations for a new child.

2:35:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes! Yes! Thank you! Thank you brother! I appreciate it. Thank to young guy for making the twist and turns to come true.

2:35:27 S

(Laughs) I had a quiet, I'm very personally back to what dealing with the thing about the weather, I have noticed that myself, but I've also noticed something that there is, I seeing right there the extra glare or extra runoff from the sun that's best way I can put it. It seems a lot brighter than what it you know, than what it would be and to you, I mean that's a another science but would you suggest people studying about how to make crystal and elixirs to help them to pull and set aside this new level of unaware.

2:36:06 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah! Yeah! You know what's interested in that -- I mean that you mentioned that because there has been operating and then when you measure up against the reports of all the corona mass ejections and the solar flares. They have been unexpectedly coming early as they have been putting it. And we see also in the indigenous ethnohistories were the hope, we talked about the Red Star Kachina and the Blue Star Kachina and they relocate the Red Star Kachina to the sun itself being the one that light gets. The myth is that the Red Star Kachina gets angry.

2:36:49 S


2:36:50 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So, we look at the amplifying of the solar energy man. I mean I got to take a look at it to see but I can definitely feel it, the heat.

2:37:01 S


2:37:02 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Early -- this early heat is a different type of heat it is different bro and I -- so I can testify here bro. Something is going on up there and then with the crystals and the internal hand and the external crystals. I mean they would have to give with some of the special its like rub then, on the external that I really break it down I know it.

2:37:24 S

Yeah! That's up there being __2:37:25__. (Crosstalk)

2:37:30 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Seen that website out to -- all the listeners can get it.

2:37:31 S

You wanna go to www.ratven.com and also if -- it's a great week, get Walks of the Ages. You gonna find that almost you know any bookstore but you can definitely go there, he is a seasoned veteran that has lot work you know to bring that up and that's fun you've mentioned about the Red Star Kachina that is pretty much kind a racist or a whack.

2:38:01 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:38:02 S

But not to that you know got increasing as well.

2:38:04 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Right! Right! Right! Right! That's true brother! That's true and what we gonna, you mentioned in the external crystals and the internal crystals is getting the wild plants into our body. That's very, very, very important, I mean you are buying herbs which are just food make sure that you striving to walk out in nature and learn what they look like and pick them yourself, well if you purchase them, you're not purchasing the hybrid ones because that gives you internal crystal matrix in the proper synthesis, so that you know what I mean once you've got to the inner and outer going then you know what I mean you basically _2:38_40_ it up. You know I mean?

2:38:42 S


2:38:43 Dr. Aly Muhammad

We should be -- more right now.

2:38:45 S

Yeah! I would like to add one more thing to that you know doing with base and the crown you will also probably a good suggestion providers like you know not a lot of -- I am a type of people who live around and get somewhere whether a lot of dog feces and the stuff you know there a lot for you to step in. Well, probably a good idea for them to take their shoes off to connect well.

2:39:07 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes! Yes! But the average person does not touch the earth brother. (Laughter)

2:39:11 S

What do you mean touch the earth -- it might come in a form of cigarette but that's the whole of thing you know. (Laughter)

2:39:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir! Yes sir! I'll fair, you guys. Yeah bro we gonna get our frequencies up because that's where, our power is there you know, this our science you gonna re-embrace these things -- make them so normal to us that -- now we can back to in our pocket.

2:39:40 S

Absolutely. Thank you so much doctor.

2:39:42 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Thank you brother. Alright! Peace! Alright! 469 688, I missed your last time I got you.

2:39:50 S

Well, how are you doing like bro.

2:39:51 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I'm good but how are you?

2:39:53 S

I'm doing well, like I say you know it's good that you have a child, you know I can say best wishes, good to have..

2:40:07 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Thank you family, thank you.

2:40:12 S

That brother text about the pirates. I'll pick up that book. I have used books called Ways of the River, I don't know if you ever heard of it.

2:40:20 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:40:21 S

It is called The Ways of the River and it talks about over there and the basin area over there and how they live their life and a concepts about the cosmo__2:40:36__ about the river and about how to -- particular larger things which they stay use for the house. How do they go out for school and then -- it even talks about even a little rituals that they have and I swear everything look like offer you don't say any of the names and even they got the concept of when somebody die, they embrace the walls of the room. They dress and put the carpet on top and word that they use for sounds just like Jolly Roger but it means some like jelly fish. You know I'm saying?

2:41:10 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:41:11 S

Yeah! So, I suggest if anybody you know want to dig more in to that get that boot called The Ways of the River, you know.

2:41:23 Dr. Aly Muhammad

That's nice.

2:41:24 S

But if I wanted by one of my friends' Daryl Dallis, he got affiliated with ISIS here next month. When I got some expectations, I step forward and get my information done as well as he got his. He showed me his paperwork and all of it you know.

2:41:44 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:41:45 S

Well, I think I call them about a year. My girlfriend she got ovarian cancer.

2:41:53 Dr. Aly Muhammad


2:41:54 S

And I was wondering what will be a natural remedy that maybe she can take to kind of facilitate you know healing on it matter.

2:42:06 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Right! Well, there's -- the first thing is she needs to look at some of the things that she could be doing that could maintain that state or it would contribute to it. Primarily we have something called phototrophic versus heterotrophic models. Heterotrophic model says anything that we put in our body is toxic, let's stop it and let's get the proper things in. So, mainly we're dealing with the hormonal myths of flesh that we put in the body. The diary products and the genetically modified food those of the things that we have to watch out for that will perpetuate the problem further. And once we can get off of those things which are the white sugars in all that stuff then we can put, if a person has ovarian cancer you look at plans like the following: Wild carrot herb, that is a female herb, it raise the progesterone levels lowers the estrogen, that is the wild carrot herb, we also have the Blessed Thistle. Blessed Thistle is an excellent plant. Blue Vervain, like V e r v a i n -- excellent plant. And then she wants to get some plants that are focused on the feminine anatomy which is Anise. A n i s e, excellent copper source and iron build. Red raspberry, excellent one. Black Cohosh. C o h o s h, and then whenever I mixing the herbs together, I get one that helps with the endocrine glands because they will help with instructing the hormone to assist in the repair and the best one that I know is call Sarsaparilla. S a r s a p a r i l l a and what I do is that all of the herbs boiled them up as a tea and strain them and take then right in and get that liquid right in to the blood stream and you wanna alkalize the body and that would break up all of the sulphur pockets and the little pockets of fungus that they call in cancer.

2:44:49 S

My goodness!

2:44:50 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Stay away from those things that are detrimental to her the flesh, the dairy products and the genetically modified food and get the starches out of the way and make sure that she's given the chlorophyll from plants into her body. She's going to heal brother. There is nothing that can stop her from healing and if she needs any guidance she can go to www.dralimuhammad.com and contact me and we can give her some other you know regimens, some details on the diet and even some exercises stuff that she can do, bro.

2:45:28 S

Okay, thank you. I have noticed you have some elixirs on your site, is any of those obtain in?.

2:45:43 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yup! Yup! She has once to order one she will be ordering the __2:45:46__ because they have those herbs that I just mentioned.

2:45:50 S


2:45:51 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And I have a new product call "Alka--Mine" that I add in there. They raise the pH quick. This product is something that can give with the something like that within 14 days. So, if they some have alchemy listed there, if she orders the Alka--Mine and I know it is her I'll put in there but I'll try to have that alchemy up at least by Friday, so if she wants to order that. Comes in droplets but there is another body alkalize that it can the read the pH to a level that will knock out into funguses cancer all that stuff bro.

2:46:31 S

Okay, thank you by the way my name is Demetrious and one of my friends named Olmus name (laughter) the new one name is Tut that's what he go about, we don't know what his real name, but a feeling of bit New Yorker, one of my partners there up here in Dallas -- you know from the New Orleans you know what they got this place to whatever, He went to New York and my friend, they've got one myth, whose my friend. He moved from New Orleans to Dallas. He will build once he got to it, but he made good preference to those elixirs and you said that they would work to solve, put in after, you know and I guess I get off of this phone and there some other that could get in.

2:47:12 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes sir! Yes sir! Thank you bro! Peace. Yeah the elixir worked. Plants are the memory, the memory of the earth and that memory is stored in your body called it DNA. Alright! And that is the basis of your healing is so simple to understand I mentioned earlier that all diseases though come from some of issues with consciousness. So, if you did not hear that go back and listen to the show because we give some pointers or some things that are instrumental to heal and we were dealing with original people we have to understand that whenever there is a disturbance there is a disturbance in the system, to systems the operational system around which we are giving our energy to or derive anything there from and we need to master that. That's important we came up with all kind of systems to protect us like we were talking in a health class in Islam and we have something called the Taqwa is given by most scholars as divine protection, but it actually means to feel the force surrounding the body. Literally the force field and that force field is synchronized to the earth's magnetic field. It's synchronized the sun's magnetic field. It's synchronized with the other planets' magnetic field. It's synchronized with the universal magnetic field. If you plugged in and understand that, that is yourself and that actualization of a thought becomes a chemical reality in your body, literally and if there eventually, you got that little gland that is sensitive to circadian rhythms light and dark cycles and you have the hypothalamus that is a neuroendocrine gland which means its dealing with electrical magnetism and chemistry. So, you are dealing with the transfers of electrical and magnetic energy into chemicals. So, do not take your body lightly or do take it lightly (laughs). Alright! Let's take our next S 615 495 you're in Aboriginal Radio, peace.

2:49:53 S

Peace Dr Aly.

2:49:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Hello family.

2:49:59 S

I've recently came across this article I heard it before, you know, can you talk about Egypt and stuff thing. I know I guess that your opinion that the DNA test on King Tut, they were laid on and said that their DNA was your opinion that's my first question and what would you feel about that. My second question is I know you are very scientific and you know people talk about Africa and African traditions like how do you feel about what they call African traditional religions were -- I mean these people were basically claiming they do magic and a lot of our people saying well, that's what we need to get back to our -- I mean manipulate the spirit and ceremonies and like voodoo type stuff. I mean do you feel this stuff is real or is it imaginary and what's up with the King Tut being European thing bro?

2:51:03 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright! I will start with the King Tut. The King Tut being European. I remembered the first time I saw a h hieroglyphic of King Tut and I don't know if you've ever seen a nigger, I'm a pretty melanated person and King Tut is regular mirror art not in the art would they be giving extra curve in doing, he looked like me. He looked like me as what the content and quality of melanin that they paint it over 30,600 years ago. Now, when we start dealing with genes and genetics in mummies, in bodies that had been found and with dealing with the way that they measure and tight this things the science that they label it or the title that they give to it radiometric dating. So, they are doing radiometric dating and they are test of the DNA and when they test in the DNA they have to test the autosomal DNA because that changes slower, however, it does change it has what's called the "beta decay" so if you're gonna test somebody's haplotype of genetics and they have been mummified for over 3,000 years. You are dealing with the gradual decay of the genes. Now, what white people are, I just making real simple and plain? Why people are firm with black people? Which means that they are decayed. So, when test some of the ancient bodies sometimes you gonna get that beta decay, but if it is not explained properly to the observer, then you know it can be made clear. A better way to deal with this though is the fact that we have it tested in ourselves. We will never trust the devil. Because if we can look at King Tut and see that he had brown skin in on his walls and then we can look for fact and see that they were invaders painted in that same dynasty who came in from you know your Asia. How in the hell now is King Tut related to this people. The same thing that they are saying with the people of the Atlantis, the people of Atlantis according to Edgar Casey and other people you know these are white people. This is a joke. So, I think that the fundamental thing that we have to deal with it, the white people face. If our institution didn't tested then of course we don't believe you. We don't believe you because you are a liar. Now only African tradition and the magic, 99% of this is a hoax. Now here's a thing when you have magic you have military power and if you have power over the element that's means you have power over the forces of nature and most of our people have lost access to those particular things for various reasons. I do think we need to study those areas, but I think that they go way beyond when they think that we just gonna be doing some fake rituals and then still occupied by Europeans and neither was still in our country, you see what I'm saying. Our real magic is invested in ourselves and then put in that magic to practice by putting our energy behind whatever we need, whether there is a nuclear bomb or circle of people who can make something happen. By the way we run out of time. I love you all and we will back next week. I'll try to get as many callers. Let's see if still back hands up. We only put in three hours a night, so I know they gonna cut as off and I don't wanna, you know carry on be long the string them and face some things that are missed out but if any, if you are callers email me if you have a question. I will start to answer those questions in the morning if I can. Thank you! Aboriginal Radio, we will be back again on Sunday night with other show. Peace!