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The Star and Crescent in Mexico- 2012 Venus Cosmology

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Tonight we discuss Venus Cosmology and do Readings

Red Star and Blue Star Kachina and the current solar activity

Tonight we discuss the origin of the Star and Crescent in Islam Flags and its origin in the epigraphy and calendar system of the Olmec-Mayans (Aboriginal Xi)

Calendars and Cosmology from Ancient America have shaped World Religions Governments and Calendars

We will discuss Ix Chel the ancestor representing Lunar and Venus Cosmology

We will discuss the Catacylsmic Event impacting The Earth, its then satelitte Mars and Venus and the Creation of the Moon and the current Tropical Seasonal Astrophyical Operations and its impact on Paleo-Biology or the Biological Pathology called Man and Woman


The importance of thius subject to the 2012 FACTOR is important to the regenrative impact of our New Binary Star System and the ressurection of an ancient Science


3:16 Aly Muhammad

Peace Family. What's going on? It's been a long time. Dr. Aly, Aboriginal Radio. We are back once again. This show is sponsored by the International Indigenous Society and Aboriginal Republic of North America. We are an indigenous government advocating the political, governmental, nationality and citizenship rights for the indigenous people who are misnamed Negro or African-Americans and all of the colorable title who have suffered genocide and denationalization and our complete focus is to rebuild the government and institutions that we have a natural, political, personal and civic right to build. I'll calling number tonight is 646-381-4991 and we will be discussing the started question in Mesoamerican epigraphy, discussing the cosmology of our ancestors that we have lost as a result of the colonization and of course continuing on our subject to bring veracity to our claim of being America's first nation, America's first people, Africa's first people and thus having the genetic pool of a people who have Aboriginal American ancestry and Moorish ancestry on West Africa. And with that comes what I have studied and what those who are in our institutional self-study.

5:14 Aly Muhammad

With that comes what we consider to be the greatest educational system that has ever been invented and it went through different Moors variations, collapses, resurgences and our duty is to practically bring it back which we are doing through the institution that we are building. For those of you who want to contact us and learn more about those institutions. You can go to the following websites: the first one is www.aboriginalglobalmedia.com on that website you can stay up-to-date on all the latest events, things that are going on in the community and in our interface with the community. You can learn all about our plebiscite and what we have done in communicating to the United States Department of State about our work to rebuild after the genocide and denationalization. You can also contact us at www.aboriginalnetwork.ning.com. That's the resource and network inside that we use for communicating further with the community. Also our new website, we have constructed the first and only fully completely indigenous investment firm called Indigenous Land Investments. You can go to the website www.indigenouslandinvestments.com and that particular operation is designed to get us out of the users, mortgages, renting, so that we can get out of this state of what we called homelessness. What if you don't have some level of protection of your assets, then that can be considered homelessness. And that work also could tell us towards dealing with urban and rural farming as well as so you could go to indigenouslandinvestments.com and check that out.

7:15 Aly Muhammad

And also if you want to contact me directly www.dralimuhammad.com. You can get me there and contact the secretary and pretty much, we can have an interface. Again, our subject tonight were gonna go into some of our indigenous cosmology and deal with some of the current things that are going on and strive to give some clarity to many subjects that the honorable Muhammad talked about in cosmology and maybe it didn't have the time to go into details about those things, but all of the literature in the America pretty much gives explanation to this history of where we are in space and time and if I go over your head tonight, that's okay. I'm going to strive to make this as simple as possible and start by talking about our governmental setup and why he use the emblems, banners and flags that we use so that we can give some historical veracity out of why we use it as well as some symbolic cosmological, spiritual, cultural explanation as well. The name of our government is the Aboriginal Republic of North America and our nationality is that we are Aboriginal Americans of Moorish descent and with that being said, our positioning is that every nation has to have a flag. So if you look at our flag, you will see that it is an all black banner flag and it has the star and crescent only usually found in what it considered to be Islamic iconography in flags or in ancient Asiatic symbolism in Babylon and Sumer where you have the star and the crescent as a feature.

9:14 Aly Muhammad

And the crescent has been featured in other civilizations as well across the earth, astronomy and observation and giving ethno-astronomy and given __9:27__ to solar objects has been a lot of things just as popular amongst human beings. But our particular use for that particular symbol is because tonight we are going to position ourselves to state that symbol shows up first in the epigraphy which is the sign and symbols the glyph writing of the people that we call Xi _9:54_ or Olmec-Mayans. Alright, and because that is our direct ancestry we adapted that particular symbolism which represents certain things in our astronomy which is the oldest astronomy in the world that filtered out to other civilizations astronomy based on their accumulating of that knowledge. So when you look at the Aboriginal Republic of North America's flag, you'll see the star and crescent in white on a black backdrop. The black backdrop flag is also significant to understanding the cosmology and history. It was Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, the black prophet of what is called the Arabia who actually used many banners and flags but one of the most significant was the all black flag and that blackness of course represents something to us cosmologically, historically and culturally. To be more specific about the flag, the symbol of the star and crescent is related to what we call the Ixchel glyphs. Ixchel is misnomer as a goddess properly associated as an ancestor in _11:07_ cultural cosmology, Mayan-Olmec cosmology.

11:16 Aly Muhammad

And Ix Chel, the word ix means lady sometimes translated as goddess in the true instance and chel means light sometimes associated with a rainbow or starlight. So lady of the starlight, lady of the light or lady of the rainbow is the name of the ancestor who was firsts in our position again represented by a crescent and woman placed inside of the crescent. Many times in the epigraphy, you have a woman placed inside of the epigraphy of the crescent who is also holding a rabbit, alright, so you'll find it also in the Hindustan in India that symbolism of the crescent is a rabbit, but surprising to say that represent something in the history of the black civilizations of Mesoamerica and to be specific about it, said I will have to wait on this, what it represent is the planet Venus, alright, there's a glyph called the Lamat glyph, starred emblem glyph or sometimes called the __12:36__ glyph that is represented as the star emblem, it was also the emblems and the symbols related too the calculation of the motions of Venus, which is a big part of our astronomy in America. This is important and has to be at this fact, because this on government. In fact, we are talking about why we designed our indigenous flag the way we designed it. The flag in laying out is cosmology and it is focused on Venus.

13:13 Aly Muhammad

There is no other civilization on earth that wrote more epigraphic glyphs, codex, etc. explaining the significance, the astronomical rotation, revolution, rising, setting and cosmology symbolism in respect to Venus than our ancestors who live right here in America. Nobody. Nobody. That's important. There is nobody who gave that much focus to the astronomical significance of Venus and in our literature, Venus represented three main things. One, the initiation of the calendars so our concepts of time and the astrophysical motions of the orbits that we live within had a key focus on the planet that we now call Venus, we called it Lamat and there were other names that we gave to it and Ixchel is the symbolism that is related to both Venus and the moon as a female ancestor or goddess. So we gave a lot of focus to that study. We charted that study and there was a reason why we gave a lot of focus to that particular study, but it's important for me to highlight again and -- I'm gonna read some books for some resources so you can you can go, but that there is no civilization on earth that gave more focus to the astronomical, astrophysical, cosmological and cultural significance of Venus in their life systems than our ancestors, the Black civilizations right here in what we call Mesoamerica, that is important, alright.

15:04 Aly Muhammad

The second thing is that what Ixchel represents deals with the fact that I have posted it that the oldest calendar, oldest astronomy, oldest people are right here still in the America. Now call Afro-American, Afro-Mexican primarily, Afro-Brazilian. This Lamat that we call America, which is divided into two main parts, North and South America with a little straight just called Central America. These people had carried the oldest epigraphic calendar and astronomy on the earth, that is our claim and we've backed that claim up by showing the Copan stairway, the __15:57__ and all the stairways in Quintana Roo. One of which goes back to calculate what would be considered the beginning of creation itself and the calendar calculates that time period to 41 octillion years ago. There is no one who could even conceive of such numbers in other systems of astronomical counting in cosmology, alright and there were specific events that was supposed to have gone down during that time period and interestingly and strikingly, the linguistics, the language, the expression of it almost mere as exactly the way that __16.41__ Muhammad explain those particular phenomenon in cosmology that he gave, strikingly interesting. So when we look at the significance of Venus, there are some things that are going on now. Right now, Venus is in a particular conjunction with the planet that we call Jupiter, okay.

17:03 Aly Muhammad

And for the astrologist, they would make the mistake and say Venus is in a particular place, but Venus is actually in the second polarity, some of you don't know or heard polarity systems. So you might have to catch up as we go and ask some questions in the Q and A. Also Jupiter is in the second polarity so right now, the second polarity is actually Aries. The celestial meridian runs right through Pisces and the first polarity is astrophysically aligned to what we call Aries. So Venus and Jupiter are in Aries right now. It would be called a second polarity which we usually call Taurus, but anyway, they are conjunct that you can go out and see them in a Western skies in the evening and that is significant to this particular conversation because we're gonna talk the discussion of the possibility that Venus was in ancient times, a moon of Jupiter based on the evidence that we have and also some things that are significant that are going on now are the fact that there has been several I think five or four coronal mass ejections, solar flares and ejections of plasma, solar plasma over the last five days and they are impacting the earth's magnetic field and we're getting some higher range of aurora borealis, northern lights, as we selected to call them.

19:02 Aly Muhammad

And also with those northern lights, we're getting some geomagnetic storms and they're picking up and there is one CME that just hit us and another one was headed towards us. Coronal mass ejection is when the sun is turning up its plasma and ejects a large amount of power to a solar flare and does eject some of that radiation and plasma through space and sometimes it impacts planets which is happening right now and in another indigenous system amongst the Hopi that was called or the event that is being described in this system is call the up surging of Red Star Kachina, okay. And in their system, there are two stars, the Red Star Kachina and the Blue Star Kachina. We also find this red star Kachina or this red star and blue star symbolism amongst other indigenous civilizations primarily the __20.06__ right who also talked about the emergence of this particular star and also we have to give credence to our formal announcement with our astrological finding of this binary star which is right now between the orbits of Venus and Earth. Yes, we have two stars in our solar system right now, two. One would be considered a black star or sometimes called the brown dwarf. It is an infrared star. It was checked by national, we did a documentary on this and we have it available on our website www.alimuhammad.com or www.aboriginalglobalmedia.com. The craze __20:53__ a few months ago whilst actually we really get down to what a cover to cover up this emergence of our binary star system.

21:03 Aly Muhammad

Which is still in infrared phase and we gave her instructions on YouTube and in our documentary on how you can view that using online telescopes and this is just a fulfillment of what we consider to be prophecy from indigenous civilizations and this has also talked about in both the bible and Quran if understood properly and lastly and most importantly, the message to discuss this in some writings that he did or letters that he wrote to her brother discussing how he was taught by __21:37__ that this particular star would be used to take away the purpose that the moon are currently served. All of that is going on right now and the significance of the Red Star and Blue Star Kachina or the black star and the red star is now that we have resurrected or brought this black flag which is symbolic of their black store in the cosmology, we are aligning that without a red flag which __22.08__ Muhammad said, the flag that master __22.11__ gave him, he added the start new question and that the original flag was all red. We have started to places in Florida, in Suriname in South America, the place when that red Moorish flag was flying, in Jamaica amongst __22:25__ when they went out to British in clinical __22.29__ Florida when the so called, the MSE/__22:33__ were at work with the United States and it was an __22.39__ maybe who was an aboriginal in Apalachicola, Florida was flying that same flag and the fort, they call it Black fort, sometimes called Fort Negro and that flag was taken which __22:50__ this two by dunking flinch who was Colonel General Andrew Jackson in 1816. Alright so in Suriname we also showed to pick this from the GCB archives of the same red flag flying, so the messenger was not making a mistake __23.09_- also has that red flag.

23:11 Aly Muhammad

A start to it, about an original Moorish flag that flew in West Africa and flew in the Americas and that indigenous flag was all red flag, right. So we're dealing with flags now and we are given explanation for our governmental use of that red flag and that black flag now in showing its lifetime relation in correspondence to prophetic things that have occurred and occurring right now and the reason why we're doing that is to show you that we are on time calling ourselves into a government because this is the last thing that we need to as people and we're also showing you that since there were wise scientists who many, many millennium ago could foresee these particular things that there is no reason for us to be afraid, to step up to the plate and then get out of this corporate fictitious genocidal legal statuses, this political colorable statuses and now come back into our own indigenous status in a __24.19__ respectable manner so that we can administer what we can consider to be self-administered reparations, that's where we at. Building our own government is self-administered reparations, we might actually __24.30__ if anything. We have all human energy and consciousness that we need and all we need to do is begin to work together, with the good plan and we know that we have initiated that good plan so we want to carry that work. Alright, so when we look at, let's jump back to the Venus issue, our flag that we are flying is a composite, compressed visual image of the ancient cosmology now also to the ancestors in America, the Venus itself symbolized the beginning of the calendar.

25:14 Aly Muhammad

The calendar system which sometimes we know as the long cal, sometimes we know of it as Tzolkin calendar, sometimes we know of other things, okay. The calendar round, other symbolizes, but there was a focus on Venus because of cosmologically events that happened a long time ago. We take the position that some of these things happened at a specific time based on looking at the history as given in the text and in the archeology, but surprising to say in summarizing and approximately 240,000 years ago, this solar system was a little bit different. Mars at that time was our satellite, right and we still show the earth impact on Mars as far as civilization. We did a presentation call the Moors mars and advanced indigenous civilizations where we prove without a doubt that on the surface of the planet Mars, they are the pictures of human faces, there is a gird system and the pyramid system that matches exactly with the earth leading us to the conclusion that the __26.32__ Muhammad was right when he said that there are people in Mars who lived on the ground which showed the irrigation and possible air venting that was found by the Mars Global Surveyor in 2007. So that you can get that lecture, the Mars, Moors and advanced stabilizations because what we prove beyond a doubt is that the messenger was correct on his assertions of people at one point had some interface with mars in the sense of that that planet was a possible satellite to the earth.

27:07 Aly Muhammad

Also, at that time, we take the position that the planet Venus was an orbiting moon of the planet Jupiter. We take this position because of the literature that we find in primarily in Asiatic ancients __27.27__ literature in Sumer describing Jupiter has Nibiru. We have heard of Nibiru. Niburu was a real time and it was attributed to the planet Jupiter actually that's important and that's also in the glyphs writings __27.39__ as we through. We're trying to give you a summary and Jupiter being Nibiru, there was an accident as discussed not only in Sumerian literature, but primarily in Mesoamerican literate where Venus becomes the signification of the start of a calendar, one that's important. Venus becomes also the planet that represents the initiation of a war. Now the glyph has used this book back discussing some of this as part of the epigraphy. It does not discuss the particular perception that I'm giving, but he does discuss the epigraphy of Venus being represented as a work lift. The book is called How to Read Maya Hieroglyphs by John Montgomery and on pages 192 and 193. He deals with what's called the star show, the star earth and it the star emblem glyph and the Venus glyph all which are the same and the name for the glyph is called __28.48__ which means to sink, to do gown, to fall or collapse and what is scholars are trying to discuss this why is it that the Olmec-Mayan Civilizations related the planet Venus to the start of their calendar and to war, but not in the sense of war as combat person to person when war in combat person to person was described in the epigraphy, there was something called a shock that was used and the shock was an x which showed that there was person to person come back.

29:22 Aly Muhammad

In the sense of war that we're talking about the Venus, there was in the epigraphy the use of dots depicting meteorites falling from the heavens and the Venus glyph was called, the star over E glyph or the star where Earth glyph is used to show this resemblance of war, but there is debate about what does the war is. Now, the debate that we are going to bring up is that in ancient times, the re-writing of events was put in the mythos and the mythos when talking about cosmic or stellar events was anthropomorphized. Anthropomorphized means you use ancestor or what it is called by some anthropologists a god to describe an event that he's talking about celestial phenomena. Alright? It's a mythos. It's encoded. In this sense, we find not only this in Mesoamerica, but we find it in the Yoruba tradition and we find it also traveling from the Yoruba into Greece and other places specifically in the Mesoamerican literature, the discussion on Venus as a war glyph was so predominant that the ancestors in Mesoamerica will only go to war when Venus was in some certain schematic positions in the heavens, okay? And their memory of capturing that is the memory of some a very cataclysmic operation that occurred now. Well, I want to do now is kind of use some conventional things to let you know to explain this history because it cannot get a little confusing. If you haven't read some of the literature.

31:22 Aly Muhammad

Venus, in some even in the Church literature or the literature that was __31:27__ about the Church is called the Bright and Morning Star and it's related to certain religious things, alright? When we look at the name for the goddess and the ancestors that is associated with the moon and Venus, the name is Ixchel which means Lady of the Light, Lady of the Rainbow or Lady of the Starlight and by using Ixchel what they're doing again is anthropomorphizing what we consider to be a cosmic history. In a cosmic history, it was pretty much outlined by the messenger. It was outlined a little bit better. Essentially, what we are proposing is that at some point, there was a large explosion on Jupiter which is proved by its large oval energy point that is about 19.5�� latitude on its surface and whatever time period, it's insignificant right now. But what we're proposing is that the event that occurred on Jupiter caused Jupiter to lose some of its moons. It disturbed the magnetic field of Jupiter. Now, this is in the cosmology and then through that cosmology, we have the birth of Venus being catapulted out of its position. Now, Venus has some very irregular activity as a planet. Usually as a planet, we see planets having a very much quicker rotational speed than its revolutionary orbit. The orbit of Venus takes about 224 days to go around the sun, alright? But it takes 240 somewhat days for it to rotate on its own axis.

32:23 Aly Muhammad

So each day is actually longer than its year, okay? Follow me on this now. As opposed to earth, we rotate every 24 hours. Venus is rotating just less than one time a year which shows it has a very irregular rotational and astrophysical motion, okay? And that irregular astrophysical motion that we see going on, we take as another indicator that positionally, Venus got to that particular position through an irregular event considered to be called in ancient times certain names, but we'll use the word cataclysm. And when we look at the symbology used in Mesoamerica of Ixchel and the Venus war glyphs show that the earth the Venus is placed over the Earth with meteors coming from it. We're gonna do another presentation when we show the PowerPoint. So we can get to look at these things. But essentially, in cosmology, we have something called planetary capture. Planetary capture is when two celestial orbs come close to one another, it causes the one that has greater speed to impact the one that has less speed and one that has greater speed can impact it in a way that it's detrimental, alright?

35:08 Aly Muhammad

So what we are positing is that the events at the bureau which is Jupiter caused a cataclysmic event with the Earth and its then Moon and then satellite Mars and disrupted the orbital path of Mars, the Earth and itself and it took sometime for those orbs to settle in their current pockets with Venus being the second planet, Earth being the third planet and Mars being the fourth planet, and we are also positing that at that time, as the __35:42_ Mohammad had thought us, the Earth was much larger and there were no tectonic plates which we considered to be a natural feature and because of the passed by of Venus at a velocity, it caused the planetary body that was moving with less force to crack literally. I mean when we read some of the indigenous literature, literally the Earth is compared to an egg and some of these descriptions and mythos of cataclysm and that pass by caused Venus to settle in its current orbital path. It's irregular longer than a year day, __36:22__ and when we look at the later passing down of cosmologies, cultural mythos and cultural astronomy, we see resemblance of the story being discussed, alright? Venus in the Yoruba system is given the name Oshun, sometimes given the name Yemaya. Yemaya and Oshun have the names intertwined as the moon in Venus and they are both considered to be children of Obatala. Obatala is what became the Greek or Roman goddess Jupiter.

37:11 Aly Muhammad

And it's interesting in the Yoruba mythos is that you have these two females as the daughters, the wife first and then the daughter of Obatala. Yemaya which is related to -- they are intertwined, Yemaya as Venus is considered the wife who gives birth to the daughter Oshun and when we look at the cosmology of these Jupiter, Venus and Moon history, what we find out is that it matches the Yoruba mythos exactly. The old traditions exactly where Obatala was married to Yemaya, gives birth to a child called Oshun. Again, we anthromorphized these ancestral tales and stories, but he's talking about celestial phenomena and it matches the Mesoamerican records so what I want to do now is give you some books just be kinda mind you, your path so you can have some literature on this. One of the first we gonna recommend is called Mending the past: Ix Chel and the invention of a modern pop goddess and this is from the Journal Antiquity volume 80 part 307 pages 24-37 by Traci Ardren and another book on Ix Chel is called Ix Chel Shrine and Other Temples of Talking Gods by David Freidel, also Maya Hieroglyphic Dictionary to give you some depictions of Ix Chel who is the depicted inside of the crescent again with the rabbit and she is to pick in another positions as well as a birth goddess or as a goddess who is feeding children, breastfeeding children on ancestors was breastfeeding children. Maya Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Peter Mathews and Peter Biro and the drawings by John Montgomery and How to Read Maya Hieroglyphics by John Montgomery.

39:24 Aly Muhammad

Four primary books that give good information on Ix Chel and then also when we are talking about Venus something is important for me to lay out also clearly is that Venus in its revolutions has what we call conjunctions with the earth. And when we look at the Venus earth conjunctions what we find out is that in 13 Venus years or 13 circas of Venus years corresponds exactly to 8 Earth years. And in those 8 Earth years or 13 Venus Circuits is what we call 5 inferior conjunctions of a inferior conjunctions Venus gets really close to the Earth and that happens every 584 days and what we get from the writings of ancient civilizations in Mesoamerica and other civilizations here is that the symbol that became synonymous with that astrophysical motion is the star the five points of the inferior Venus conjunctions gave rise to the five point of star. So the five point of star that we see today that we find on the wall __40:53__ that we find in Mesoamerican literature in the Lamat glyph. The three Lamat glyphs, the one with four and another more five and another one not depicting the star, but in the circuits of the significant number 13 that is where I'm going and the symbol for star like the order of the eastern star.

41:20 Aly Muhammad

These images and symbols and inscriptions are the information that goes back to celestial motions and when we look at the 13 circuits on the significance of the number 13 as related to a woman, it brings us back to the symbol of Ix Chel that is now on drop Mesoamerica, sitting in a crescent representing birth or fertility, okay, was became very, very synonymous because of the events in what we call The Deportation of the Moon and the Nation of Islam, but essentially here we are talking about cataclysm that involves the Earth, Jupiter, Venus as a former moon of the Jupiter, Mars and what became the moon, alright. And if you want to get some symbolism on these circuits inferior conjunctions, another material is called calculations of Venus, Earth, revolutionary correspondence and this was in the New York Times December 28, 1925 when the first anthropologist at Harvard University, Dr. Spinden, read a set of glyphs that showed in 538 BC. With 538 BC, the Olmec-Mayans had already had a fixed time for the astrophysical motions of the Venus calendar and the commitment of the calendar, alright. Again, that's calculations of Venus, Earth revolutionary correspondence, Dr. Spinden of Harvard University and was posted in the New York Times in December 28, 1925. On that, I am reading a lot from his articles, I am just trying to get the sources out because I'm gonna do some other shows on this.

43:17 Aly Muhammad

Some other books on Venus telling time with Venus or articles, Telling Time With Venus, Science Digest, volume 90, 1982, The Real Venus-Kukulcan in Maya Inscription and Alignments. Alright, this is in the six __43:37__ ground table and it's by Anthony Aveni, 1981. The Moon and Venus Table: An Example of Commensuration in the Mayan Calendar, by Anthony F. Aveni. Venus and the Codex Grolier by Claude Baudez. When Was The Dresden Codex Venus Table Efficacious? which means effective and this was by Harvey Bricker and Victoria Bricker. Some astronomical correlations to the Mesoamerican calendar system involving the Sun, Venus, Moon and Mars and this is in a journal called In Past, Present, and Future: Selected papers of Latin American, Indian literature by John W. Burgess, 1991. Transformation of the Mesoamerican Venus Turtle Carapace War Shield: A Study in Ethnoastronomy by John B Carlson. Here is some other once again I talked about the Venus in warfare issues into these books and articles. Venus-Regulated Warfare and Ritual Sacrifice in Mesoamerica: Teotihuacan and Cacaxtla "Star Wars" Connection by John B. Carlson.

45:19 Aly Muhammad

Venus in the Maya World: Glyph, Gods, and Associated Astronomical Phenomena by Michael P. Closs, 1978. The Planet Venus in Temple 22 at Copan by Michael P. Closs. Venus Cycle Used in the Throne Text of the Temple XIX at Palenque by Michael Daboust in the PARI journal volume 2, pages 23 and 24. Venus, the Moon and the Gods of Palenque, 1984 Diefer Dutting, alright. And lastly, Phases of Venus: The Griffith Observer volume 56, 1992 by Edwin Krupp. Decipherment of Mayan, this one is important. Decipherment of the Mayan Mystery Codex: A Perpetual Calendar of Venus in the Muse News volume 3, Charles Lacombe, 1971. And lastly Sun, Moon and Venus at Uxmal, American Antiquity volume 45 pages 79 through 86 by Weldon Lamb -- the article by Weldon Lamb in American Antiquity 1980. And there are other sources but want to give you those, because all of those are were uphold from Dataform. Another source, that is important if you're using internet sources and journals, is a website call FAMSI Research Materials this is -- FAMSI stands for The Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies and this site has a lot of literature on it where you can you know get a lot of literature.

47:14 Aly Muhammad

Now, let's jump back into the subject on the cosmology because where I want to go with this is the calendar systems. Our claim is that the star and crescent glyph comes from the cosmology and the epigraphical nature of what was discussed in regards to an ancestor called Ix Chel and it related to a Venus cosmology in our calendar and this system later spread to other parts of the planet. __47:52__ was called in Islam the Manzil System or Manazil System. Our position also is that this Manzil System originated in Mexico, alright and it is shown and proven in what's called the PARIs codex, the PARIs Codex list what we call the lunar sea drill operation, Manzil operation, where we have 28 particular groupings of stars and 13 phases or 13 what we would consider to be mass, well we thought the movement of the moon based on and relative to stars they have passes through to develop a calendar. So we got 13 months 28 days, okay. Now, for both of you who are Muslims and if you read the Quran or you know something about the Islamic cosmology or astronomy, you will site, I will site a particular location in the Quran it talks about this Manzil system.

49:17 Aly Muhammad

The placement of this is in Surah 10 Ayat 5 and it states "he is the one who made the sun, a light giving object and the moon a reflecting light and measured for it, and the word for measured for it is Manazil and measured for it stages so that you will know a count adad for the computing Allah Hassab, a computing of the year asanina from the root word sun, let me say that again. He is the one who made the sun, a light giving object, and the moon, a reflecting light, and measured for it, Manazil stages, so that you will know a count ('adad) for the computing (al hisaab) of the year (sana). So the authors of the Quran telling you that there is a system of counting the year and computing the year by using stages in the motions of the moon. Now usually in Islamic calendars that are currently operating now, you have a 12-month system and the year actually last only 354 days and there is about 11 days and you have to add 11 days for the next year that is an erroneous non-Islamic calendar that is operating by the hands of some erroneous people who are claiming a culture that is not theirs with all due respect. So when we looked at the PARIs Codex, when we looked at the literature of the Quran itself and will be going further into what is considered occult science and get into what we call the Xi Tarot or was called the conventional Tarot of decks.

51:32 Aly Muhammad

Tarot decks in ancient times were cosmological and astronomical mathematical books. They were not for the fake fortune telling that we get today. They were for prophecy and the prophesying was based on how the decks were aligned and the symbols that we use for them, but we find the Manazil system in Babylon sooner, we find it in China, we find it in India, okay and we find it in Egypt. So this is the ancient system of using the stars, the fixed stars and the movement of the moon to calculate time, which is found in Mesoamerica way before there was anything related to it in regards to the re-emergence of a system that we call Islam, but yet the derivative cosmology and the astronomy that came up in the Asia and among the Asiatics. You are directly tried to what was Mesoamerica thousands of years before, okay that is important. So this 13-month, 28-day calendar was there not only with that moon sigil calendar there as evidenced in the PARIs Codex, the Venus calendar was also there. So when we looked at the iconography of people used in the star and the crescent, we need to look at it and take a very, very good look at it because that star in crescent was represented by a crescent and a woman in Mesoamerica.

53:19 Aly Muhammad

Now this is significant because when we start getting into these cycles of the woman, we jump right back into these mathematical forms that we've calling numbers and they have anatomical and physiological realities in the body of the woman and it is related to this Ix Chel, Venus and moon astronomical reality, all the way down to the cells of the woman's body, literally. So there are something significant about this bright and morning star that fell from the heavens and its connection to the woman and the womb and first, okay very, very significant and when we go to this level, we have to put on our scientific caps because now we are dealing with at the earth's magnetic field. The field that we live in, the field that __54:28__ ions in, the fields that absorbs cosmic radiation and heat and produces living organisms on this orbit, that magnetic field was at some point impacted by another planet or several of the planet in a re-arrangement occurred in history and we discussed it; how is it impacting us today, okay. How is it impacting us today? One of the first thing that we going to have like is that the number 13 become significant because there are 13 mitochondrial DNA strands in the cellular matrix of the original people.

55:23 Aly Muhammad

Seven of those strains gave raise to other races, seven. Six of them remain only within aboriginal people. Seven of those strands gave raise to other races. This research was done by a biologist, a biogenetisist named Rebecca Kahn in 1987. It was a study of mitochondria, there was 147 uteruses that were taken, alright and placed in what could be considered someone of a cyclotron to merge them and to do a study, in vitro study on the mitochondrial lines that are found there. And what they found out is that all of the other races come from several mitochondrial strands of what we call African-Moors indigenous women, black women that is important because it also says something if these other races black hue, black aboriginal hue, black aboriginal strong physiological constitution of those aboriginal people then this means that there were something inside of the mitochondrial strands that was mutagenic, alright that was hybrid, okay and when we looked at our women today, and we say we want to produce healthy or stronger children, I wonder if do we even have the knowledge or we are even discussing in the areas where the knowledge would be to bring force of god instead of devil, a master instead of someone whose mediocre. How much knowledge do we need of our own civilization and how much can we use from the current civilization to even bring those things about the most __57:10__ that we could not use what is in the civilization to bring about the type of civilization that our nature naturally calls for and that will propel us for as a people.

57:22 Aly Muhammad

Yet, we keep looking for sources in other people's material out first considering our own cosmology and how to relate so I am bigger on that and we are also big on the government aspect because we cannot be scholars who go to the institutions of colonizers and then break out of the box to present our people with our alternative education and we do not fund our own institutions. So quick telling me how much of the scholar you are and all institution that the Greeks come from the board of Trustees that has an investment to keep indigenous people sleep than to infatuate their all race and that we talked about our own department of anthropology or our own aboriginal jurors or our own indigenous doctors. You can have estranged, but then you taken pills for headache, you follow me? So we have to look at this in a very clear manner, a very clear manner, alright? So when we come back to this cosmology, essentially what we are trying to say is there is a real cosmo. He is not some off we are talking about Venus and the moon and you know some anxious stuff happens 250 thousand years ago and there has no application to the day. It has your simple practical clear application to what's going on today between man and woman on this Earth, alright?

59:08 Aly Muhammad

The loss or the losing of the type of education and the corresponding lifestyle that can perpetuate us as a people which means you phase an extinction if you don't have the system that will support your perpetual existence even slight now the __59:30__ for a little while. So why not take opportunity to listen to Ali Muhammad to see if he is saying something that makes sense, alright. Now, when we look at, how do I wanna say this, when we look at ancient history and we apply it as a study. Again, it has no importance, unless we can bring it up to the current time. No importance at all. And it is my position, this is my position that the wisest shamans, __1:00:15__ and scientists on the earth, knew some of this happen a long time ago and they focused, they're Cosmology, the cultural Cosmology, etc. with a particular focus and study on the woman with the intent of gaining a particular type of knowledge so that we could get a better performance out of a human being who just stays in the womb of the woman. And we can improve that laboratory to the point that we can bring about strong children, but we can't bring it about being free to talk about the subject because the whole subject is the science of government. It is physics. It is law. When your woman is in a system that is other than self and it is perpetuated by people who want to steal the human energy in the form of mental magic psyops advertisement commerce.

1:01:29 Aly Muhammad

If you don't have departments to combat that or to bring about the needs, then your woman become easily pray and bully to those particular things and it's all based on your spiritual system. Now, we have been taught to hate things that we should investigate and when we look at the modern religions all of them which means not just Christianity today or Islam. All of them where they had been with the removal of scientific and reasonable thought. You could be __1:02:09__ Maya and be dysfunctionally religious. That's the role of religion. But you are dysfunctionally religious, then you cannot calculate for acquiring the systems, the facts and the systems that were perpetuated itself for -- so, when we look at -- where I am discussing is Cosmology. A history that is hidden from you. We have been told, slaved and that's it. Instead of addressing the root issue that a great genocide and denationalization took place that destroy this as the people and is want to take a particular education teaching you a true knowledge of self and making you responsible as a god and a goddess. It gets back to the position of power economically, politically, etc., but you have to investigate and tell your own story. And it has to make sense and be functional. So, when we look at what our ancestors talked about and they recorded events to have impacted us up until this day.

1:03:24 Aly Muhammad

Now in a health class, we go to these things and a large level, I'm not going to bring all that stuff tonight because some of you might not be able to keep up, however, the importance of the subject again deals with a study of how all of the stuff that we study in regards to astral sciences, is connected to the biological sciences and thus how we govern ourselves. Alright? One of the things that we have as a constant in Islam is something called "Taqwa". It is considered the power of divine protection and when you look at Taqwa and the building up of the strength of divine protection, it comes by doing certain things practicing a certain level of morality, but if we were to look at Taqwa a little bit different than the spooky way, we could see what it means to be divinely protected. A __1:04:36__ divinely protected because they has a strong magnetic field and nothing can penetrate that field to disrupt the life system that is operating within itself. The earth has Taqwa which is magnetic field. So our point here is that everything has a magnetic field and mentioning this in light of these occult sciences because when I do reading that's what I'm doing. If I dealing with a birthday, I'm dealing with your manifestation into a magnetic field and the advance the flow of energy, the behaviors and all of what is associated with your life from birth to death can be calculated on by using mathematics.

1:05:23 Aly Muhammad

Thus, if the energies can be calculated on, then there is a prevalent energy that on the particular time, if you're a good planner and you're intuitive and living the lifestyle enough to know those rhythms, then you can become the creator of the moment in that rhythm. As opposed to living a life of the faith where others are directing your energy to a dysfunctional end. So, we were looking at Astrology and this other sciences, they are for the human being in their natural state. Therefore, the human being to learn something, but when we go back to this Venus Cosmology, what we have is the fact that the current operation on the earth needs to be fixed. The message and to talk about this in a very deep and complex waiting various articles, papers, books __1:06:24__. It needs to be fix because is jacked up. An example of this is, we live on the earth where we have this called tropical seasons and tropical season are result of the earth having the 23.5 degree tilt from the plane of it's orbit around the sun. So, these means that when the Northern Hemisphere experience the summer and we are getting more radiation from the sun because were tilted towards closer to the sun, the Southern Hemisphere is getting less and winter is vice versa and then we have the vernal equinoxes. In the Cosmology, given by the messenger and the Cosmology given in the Olmec-Mayan history, it was the back ups full supported the earth after this Venus star __1:07:24__ glyphs war.

1:07:26 Aly Muhammad

The back ups was the four ancestors who hold up the sky, a whole of the earth and those four are called the four seasons. Because they literally position the earth in its tropical motion around the sun. And those polarities, earth polarity, this is important now for those of you who are studying certain sciences those earth polarities are will give rise to the fluctuation and consciousness of most people born in a certain times that we associate with the zodiac. When the earth is tilted closer towards the sun in the Northern Hemisphere, it is absorbing more radiation, summer time and radiation and light is information and communication that we are absorbing. So, naturally a child whose born in the summer time that we would call a Gemini or Cancer is gonna be different than a child born in winter time that we called the Sage or Capricorn and those four earth polarities are part of 12 earth polarities that deals with the earth's relationship to the sun and when the Greeks got control, they took their Gods as the mythos said and Zeus through or cast into the sky some of the Grecian God like Gemini and Taurus and Aries these were Grecian Gods. My point is they changed a way that we viewed our sacred Astro studies.

1:09:22 Aly Muhammad

Many people believe that they have faith and anybody who listen to these sciences most of the time they have __1:09:27__ they are telling themselves there is gonna happen and there is something gonna happen to -- and they have not getting a good educational study. So, it's difficult for us to go back into our own wisdoms because our ground work is destroyed because of the destruction of the institutions that would made to build up into those types of knowledge from the ground work and was never be functional until we position ourselves into government properly. The Government covers all the departments of education. Commerce, law, physics, all of which in a peaceful society are base on the principle of the peace and sustained in the group. I am letting these things out, it might not seem related to the subject, but is very related to the subject because when we come back to the human being, who has been impacted by all these cosmic cataclysmic things that have occurred in the human past. What we look at the current state of the human beings we know something is wrong. So what they did in the __1:10:40__ said and the letters to __1:10:45__ that his teacher thought him that our people who are apart of the people who did not fall all of the blind people did go out. Had the power to bring in a star into our local solar system to fix this busted earth magnetic field and bring back a certain quality of life on the earth. He described it in as they have as us losing as if we are 16-year-old the rest of our lives and is directly related to the star that is now positioning itself between Venus and the earth.

1:11:33 Aly Muhammad

Again, did the documentary __1:11:37__ on element so that you can see it. It is there. NASA scientists have seen it for 28 years, they charts its move slight up to the point where it is that now and in its part lie between Venus and earth and it's purpose as a celestial orb is to interface with the earth over a period of time to build backup the earth's magnetic field. The earth magnetic field has dropped 90% over the last 2005 hundred years. Geological __1:12:13__ keep an account over the last 150 some more years and over that time based on the rates that they are giving the earth has lost 90% of this magnetic field, which means the energy is being drained and this is the discussion of what we called the Mayan or Olmec-Mayan Calendar in the end of the __1:12:41__. The calendar actually ends in 2020 according to the __1:12:44__ we're not going over that __1:12:48__ we went over that before, but we are seeing those emergent points come and as far as the literature and old tradition goals, this period would be the manifestation of what's called the Bolon Yokte K'uh, the ninth powers. The ninth powers, I'll be talk about by these new ages as some alien is coming down to the earth to star people.

1:13:19 Aly Muhammad

But what they don't realize is that we are the star people and us coming down is the manifestation of a certain type of curriculum orientation and teaching which we have right now, that belong to K'uh or Yokte K'uh is the discussion of a curriculum in Islam that we call __1:13:44__ which was in __1:13:50__ these four elements and one creator. And we can use the table one of which we use in our Biocosmology course to read anything in creation and we will add in the Manzil system which is the 13th month, 28-day month we get was called aboriginal tarot and we use that systems of images and mathematics to read verse. Anything that has start date, we just read it. We can read the flows of energy about using that systems and that system using the 52 cards or the 13 images and 4 elements and using the calendar the 13 month calendar in the 28 days in those calendars is what we call today fractality or correspondence, the smaller is the larger alright? When we look at the birth of every child that's coming from the womb of the woman, from the seed of men. We are looking at 13/28 frequency. Alright? We were looking at the child being a composite of a tissue matrix, the 13 mitochondrial tissue matrix of its mother from a seed from its father. Building up anywhere between 22 and 28 amino acids variations.

1:15:31 Aly Muhammad

So, we developed a system, a magic to read the frequencies that would come from the womb. So we could calculate what were go on in the society and this was a military, a defense system or protection and this is why I was consider occult most of us __1:15:50_ here now is not occult. Every time I do a reading for someone, I literally write a book for them. Where there is a book that lasts six months or a book that lasts a year or a book that is discussing within lasts six months a year relationships, labor. Alright? If this __1:16:15__ go on and hopefully some of you will call in tonight to show some of the things that we have been able to write down. Sometimes tell you not to even look at it and so after the event possibly happen and when you look at it and you see the event written down. It is not that we are some magic sorcerers or anything. This is a system used by the wisest people on our planet and it was passed down to our traditions. It is the real book and it's based on the Olmec-Mayan calendar that is the root of it. We have already done the literature to explain that, but we keep in most of that in our rites of passage. Alright? So, I'm going lost some conversation now may pause some __1:17:10__ back up. Maybe we can take some calls and see some hands up. But our point tonight is this, we had the oldest system calendar system in the world. Oldest. The epigraphy of the Mesoamerican culture gave rise to the study of Astronomy and all of its subsidiary occult sciences and there was a directly related to of a history.

1:17:40 Aly Muhammad

The cosmic history of our people and there's a part of it that I would not going into where despite to say anatomy has changed a little bit based on it's Venus operation and we have about to get a tune up for those of us who are living a certain lifestyle, dietary lifestyle, overall lifestyle, mental lifestyle. It is about to get a special type of tune up that takes us up in a performance as a human being because we have been lagging a little bit and we need that. We need that upgrade. This is literally upgraded. So when we look at the all of the history that were talk about __1:18:24__ amongst the people in Mali and most of people in Mesoamerican Hindu __1:18:27__ and these other areas. What we find is a synonymous thread of a type of knowledge that could take us over into another round of performance and specifically, the cosmic and the spiritual parts components, of this particular system will give us the ability to construct the best and most functional government system that one could have. We call it aboriginal government or indigenous government and it is our desire to peace that, so when people born and you have children or you have families then we can built conventional strength as people based on a certain system.

1:19:28 Aly Muhammad

So that we can pierce through the __1:19:28__ some of the origins of thoughts that came through religious text and other ancient text to show the harmonious nature in them in the laws and universality of them so we can break through the racism that exist in all these other -isms that exist as a result of some fear levels of ignorance. And we can do that and get ourselves back into a disciplinary regimen. It's not gonna make us rigid, but it is gonna get us into a role of self-initiated discipline then we can once again be a people who are a shining light on this planet. And we would not be going around like these dumb other people make and all kind of silly mistakes. We will be thinkers and we will be trying to do erroneous legal schemes like Sovereign Citizen Movement. We will be together and form the most powerful technological, powerful medical, powerful economic, powerful legal institutions on the planet to solve the problems on the earth. And we will do that with the backing of divine protection, as we want to go with the Aboriginal Republic of North America, as we wanna go with the United States of America. To put it into context in which we set it in for those of you who have been listening to our show and know that the history of the declaration of independence and the real history of who appointed the first officer of government for continental congress has not been told except by us. We appeal to the literature to pull that up and it was a black aboriginal chief right here in the Delaware Valley, who appointed Charles Thompson as the first minister secretary of the continental congress before there was a United States of America.

1:21:37 Aly Muhammad

It gave raise to the ability to create a United States of America and right in the flag of the United States of America, we have Cosmology of Ix Chel, the Venus Cosmology, the 13 stripes red and white, the 13 original stars in the circle and in the flag law of the United States of America what did they say over the discussion. The discussion was that the circle of 13 stars represented a new constellation. What is constellation have to deal with the flag and it doesn't mean everything, everything. So, there is a body of people who had been holding your information and secret using it primarily says the Diego de Landa got a whole of our calendar system in Tarot deck in the Yucatan when the Spanish first win and, he took it back to the Roman Catholic Church and since then they have been using our own systems of magic and power and symbol against us and we have accepted that because we accept a lesser part of ourselves or dysfunctional part of ourselves. So, now we were gonna bring back their teaching and we doing a two Cosmology courses to our Cosmology Institution. You can go to our website www.dralimuhammad.com to look at that as well as www.aborginalglobalmedia to look at that information and we will continue to do the work that we have been doing.

1:23:26 Aly Muhammad

We wanna take some callers in a few minutes, but if everybody can understand what were trying to layout today, we trying to layout the fact that we should not be walking around with flags and other __1:23:37__ around us and not noble history of it. The two significance of it because that flag represents you. When you see the sun, moon, star or that black star now you will know what it means. You will know that it is you. It is your ancestry. It is the events that have happened around you. Just stories and that not a bunch of list in a sense of unmathematical. We have a most mathematical and impactive ethno-histories on the planet. And know the story of __1:24:14__ has not been told correctly. I have a $5550 book right next to me called the Temple Of The Warriors and Yucatecs shows black people arresting the invaders who are coming in to the Yucatec. They had now called themselves the Mayans, and they got us calling ourselves Negroes in Mexico and Negroes North America. Thinking that we came from somewhere else and even a part of ancestors can be a big come from somewhere else was not called Negroes or Africans or African-Americans. So the rite of history and then the immorality to call yourselves freedom fighters for the world. Talk about the Americans who are mostly closet racists. And then to support other group who have been to less treachery, like the Jews, only nine years of the experience and for us to go through decades and centuries of these and then to come to the world and says we want to reclaim our own and then for people to look funny shows that their humanity is a false humanity and they are closet racists.

1:25:23 Aly Muhammad

Because if they were humans and they could look at the story that they know none of us are making up that the genocide occurred in the 15th century, the 16th century, the 17th century, the 18th century, the 19th century, we still had dogs to be sick on us in the 19th centuries. And right now to this day. The estate of __1:25:46__ intelligence programming, assassination of leaders, all from what it just to see our people politically rise to a position of equality and natural rights. The political sorcery to offer us less than what was natural ways because of our level of ignorance on physics. All of these have gone on the further world's eye to CIA, drop the crack cocaine into our hoods. The justification is going on, the people are invading your neighborhood again, raising their property taxes and no one is telling you what the commercially we do to protect your position. What is your future? What is your future? If Aly Muhammad is calling you to the wrong thing and calling you to government, Goddamn did you tell me what you need to be called in ourselves too? And it has to be gradual mature processes don't tell me you don't want to interface with no institution, then you have not built for yourself. Don't tell me that the president could not step up and do something. It was gone away __1:27:09__ executive order for the Japanese to get preparations, you got so black men in your office all would need to do is found a executive order, but he has not gonna do it because he is not of your ancestry who suffered.

1:27:21 Aly Muhammad

It's father and this __1:27:22__ is in Africa. The particular black people who suffers slavery here. He is not of that lineage and surprising to say, his mother was in the lineage of the people who was the slave masters. So who was in the White House? How they can go bomb Africa, bomb Africa's resources. Bomb the future of Africa where the investment was coming in. The people who has funding the movements to start the corruption of officers who have been curtailed by NATO, Great Britain, France, Italy, and the United States of America, Barack Obama win and bomb Africa and stole 32 billion dollars doing an executive order and we wonder whether we should vote for him in 2012. Instead of having a real conversation that we should be having about all of our self-administer reparations and this is a result of the sickness and avoidance of the real issue onto guys of a full security which is mostly perpetuated to our women who don't mostly work to help even with a good idea. Because you have been groomed into the __1:28:42__ and there are only certain systems that will groom you out. And we have one of them, we have it. If your willing to step up to the play. We will not be a broke people. We will not be a people who have built no wealth. Not the ones who are dealing with __1:29:09__. We talk about the night. We gonna be -- we are wealthy and we will continue to build our work and for those of us who don't want to do that, you gonna better plan of integration, go right ahead.

1:29:23 Aly Muhammad

Let see how your map works up. I wish you the best. But I don't see any of that going on, so were gonna take a quick commercial break and we will come back to some Q and A.

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1:31:50 Aly Muhammad

Alright. Peace Family. We are going take some \ Q and A. I was hold to go for three hours tonight, but I am only able to go two hours. I will take as many as I can and then we are gonna wrap this up for the night. We got a caller calling in from 321420. You are in Aboriginal Radio, Peace. 321420, you are on Aboriginal Radio, Peace. Hopefully, our mics and everything is working. I am trying to answer people. If you got your hand raised, I am just clicking on you so I am looking at the board and they give me a signification that your hand is raised and that's when I am clicking on you so if you are not wanting to ask question, you could put your hand down. Alright, 302669, you are on Aboriginal Radio, Peace.

1:32:45 Caller 1

Peace -

1:32:46 Aly Muhammad

Peace, what's going on?

1:32:49 Commercial

Listen, could you use the cosmology, the sciences of ancestors to like kind of you are want to move certain things and not to move on certain things.

1:33:07 Aly Muhammad

Yeah, yeah absolutely. I will give you example of what I do. I have a system where I have what is considered to be image and symbol on ancestor for everyday and what those symbols do is they tell me how the day is gonna go, what energies are around me, what feels that I will be associated with during that week at day the 13-day period, sometimes the 52-day period, sometimes for whole year energies prevailing, but definitely on the day-to-day basis and you know I walked right into the energy, he could be dealing with commerce, you could be dealing with health, you could be dealing with whatever and I know the energy already _1:33:48__. I know dangerous energies whether I am going on a trip and there is some danger there whether I should cancel it or not to advanced that we used that on a daily basis.

1:34:00 Caller 1

Right. Okay, done. If you have some _01:34:07_ as far as trying to get anything done for that aspect of it.

1:34:14 Aly Muhammad

Yeah, we got two aspects. We do the reading, maybe just go to www.dralimuhammad.com and go to the cosmology link. You can request the reading or our class is going to start at April. So you can take one of the cosmology classes depending on what you want to take. We got like three levels and probably be an intro. What is the intro to how to use the tarot system to __1:34:39__. I mean literally like just like you had a calendar and you looking at Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday you got days where your chart certain particular energies and possible manifestations and take that energy into your hand and be the guard there we are _01:34:53_ create. If the magic _01:34:55_.

1:34:56 Caller 1

Alright. Peace.

1:35:00 Aly Muhammad

Peace. Alright, we got another caller. 214802, you are on Aboriginal Radio, Peace.

1:35:09 Aly Muhammad

Say it again, can you repeat the question?

1:35:09 Caller 2

Peace Dr Aly.

1:35:10 Aly Muhammad

Peace Family.

1:35:13 Caller 2

I have a good question. It's for an eye on our most national state, it the blood inside the body that is rebuilt?

1:35:26 Caller 2

In almost natural state it is the blood inside the body actually that is kind of blue when I __1:35:30__.

1:35:33 Aly Muhammad

Oh, I would agree with that. Our blood now is the iron based blood and our former blood is a magnesium based blood. Magnesium is the atom of the molecule chlorophyll and right now, again as to these events, I wanted to go into the biology a little bit more, but I am not going to do because it is a good question cause at least to it this is when we scientist study chlorophyll -- chlorophyll is almost exactly the same at hemoglobin except what we call the unit atom of hemoglobin is iron and the unit atom of chlorophyll is magnesium. So we do know from the epigraphy and the glyphs that people depicted themselves as being blue black or green in ancient times and the signification was the copper, the levels of copper and magnesium that constituted the unit atoms of the blood and what that does is when you look at the functions of copper and magnesium in biological identities, it gives credence to the power to regenerate work. A good example is certainly a lizard, you can chop off a hand or a tail or whatever and they were growing right back within sometimes a few hours, sometimes a day and with the current state they were in, we are less after regenerate as powerfully as we used to because we have lost a lot of that genetic memory to do so, yet we have the power to build the back up which is the part of that discussion and talking about some of the things that we talked about cosmically with the finding their stars system and the day-to-day living system that you live by and can assist with that too.

1:37:39 Aly Muhammad

A lot of the plant that we used to use were made illegal, but many of them you can get access to them based on you know your indigenous use of those plants and there is a few that are very powerful that right around this one of the them we use it on time is called chickweed has a lot of gold in it. Another one that I experiment was just called peyote. Peyote is an ancient plant and it was outlawed for long time in the spring and had a case where it was reinaugurated as the legal plant only for indigenous Americans natives. So the plants and tree are kind of grapey and the symbols of trees in ancient times, the significance of the tree of life, and the _01:38:22_ tree and other trees showed us that that is our genetic memory is tied up in the earth and we can strengthen our biology so you get back to level of the strength that we used to have if we have the knowledge and the practice of it, but if we don't you know we are not gonna do that. That takes institutions because we have to be at combat farming and full production institution that are poisonous away from our natural genetics and then take investment so we have to invest our minds, invest our skills and invest our human energy in the form money, resources and etc. to rebuild the things and have the technical know-how to actually accomplish it.

1:39:12 Caller 2

Right. Because actually, some our people, I think they still have the blue blood _01:39:17_ and you just look at them and they are less than little blue.

1:39:24 Aly Muhammad

): Yeah, yeah you can see like in the Southern parts of Sudan, they still have the blue black skin, but of course if you cut them, the blood is gonna be red and sometimes there is a deeper color to it. There is a book about this -- I cannot remember __1:39:43__ on my notes where there was some experimentation in two places in Africa and Australia and they found out the people had different colors to their hemoglobin and they were baffled by it. I can take to that book, but I will pull it up because I am going to do something on our show next week again and I will pull some of that up. Yeah your right some of our people still do have that, that original you know what I mean coloring hue that blue black shiny beautiful skin that we used to have.

1:40:21 Caller 2

Okay I appreciated that.

1:40:23 Aly Muhammad

Yes sir, thank you. Alright, we are gonna take the next caller, caller calling in from 803453, you are in Aboriginal Radio, Peace.

1:40:35 Aly Muhammad

Peace to the God. __1:40:37__.

1:40:35 Caller 3

Yeah. Peace man.

1:40:40 Caller 3


1:40:42 Aly Muhammad

I am good, I am good _01:40:44_.

1:40:46 Caller 3

Your voice is still _01:40:48_. I had a question on traveling you know asking to the email on traveling US national status. What will be the best laws to look up for it like whatever travelling as a foreigner you know what will be the best ways about it.

1:41:41 Aly Muhammad

When you are dealing with traveling, I mean you are dealing with two things. You are dealing leaving of you-called country, the landmass, and you're dealing with travel within and you are dealing emotion and commerce with interphasing both identities and that all depends on your own lifestyle like if you on the farm and you got all your food and you pretty much you can isolate yourself without having necessity. The interphase with certain agencies then you can just live with the Aboriginal with your own documentation and you know have limited in a course and when you do have in a course, you can have in a course with certain things that we will guarantee you, the ability to business just as that. But, if you are going to have some levels of extensive commercial interactions with certain people, then it is best to ride with the natural status that we would have at the Indigenous Americans and the US national. The US national only guarantees that you are going to how faithful for oath and obligations that you have taken in that particular nationality to the United States of America. This folks they do not honor nothing, but you know we are on the chess board and we are trying to go into a direction, but as far I as did discussion on your association with the United States of America as a foreign national, someone who is a part of a foreign government, who has no status within USA, but may some type of 3D operations or something -- going along with it. So that's the status that you will have. And foreign nationals are discussed along with all of the nationality under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1940. That is the actual statute and the code which is the rewriting of that act is written under the United States code title 8 and those are the two sections that discussed that and then when you go to the 3Ds that do apply to the __1:43:10__ friendships, somebody indigenous 3Ds, they discuss that in certain commercial interactions and protections as a foreign national. All possibly in the US national depending on what you want you have based on the documentations that you have. That's pretty much it. Yeah, the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1940 and then it is coded by under the United State code title 8.

1:43:40 Caller 3

Alright. Well I appreciate that. That's the only question I got right now.

1:43:45 Aly Muhammad

Yes Sir. I appreciated too. You say _01:43:48_. Alright, peace. Alright. We got another caller, 816529 you are on Aboriginal Radio, peace.

1:44:00 Caller 4

Peace. Peace. Shallom Bro.

1:44:02 Aly Muhammad

Peace. _____.

1:44:06 Caller 4

Hello my name is _01:44:07_. I like your show. I like what you are doing man.

1:44:12 Aly Muhammad


1:44:15 Caller 4

I had a particular question about the COS Biology and you know the surrounding what's going on now? So based on you know, most of them very _01:44:26_ you could basically see there's actually gonna happen in the future _01:44:35_.

1:44:37 Aly Muhammad

Yeah. Well, the operation that we used -- that's what we do we used what is considered to be the deck. The original tarot deck was designed upon designers of prophecy and most of the stages in the past whether they were Asiatics or Americans or other Africans use certain symbols and the tarot was on them and it became what we know today as the 52-card deck. Well that is based on the long count calendar, the Tzolkin calendar and the calendar around that the Olmecs developed in Mesoamerica. And as for reading, the events on a day to day basis, minute to minute basis, hour to hour basis, weekly basis, to seven-day weekly not come from the Europeans that came from here. 28 day basis. There is even four-day increment that you can read 13 days, 52 days energies, yearly energies, four-year, 13-year you can just go on and on and its increments of time that carries certain prevalent energies and ancestors and event that happen in different departments of your life. The example of this would be on the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. He was carrying a certain card that was considered as death card on that day and if somebody would have the prior knowledge and is doing some readings, then they could assist him with those particular things and this why we are saying you have to build institutions because we can protect our leadership, protect our children, protect our future, protect our commerce, protect anything that we want to if we had the investment of energy and the ability to resurrect somebody's system. So yeah we can calculate on those things.

1:46:32 Caller 4

Okay, okay. Well, what do you think about as the world _01:46:36_ in this like a certain place or a certain atmosphere you got to be in or appear for this upcoming event so what's going on in the real world?

1:46:50 Aly Muhammad

Alright I don't think you have to be in any particular place to prepare I think you had to be in a space of your mind with the right knowledge with men understanding to be prepared and that any given time, there should be some group investment in areas that are safe that you can you know have the appropriate food, clothes and shelter in case of specific unrest for others fall out and _01:47:17_ to going on but that take some plan but as long as you have a calm mind and you clear and you prepare yourself and that's the only place you gotta be in the location of peace of mind.

1:47:31 Caller 4

Shallom Brother. That's beautiful. I like that. I got one more question.

1:47:34 Aly Muhammad

Yeah sure.

1:47:37 Caller 4

As far as your legal turn of you know, our legal system, I did a little study in myself. I see a lot of discharges. What about the set off bonds?

1:47:52 Aly Muhammad

Yeah well, when you dealing with set off bonds, you are dealing with offers and it makes it negotiable though this charges deal with the civic and statutory depending of the contract itself and whether it was legitimate or void ab initio. We just start creating negotiable instruments or dealing with collateralization in negotiable instruments, there has to be a level of acceptance on the other side as opposed to meet you on a quiet title action, we have done audit and I can prove that the person who is requesting payment is not the lenders who did not disqualified in the foreclose and disqualified them to place any documents on the county record and they were have to bring the original investors, predators, lenders of record to you know to foreclose those things on. So it is easy to deal with the mortgage or credit cards or something a little of that nature.

1:48:46 Caller 4

That answers my question now. Like I said, keep up the good work man. _01:48:50_ you know I have got a lot of questions, but I know there are some other people online and want to do it also. Shallom Brother.

1:48:58 Aly Muhammad

Yes thank you, beloved. Thank you. Alright. So what we gonna do now we will just kind of a line down. Again, for those of you who wanna contact us, you can contact us at www.aboriginalglobalmedia.com for those of you interested in doing readings, we are gonna do some readings tonight, but you can go to our website. It's at www.dralimuhammad.com, go to the cosmology section, there is a contact there you can call us from the contact. If you have to call us, you can call us at 1-888-574-9042 extension 101 is the secretary and you can talk and she will take the messages so that we can disperse them to the correct department or something of that nature and you can sign up for our network, www.aboriginalnetwork.ning.com. We will be in New York tomorrow night alright having a discussion about commerce alright economic discussion, primarily based on civics and mortgages and some other things that we have done and those feels so that people can get some decent knowledge on those particular things and possibly get some assistance with those things. There is a lot of areas that we have labor in, independent contract to labor employee labor other things that we are looking to people who are diligent who have skill sets, who know how to work with all the people and who have a vision to actually do some formidable things. We are willing to work with you, contact us, contact us, contact us also look for our new website. This is very important, www.indigenouslandinvestments.com. We are about to start up our period of investment for this year. So if you are a national to Aboriginal Republic of North America, you could participate in that. You can the check the website and give some updates on that and we just going to keep it moving with you know doing the things that we need to do to make ourselves stronger. Thank everybody who contributes to the International Indigenous Society to make this show happen and make other things happened. It takes a group effort to be successful in this world and we have some people who are definitely put in their work. We have some seminars that are going on you can go to amentaindigenouslawinstitute.com. We have some economic seminars going on in Atlanta some of our ministers down there and amentaindigenouslawinstitute.com.

1:51:48 Aly Muhammad

Brother Jabari Nazir Bey is gonna be down there. We have also Brother _01:51:53_ who is doing some seminars on some mundane things like tickets and financial recovery in New York, March 20 and 21, I believe it is. We will try to get them on a radio possibly next week in the next few weeks just to talk about it and there is some participation in some things. There is a lot of opportunity, brothers and sisters. That's all I can say and if put our hands together, we are gonna create masterful things. That's what we do as original people and that's what we should be focused on. I think I got on my nails side of the way. I think I have any more, if we do, we will sound them out. We are gonna be starting the Livestreams again so you can get classes during the week. No matter where you are and wherever country that you are or whatever state that you are. If you not given enough physic knowledge, start tuning in to us. We opened up another ustream account and in Justin.tv account and we already had a Livestream account so we can collect the information and record it. So you can get study on and start making some decisions. Now is the time and you know our motto, one nationality, one thing, one destiny. We can accomplish death, we can do a lot of things. As pretty much brothers and sister, I'm gonna leave you like I came to you in peace, hopefully that we have shared something that has been significant or that sparks study in you. A _01:53:25_ is asking, when does really you start? The real year starts on the vernal equinox and shift of the year was shift on 15097 to 15098 and we have the long count calendars well would shift generally at the winter solstice.

1:53:46 Aly Muhammad

So that's a little bit more extensive as far as to dating system and mechanism now, but yup the vernal equinox is coming up, the years about the shifts and usually, also the year shifts on your birthday. That's important for you as an individual, as a group, it shifts at a position, it also shifts for you as an individual so you have a year shift on your birthday to so whenever your birthday is that's when your year shifts, alright. Okay, so I think we are done for night. I am not going to believe with this points, we gonna give you some music to listen to. I think we give some _01:54:29_ so you can tune ourselves out. Again, tune in tomorrow, we have a live stream in New York. We are going through some civic and commerce stuff so look for that on Facebook or come in through our list served at ISISregions.com or on aboriginalnetwork. Peace.