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Aboriginal Health Session: The Root of Disease and Cures

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We will discuss

Our very 1st Own Aboriginal Moorish Health Paradigm

Aboriginal Bio-Cosmology

The Cure for HIV, Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, MS, Palseys, CFS, etc... is based on 4 prescriptions that we have in our treatment modalities

Free Health readings online

How your Birth Chart Tells your entire Genetic Constitution The Connection between the human body the Cosmos and Disease and Health

Why are African Americans suffering from Medicines implemented by the American Medical Establishment

Flesh was prescribed for the White Race by your ancestors not for Indigenous Peoples

Why u need to supplement with Wild Plants

alkaline water machines and excess metal toxicity

Variances in Indigenous Anatomy and Physiology and Hybrids Anatomy and Physiology

Foods for Men and Foods for women

The Food Myths

Raw food Diet Myth

Raw foods versus Aboriginal Diet

Alkaline Diet Myth

Phototrophic versus Alkalinity

What should I eat, When Should I eat, How Should I eat


1:46 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Peace! I'm glad to be back again with another edition of Aboriginal Radio. This is your host, Dr. Aly Muhammad and we are back at it again to have a health session tonight, a discussion on diseases and in cures for diseases. And we want to introduce you to a new heath paradigm that could possibly assist you with your own melodies or melodies that you find your own family members suffering from. This show is brought to you by the International Business Society. We are an Aboriginal Government advocating autonomous government for indigenous people. Tonight, once again, our discussion is on Aboriginal Bio-Cosmology which is a diagnostic and treatment science specifically tailored towards indigenous people that has been developed by the ISIS Health Ministry. And we want to talk about some of the things that we have done with helping indigenous people towards themselves from HIV, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, MS, palsies, CFS, and all the other stuff that you could think of. We want to do some health readings online if we are able to and show you how we do our health readings, a number of ways that we can do it, usually we need you physically here so we can think the diagnostic which is done by looking at the external body parts and space, chi, air, etc. and diagnose them what is going on inside the body.

3:46 Dr. Aly Muhammad

This is a completely new level of observation that we have developed, new in a sense that no American models or any other state models on the planet take this specific type of diagnostics that we do nor do they recommend some of the things that we recommend as far as the healing modality. So we are going to talk about why the so-called African-Americans are suffering from medicines implemented by the American Medical Establishment and to breakdown the truth that the current medical establishment whether it's being done consciously or to the ignorance of our own people is only a slow genocide for the anatomy and physiology of our particular race and that we are the first people to develop a health specific paradigm and along with that a college of physicians who get certified to study your anatomy and deal with your anatomy. Alright, we're going to talk about some food myths tonight whether we see or eat raw food or not, what does that mean, raw food, whether we see or eat flesh or not, whether that's good for anatomies or not. And we're going to talk about exercise and a number of other things tonight. So we want you to be able to call in. Our call-in number tonight is 646-381-4991. Again, you are listening to Dr. Aly Muhammad, I am your host and the current head of the ISIS Ministry of Health and the developer of the Aboriginal Bio-Cosmology program. We also have a company called Aboriginal Pharmaceuticals that assist in implementing the health modality for indigenous people that we have developed.

5:54 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright, so let's start off. There are some people riding bikes outside. Alright. So tonight, we want to talk about health and talk about ways to make the subject easier. A lot of people who discuss health and, you know, talked about whatever in regards to the human body having been educated by people who I am not necessarily able to tell the truth about the anatomy and physiology of indigenous people. So we need to address the health paradigm in a way that allows for us to address our own anatomy and our own physiologies in the proper way. So we want to do that when we come back. We're just kind of getting warmed up right now. I am going to take a quick break and then come back and start our show going to the subject matter.

10:06 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright, we are back. Dr. Aly Muhammad is back at you again. Our show tonight, Aboriginal Health Session, call-in number 646-381-4991. Now, let's jump right into the subject matter. In order for us to understand the subject matter, one of the things that we have to advise the listening audience on is that many of the subjects that you have been educated in are not going to allow for you to expand your mind beyond the current prison that is in to understand some of the things that we might say if you don't just give us the opportunity on face value at first just to lay out some principal points and then test those principal points to your own study. I am saying that to say that in order to understand the human body is a lot of variant subjects or what appear to be variant subjects. They are not variant subjects in the truth. They are just variant subjects because of the way they have been educated. So we have to understand something about what we call biology. You have to understand something about what we call chemistry. We have to understand the human body. We have to understand something about physics, cosmology, earth sciences, geometry, math, psychology, sociology, even commerce, all of these impacts the human body because human behavior plays a big part in stresses or lack thereof in a society which economics can play a big part in the sense of location or your ability to get access to the resources that you need to maintain health.

11:58 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So poverty is one of the things that, in North America, can be related to poor health and poor health decisions. And then people who have been broken away from their lineage certainly cannot trust colonizers to educate them properly about themselves in any way, religion, science, health, etc. So Caucasian gives you a food pyramid and they have never built pyramids. Right? So some of the stuffs are just playing before our eyes but we are in fear because of ignorance. Ignorance causes us to fear so we have to get some knowledge. So the first point that we have got to lay out is that everyone is not the same and people get treated for health disparities. Generally, people are lumped in to one big group of humanity and then if we are going to prescribe something for someone who has the issue, we are going to give it to everybody with blanket, alright? Well, there is a severe problem with that because the anatomy and physiology of the indigenous people are replacing indigenous people with so-called African-American. It is not taking into account in the medical practices of the Western hemisphere specifically in North America. I say it is not taking into account, I am saying that the biology and the chemistry of your body is not taking into account when there is dysfunction and then there is a need for treatment. So first off, we have to deal with what cause, what is the cause? Because often time it would be over the symptom. The cause of any disease is a lack of the knowledge of self and how to live. That has been always the cause. So people who eat hamburgers don't have a knowledge of self nor do they know what sustains life. They have no idea. Right?

13:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

People who run around and eat McDonald's, they have no idea what sustains life. Right? People who eat Philly Cheese sticks have no idea what sustains life. What they did they will understand what they are doing to their bodies and they don't fully have to learn, alright? And in order to learn, we have to understand what is natural and what is not, not in the sense of a debatable subject because someone could say it was natural to someone else. You know, it is based on your own opinion. We are not going to deal with opinionated sciences tonight. We are going to deal with factual sciences. And we are going to go right into our health paradigm. So in our health paradigm, we deal with cosmology as the root of health and we deal with something called the four qualities and the four elements. The four qualities and the four elements is actually an ancient science. It is hidden under things that have been mistranslated and are religious spookery and ancestral foolery, that's what I call it, alright? So the four qualities and the four elements deal with the four fundamental elements of nature of which everything is composed of that is considered organic life, alright? When I am talking about organic life, I am talking about human beings. I am talking about animals. I am talking about plants, the earth, etc. On this particular orb and anywhere else, there is life. You will have four fundamental elements that make up everything and they are in this order light, air, water and earth. Light, air, water and earth, those are the four fundamental elements of indigenous cosmology, alright? And with those four elements which you know, some people will call non scientific, we can simply equate it to what we currently call these things today, alright?

15:59 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Today, we call light photons and our primary object of light is the sun, okay? So, photons are necessary for everything that is natural on the earth to exist. Plants need it for photosynthesis, human beings need it for photosynthesis as well because we go through photosynthesis just like the plants do. The earth needs the light in order to spin or the force of the light, the energy that's in it to rotate and revolve around the sun. So we have motion as a concept, alright? Next from the sun which is the thing that you know, is focal, we go over to the plants and we deal with this concept of air or the equivalent would be the technical term oxygen. So plants go through photosynthesis and in photosynthesis, they take in photons from the sun and they use those photons as energy and they give off a by-product that we call oxygen that causes combustion in our lungs. So we need a lot of plants and people who live in the inner city, you don't have a lot of plants, alright? So that's a strike against you. Next, we come to the element known as water, alright? Water is another fundamental element of life because all organic things have water as a part of their biochemistry. They all have lymph systems. Plants have lymph systems, human beings have lymph systems, animals have lymph systems. And they need the water so that they can have chemical reactions to take place in their body and an environment for that to take place in. And lastly, we have the earth principle which we equate to the minerals primarily the mineral carbon which is the fundamental mineral of life on the planet.

18:13 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So we could take the indigenous names, light, air, water and earth and take the technical names hydrogen ions which are equated to fire and which we call photons, oxygen which is equated to air, H2O or H2O2 when gets in the body which equate to the water principle, the first molecule and then we have the minerals, the primary mineral, covalent mineral being carbon. And these are carbon, hydrogen ions, water and oxygen are the fundamental atoms and molecules that make up what we call ENA which we call ONA, alright? I will tell you why we do that. Alright, so this so called DNA that we have and that plants have and other organic things have is expressed by those four fundamental elements of nature and then we have a primal element of nature which some people call spirit. We gave various names for it as the root frequency. Today, scientists in the orthodox fields of physics and astrophysics are calling this the Neutron Soup or dark matter/dark energy. Alright? Which this particular root frequency exists everywhere as a root energy field from which the subatomic particles in atom spring for from will organize themselves within. We called in Tamarai, so-called Egypt the waters of Nu, alright?

20:03 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And the ancient Olmec-Mayan heritage we called it the Ku, okay, or the Lil, we also called it the Lil in Sumeria, alright? This cosmic of substance from which all things come, essentially it is just space. Space is actually material. Alright, now the reason why I am going through this cosmology is because in our indigenous sciences, our ancestors were intelligent enough to do something as far as communication to show us how important these elements of nature were. They considered these elements of nature ancestors and they gave anthropomorphic form or human form to these energies of life. For instance, you could have a so-called nigger called Ptah or a nigger called Itzamna in the Amaru traditions. Ptah would represent anthropomorphically an energy, specifically these photons that I am talking about, okay? And in the cosmology that was given in Tamarai we have Ptah arising from that primal state which we call Nu in the form of a mount. So our people used symbolism and ancestral sciences to explain cosmology, metaphysics and eventually what we know of as human anatomy and physiology and lineage and a bunch of other things. Well, I'm naming these four substances because of one reason, these four substances we can use to measure to see whether something is natural which means it is made of the substance of the universe in an organized sacred geometric way in order to enunciate the principals of life, we could test and see whether it's that or whether it's temporal, unnatural and in violation of the law of nature of Nether. Right?

22:22 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So with that being said, I have to go to the first principle dealing with anatomy and physiology. And the first principle is so called black people, indigenous people have been taught against all of these natural elements of nature and they have been taught to allow for a foreigner who is not natural to the universe to reorganize nature and to prescribe what they considered to be medicine for them, right? So let's deal with these four principles. We abandon sunlight under the guys that it dangerous and we wear when we go outside sunblock to block out the sun and we eat things that make us toxic so that when we interface with the sun, when the sun is drawing those toxins out, we consider that to be a bad thing instead of the actual thing that is dysfunctional which is how we have poisoned ourselves, the sun is trying to clean us up. We are calling that bad. So, we don't want to take accountability or we are too ignorant to take accountability. So photons are natural as a particle coming from the sun because they energize everything on this little orb that we call the earth. Everything needs sunlight. Now, if you take a non-indigenous person meaning a white person, a pale person and put them out in the sun without protecting them from Ra then you will find out that white folks are not natural to the universe. Being that, if the sun is the light principle of the cosmos in this local solar system and it gives energy, atomic energy to everything on the planet and if we place white people out on that beach without some sunscreen, we see melanoma jumping off like crazy.

24:35 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Then we start understanding some principles of science, not racism, science. And what do those principles say to us? They say that everything on the earth that is natural is what we term phototrophic. Phototrophic meaning it changes and uses photons and light as a fuel, okay? So being that is using light as a fuel, everything which means those photons are a catalyst for all life on the planet, why is it that when you place white people in the sun without protection that the sun simply attempts to remove them by a way of manifesting disease stays in them, even to the point that the sick Aboriginals who are following after the Caucasians now even have this experienced themselves because they are toxifying themselves when naturally wouldn't have that. So now, you can't charge the sun with racism. You cannot charge the sun with racism. Even though the sun show some proof that white people are not natural to the planet. Now, I am not playing the race game, I am trying to show you where your problem resides because you are depending on information from a group of people who have no capacity to implement some level of healing for you and then you listen to them when they tell you have a disease and you don't even know what the disease actually is. It is just words to you. There is no science to it. There is no math to it. There is no underpinning cause-effect proper relationship to it. So now, light is the enemy of the non-indigenous people.

26:28 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Let's go next to the world of oxygen and look at the behavior of the people who currently consider themselves the rulers of the planet. Plants are needed all over the planet and all we see amongst white civilizations where they -- I can't even call them civilizations -- but amongst white people is them attempting in every instance to remove the natural plants and put in domesticated plants, genetically-modified plants, hybridized plants. These hybridized genetically-modified domesticated plants are not plants at all in the truest sense. And I am saying that because they don't meet the criteria for being natural. Secondly, when we look at phototrophic organism, all phototrophic organisms in the animal world have a covenant, a symbiotic relationship with plants, okay? That symbiotic relationship is they need something that plants give off after going through photosynthesis and its called oxygen. That oxygen oxygenates their cells. Their whole anatomy is oxygenated by that, okay? So these phototrophic animals and humans needed oxygen as a fuel. What we know about the adverse heterotrophic organisms, heterotrophic organisms not only do they not like sunlight like mushrooms, but they like anaerobic environments, anaerobic as opposed to aerobic, aerobic means air, oxygenated. Anaerobic means either low oxygen or no oxygen. And heterotrophic organisms do not like highly-oxygenated environments because that oxygen acts as an alkalizing substance that destroys them.

28:40 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So in the studies of fermentation done by Louis Pasteur, right, the man who allegedly discovered fermentation. He did discover it. He identified certain aspects for Europeans. He found out that when he added oxygen to a fermenting substance, it stopped or slowed the fermentation process. Fermentation is the process by which yeast, spores and fungi convert a solid into a decayed matter and the by-product of the liquid that comes from that fermentation is alcohol. It is rotting essentially. Alright? So anaerobic versus aerobic, aerobic is oxygenated. So now, we got oxygen against these evolved beings. Next we come down to the water principle. The water principle we just kind of discussed -- I want you to look up a term, it's a long term but you can look it up its called oxidative phosphorylation. I am going to put it into the chat so that people can look this term up. I am going to explain it to you, alright?

30:00 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Oxidative phosphorylation versus fermentation. Now here's were we had to introduce further concepts from our biocosmology that have never been talked. Alright. Oxidative phosphorylation deals with the energy cycle of the cell. The energy cycle of a cell essentially takes in nutrients through the lymphatic system into the cell to be used to rebuild the cell, repair the cell and energize the cell. This is called in western sciences ADP and ATP, adenodiphosphate and adenotriphosphate. This is the energy creation in a cell which essentially takes place with relationship between the DNA, RNA and the mitochondria in each cell. Without getting too technical, the byproduct of this oxidative phosphorylation is that the water in the body is converted to hydrogen peroxide in the natural body. Hydrogen peroxide you use it sometimes as an astringent to clean and it kills funguses on a spot. In fact, if you do some studies on the immune system, if you get some video recording of immune system, T-cells when they encounter cancer inject hydrogen peroxide into the cancers as a destabilizer to stop the sporification of the cancer and to get rid of the cancer. So, the water principle in the natural cell of the body yields with the production of H2O2 which is peroxide. That is for a natural cell in a highly carbonated body.

31:59 Dr. Aly Muhammad

For those who lack carbon, which we call melanin being changed of carbon, the production in the spore, noticed I didn't say cell because this thing who do not have cells they have spores or funguses or yeast which are different themselves. The operation of that particular entity is for cellular fermentation. So they take sugars and convert them into alcohol essentially which is acidic environment for that spore to exist in. So that spore can go through cellular mitosis which means the cell splits. This is what occurs in the white body. This does not occur naturally in the aboriginal body until after we start eating after the diet in the consciousness of this foreign people. Our natural cellular operation, alright, deals with the conversion of red blood cells into the localized systems or cells. So essentially, the cells should never have to split. Cells only split in petri dishes and in acidic environments. Naturally, the red blood cell which is made from the food that you eat in the intestines becomes a localized cell like our skin cell or hair cell or artery or vein cell etc. Alright? So the stem cell in the body of the indigenous populations of the planet is the red blood cell and the studies have already been done in Japan and other places to prove that blood is not naturally made in the bone it is made in the intestines and there is a process of operation that takes place that allows for the cells to operate in optimal capacity.

34:12 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And then when they do, they will their cellular death be replaced with other red blood cells that the hormonal system causes to evolve into that particular cell in that particular region. Alright? So, there are lots of differences in the anatomy. You got the anatomy of heterotrophs and the anatomy of autotrophs. They are completely different. We learn in Biology, in western schools that cells divide and split and what you are looking at is the operation of heterotrophic organisms, of fungus, of spore or yeast. Alright? You are not looking at the natural operation of your own cells. So with that being said when we go down to the carbon and we understand what carbon actually is, alright? Is an atom and atom is shaped in what we call the double pyramid bond, octahedral shape. These two pyramids, one facing upward, one facing downward and when they are in the nucleotides of the body, they take on that shape. Alright? And carbon is essentially a personification of the energy filed that contains all frequencies of light. That's why it is black and that is why it is in the shape that is in octahedral shape. Alright? So essentially, carbon is what indigenous people have and when you get to the foundations, the reason why they look pale is because they do not have the natural carbon, their body is made up of polysaccharide starches. Another name for starches is antigens. Another name for antigens is viruses. So we look at the genetic make up of indigenous people and the anatomy and the physiology in compared to the hybrid pale races. We are dealing with two different anatomies.

36:10 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So therefore, the prescriptions, the food and the other things that they are taking have already proven not to be good for us but we need the option and someone to give us the correct information about our own anatomy and physiology. Alright? So here is what we step in. So now, what I have just broken to you if you've been paying attention are the four elements of nature like air, water and earth, their corresponding technical names, hydrogen ions, the photons from the sun, oxygen from plants, water which we give from nature and carbon and the other mineral of nature, which when we look at the anatomy and physiology of non-indigenous peoples we find out that they are in an antagonistic position in regards to the four elements of life. So therefore, they do not have the consciousness to teach you anything about the human body or healing in this particular system that we are discussing. Now, what we also understating in the system is that healing or health is not a localized phenomena and what I mean by that is if the area in your city is bad that means that is going to affect your lungs. Alright? If all the trees have been chopped down in your area that means that is going to affect your level of oxidation. If the planet is loosing his magnetism and that means that everything on it, that operates at optimal capacity as far as light using electromagnetic fields will have those fields impacted. So if the earth is having a sickness and we are can understand the corresponding sickness in ourselves

38:10 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And in fact measurement, we call that measurement in health correspondence. The new name for it that Europeans and China make up is called fractality which means that everything else is an embedding of everything else. The smaller is the larger and the larger is the smaller. The human body is a little universe and the universe is a macroscopic human body and both are synchronized and synthesized to each other energetically. Alright? So as humanity is sick that means the cosmos are sick and vice versa and all that it needs healing. Alright? Now, when we introduced these particular sciences what we are saying is once we get into the disease concepts we make it easier by giving you the prelude to understand the exactness of what we are discussing, by starting of with these little simple concepts, four elements, four qualities we didn't go with four qualities with. We will touch on that later. Alright? So with that being said, we come to our healthy cell concept. The healthy cell concept is simple. The body is made up of almost 100 trillion cells if you can keep one cell healthy you can keep all of them healthy and cells need four things based on and corresponding to those four elements like air, water and earth. The light or fire principle is cellular exercise. You must exercise the body and exercise in the body is anything that provides motion including meditation. Alright? Slowing the body down and speeding it up. Generally, we should be exercising everyday because we have 70% to 80% water and that water system which we call the lymphatic system does not have a pump so that water moves based on the motion of the muscles in your body.

40:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So you need to exercise in order to clean out the lymphatic system which is the immune system. Okay? That is very important. That's the fire principle for the cell so exercise. The next is cell communication which is the air principle. Air equals communication. Cells give communication based on you thinking. You are having unhealthy thoughts and you feel sick and depressed and your cells are receiving that same communication via the brain, central nervous system and the meridian system. I will give an example, you are heartbroken and can't get over this relationship that just got off, the brain and the central nervous system and the cord are connected to plexuses. Alright? You have a cardiac plexus which is a ganglia of nerves distributed from your spinal column that surrounds the heart and the thymus. So when you start feeling bad about the relationship, those neurons are being secreted through the central nervous system and they bring that vibration around those organs. Alright? So you are constantly depressed, constantly saying or doing things that are considered dysfunctional, you are constantly overriding your body with a memory of stress. Alright. So that becomes very important for you to understand you can empower your body by thinking and then you can disempower it by thinking depending on a decision. No mystery guide going to do it for you. You are the guide of the body. Alright?

42:17 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And the law is cause and effect. Your grandma taught you, you reboot yourself, did you put out bad thoughts they are distributed chemically and electrically and magnetically to every cell in the body. Alright? That is important to know. So cells may help you thinking healthy thoughts etc. The next thing is cell environment. All cells have an environment. That environment is again lymph and the environment is corrected by the water intake. Water intake primarily should come from the fruits and vegetable that you eat. That is where all of your truly phototrophic alkaline water is. If you eat enough fresh fruits, salads, etc you will want to drink a lot of water and you won't be dehydrated and your cell is surrounded in a lymphatic fluid that is distributed throughout the cell so you need to have clean water in your body. Now, I know there's a lot of water machines out here, bogus. Water machines are good, have an astringent to clean the house and possibly even to hook up to showers and other things for external cleansing but for constant internal intake you use in a cans or in other things, you are synthetically creating alkalinity. So let me give you an example, I can synthetically create alkalinity by taking nitrogen and adding hydrogens to it I can make ammonia which will have a pH of 9.0. But that does not mean that I can drink ammonia. In fact if I drink it, you will be seeing me at the emergency section of Temple University or one of little hospitals.

44:17 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Clorox is alkaline. It doesn't mean I can drink it. It is synthetically alkaline. So when you take the machine and runs water over titanium plates so that the water can leach off the titanium it doesn't meant that your body is digesting that titanium. In fact, the metals are built enough inside of your organs. Alright? So we need to know how to keep the cell environment and the lymph in the cell clean and we do that through fresh fruits, vegetables and water and when you drink water, if you are going to drink water at home here is what you should do, take notes. First, the safest way is buy regular water add some drops to it. Where you gonna get the drops from, you can get the drops from the vegetables that you are preparing. Alright? So vegetables like broccoli, you are not going to eat broccoli raw because you cannot digest or allow for the stomach fluids to break down the substance to a level that your body can absorb the nutrients. You need to cook broccoli or your raw food is. And when you cook it, you can extract some of the water into a dropper and use that water to take those drops and drop them in distilled water. The reason why you take in the water from where the plants have been prepared is because those minerals in that water are in what is called the colloidal state so they can be readily absorb because of the size of the molecules of the minerals. They are from plants and then naturally in a state that you can absorb. So you can take those up into distilled water then take the water out of the plastic container. What do you want to take the water out of the plastic container?

46:17 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Because plastic is made of petroleum and the petroleum will leach into the water. So you can take them out of the petroleum, put them in a glass jar, place them in the window and sun light. That is the safest way to drink water. If you are not going to do that then you can buy water like Evermore and you still want to take that out of the plastic bottles and out it in glass bottles as often as possible. I have to remind myself all the time to do that because sometimes I forget. And that is how your cellular environment is going to stay at a pristine level. And if you try this, you will see your skin glowing, you're regenerating tissues and places where you are having aches and pains etc. You will see. And lastly, we are dealing with cell food. Cells eat what you eat. So we are going over that tonight. You know, what we should be eating. We should be eating plants, plants that compose of parts that we call fruits and vegetables. And that is it, nothing else. That is what your body was made to eat. Alright? The vegetable part of the plant is usually the leaf and the stem. The fruit part of the plant is the part that bears the seed. Alright? So I've gone over my daughter this morning. We have some cucumbers and she knew. Okay. A cucumber is not a vegetable, it is a fruit. Alright? Because anything that bear seeds is a fruit. A grain like quinoa, it is a fruit. It is the seed of the plant. Okay? A green pepper is not a vegetable, it is a fruit and the fruit contains the most minerals in the plants, highest levels of carbon which we definitely need that for the covalent bonding and chemical and actions in the body.

48:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. So we went to our cell environment. We need cell exercise, we need cell communication, we need proper cell environment and we need cell food. Alright? And that if we can go to those four things, we'll have everything that we need for the basics of health. Now when you get to removal of disease, you have to understand what disease is and there is only one disease and we are the first ones to communicate this properly with the science behind it and we are going to break it down to you right now. Disease occurs in the cell, simple and for disease to occur in a cell there is one part of the cell that has to be impacted and that is the cell's mitochondria. Each cell may have a thousand to 500 mitochondria. They encircle the nucleus and they are rollers in status which means that they spin. All mitochondria spin like an engine. They are the engine of the cell. Their spin velocity creates the charge on the cell wall. Okay? So a healthy cell ahs a high vibration and a negative charge on the cell walls. Quit calling people to be positive because you need negative in this universe. Negative and positive are the frequencies of electromagnetism, so people to be functional. Quit saying be positive. You know, the language is denoting the level of severe ignorance because negative equals magnetic and electrical flows. Alright? So we need to get rid of that language. So the mitochondria spins. Again, we went over ADP and ATP. Each mitochondria spins and as long as they are spinning properly in a highly carbonated body each mitochondria spin faster than the speed of light, literally.

50:27 Dr. Aly Muhammad

That's why the carbon is black. You are moving beyond the speed of light on a cellular level if you are healthy and if you are doing sort of other rituals besides the eating you can increase that velocity sot that you can tune in to your universe and hear and see things that you need to see. That is the optimal level of health. You may be just deal with treating disease. But there is another level of health that allows for you to get back some of your real powers that you have, superhero powers. Alright? But this dealing with disease to identify the definition of the disease is the destabilization of the mitochondria in a cell and the lost of a negative charge on the cell wall. Alright? What happens in the cell is that during the day the cell is at a certain velocity because of the interaction with sunlight and photons. Alright? You have certain hormones being secreted in the body and the body is in its up stage at the day time. At night, in order for the body to heal itself, it has to slow that negative charge down and slow the mitochondria down so that the hormones and other things can get inside of the cell, cooling the cell, to give instructions to repair, etc. Your hormones like melatonin and other things that operate at night. So this is why you should not be eating anything at night. If you get hungry only eat fruits and vegetables. Do not eat anything fungal like a big bucket of ice cream. The reason why you don't want to do that is because when the cells -- nobody has ever taught you this now. If you are listening, you need to be writing some of this stuff down so you could understand it and you will see the impact over this if you take some of the instructions we are going to give you at the end.

52:26 Dr. Aly Muhammad

At night, because the body goes into what we call a positive state prior to sleep and during sleep. The cell wall is positive and the cell is now vulnerable for particles to come in because it needs to be in order to regenerate tissue, but what happens is we eat that cheese stick, we eat some ice cream, we are eating all that kind of stuff that is fungal that has spores on it. So now those spores get inside of the cell, go to the cell membrane, get inside of the cell and embed themselves into the mitochondria. And when those spores embed themselves into the mitochondria, they can now use their enzymes, because that's the definition of enzymes. Enzymes are the byproducts of yeast, fungus and spores to basically impregnate the mitochondria with new tissues. Alright? And those new tissues slow down the vibration of the cell, cause destabilization in the buildup of the protein make up of the cell and can even cause growth. So every cell that has its mitochondria impacted by yeast, fungus and spores develops disease stage. That is the definition of biological disease. There is a spiritual base to it too but the biological disease is impacted mitochondria by yeast, fungus and spores. The different names for the diseases come from the location. So if you have a disease in the pancreas you might call it pancreatitis or diabetes. It is still the mitochondria of the cell and the pancreas being impacted by yeast fungus and spores, heterotrophic organisms. If you have it in the brain you might call it Alzheimer's. Alright? Or MS. Alright? If you have it in the muscles you might call it rheumatism. If you have it in the joints you might call it arthritis. Alright? If you have it the arteries and the veins you might call it high blood pressure.

54:32 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright? All these different names are just different names for how the cell has been impacted. So that let you know that in order to correct it all you need to know is how do I get this yeast, fungus and spores out of the body. Alright? Now, we are going to give you some technical data. There was a German scientist -- I'm just given this for technical data he didn't prove anything other than what was already known but I will give this just for the discussion before we start opening the floor for question and answer. He is scientist named Fritz Popp. Fritz Popp. Fritz Popp was a German scientist who studied something called photo repair and what he found out is that cells will automatically repair themselves once they reach a wave frequency or cycles per second of 380 nanometers. That is the wave length. That wave length equals what we call the ultraviolet spectrum of light. Alright? We have the same spectrum ROYGBIV. You learned that in kindergarten. Red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet. Once you hit violet and beyond you are dealing with more concentrated ray. These are rays from the sun. Alright? So what he found out is that cancer could not exist in that wave frequency. And that ray frequency is the frequency that is in the carbon and in the tissues of most people that we call dark-skin people, in North America, in the Sudan, in Africa, in South America and other places. So now if we are eating diets that take us away from the frequency, if we are eating other things that take us away from that frequency, if we are thinking certain things that take us away from that frequency.

56:31 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Practicing certain cultures that take away us from that frequency, we are destroying the life of ourselves based on how we are behaving and the ignorance that we have. And now we can understand why people with more melanin are more sick in this environment than people with less melanin because this environment of toxic air blacken out the sunlight, put in sidewalks everywhere to block out the earth energies, our contaminated water and hybrid foods is made for hybrid people. It is not made for the original people. So when we learn that then we learn that we must accept that scientific spec that there is almost nothing that is being offered conventionally that can help assist us heal in regards to food, water, proper environment, air, coaching and counseling about sunlight, to be at the sun everyday. Alright? It is not happening. So being that it is not happening, we have to introduce it and we are introducing it. Okay? So when we look at these concepts that we are laying out, essentially what we are saying is we have to take a different look at what health is. So what we do is we look at birth charts. You can take the day you were born, you don't even need the time just the day and we can equate or look at the birth chart and tell everything that is going on in your body and the reason why we can tell this because we break the body down into 12 systems. Alright? And those 12 systems correspond to the 12 frequencies of human psychology also to the houses of what we call the zodiac and those 12 systems are the brain and central nervous system.

58:32 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Which we relate to and this is the thing the way you add on the planet as you are in the Northern Hemisphere is related to the vernal equinox at a certain time. Alright? So we can look at this birth chart and tell whether that is primarily in the sign that we call the ram. I am not going to use the Greek terms for the constellations because they have no meaning in the science so I am not even going to bastardize it by using Aries and Taurus and all that. They have no place. So essentially we have 12 systems, the brain and central nervous system which is one which is equated to House I Vernal Equinox. The Endocrine System, alright? Which is equated to House II. And for astrologers, don't try to relate this to the houses that you calculate, there is nothing to do with it. The third system which is the Respiratory System, alright? which is related to House III. The Lymphatic and Immune system which is related to the summer solstice, alright? The position of that particular house is House V which is related to the Circulatory System. House VI, the Alimentary system or Digestive system. House VII is the Excretory System. House VIII is the Reproductive System. House IX is the Muscular System. House X is the Skeletal System. House XI is the Meridian System and House XII is the Integumentary System, the skin, the largest organ in the body. So let's back track, the brain and central nervous system deals with communication of neurons to all parts of the body through the central nervous system and the plexuses that connects to all of the endocrine system and all the organs. Alright? So we are dealing with the traveling of thought and conscious and subconscious to the organs.

1:00:31 Dr. Aly Muhammad

For instance, you don't have to tell your heart to beat, your heart knows to beat because they are automatic operations in the central nervous system and the bran. Endocrine system deals with hormones and secretions of hormones deals with catalyzing activity in all cells. Alright? For instance, you have a hormone called thyroxine that is made from potassium, bromide, the potassium compound in the thyroid gland which is in the neck are and that particular hormone deals with the sodium and potassium pump in the cells. So it kicks out all minerals salts and the waste and brings in potassium. So it regulates the waters in your body so someone do has a thyroid problem, the first thing you notice is that they swell up because the sodium potassium pump on the cellular level is out of order because of a lack of proper production of thyroxine. So the endocrine system deals with the hormones, hormones like estrogen and testosterone and other hormones. Alright? The respiratory system deals with the breathing of course. The respiration, the combustions, that's very important to breath. It is what maintains the other systems. Aright? The regulation of the breathing. Lymphatic and immune deals with identifying what is foreign or what is not foreign to the body. For instance, there is a white person try to give a black person a blood transfusion. Black person's blood will recognize the white person's blood as a virus or antigen and that it was foreign and the immune system will attack it to get rid of it. Alright? Circulatory system of course that is the blood and the pump for the blood being the heart. Okay? And we told you, of course,

1:02:31 Dr. Aly Muhammad

The red blood cells become the master stem cells for all of the cells in the body. Alright? Next we have the alimentary tract that starts at the mouth and goes to the esophagus goes down to the stomach to duodenum. Pancreas is associated with operations even those part of the endocrine system and you have the intestines, small and large. The blood is made from the food paste in the small intestines. It is absorbed to the villi which absorbed the food mineral and the catAlizing of hormones changes and alters that food stuff from plants into erythrocytes. They migrated to the liver, once they get to the liver, that liver tags it with certain hormones and the liver is your nuclear reactor in your body and then it disseminates and distributes it to the various systems that need tissue regeneration. Most of this takes place at night. And this is why your liver is the organ that can regenerate the fastest. It is also dangerous to get shot in the liver or have liver damage because you can die very quickly because of all that activity has taken place in the liver. Alright? So we had the digestive tract. The excretory system is cleaning the blood and getting rid of uric acid. That is the kidneys cleaning the blood distributing the uric acid to the ureter and to the bladder kicking it all out to the rest of the urine. Alright? That is the cleansing. I mean there are other things that the kidneys do based on the adrenal glands being on them but it generally it just clean the blood. The reproductive organs of course we know what they do, they keep us here, the ability to reproduce another being with the tissues of those organs. The muscular system, House IX, deals with motility and motion.

1:04:33 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright? Skeletal system is our support, is also a calibrated crystal system with each of the 216 bones have a north and south poles that becomes very important in healing within itself. Next we have the meridian system which is actually the outside of the nerves and the outside sheath of the spinal cord. The astrocyte cells and what that meridian system essentially does is it brings communications back from the organ to the brain. Brain sends out a signal to the liver, the meridian system can bring communications back or vibrations back from the liver to the brain so the brain can understand the state of the liver. Alright? And last you had the integumentary system which deals with the skin which is also organ that is of great importance for protection of the internal organs and for acting as a filter of things that is coming in from the outside. So you have all those systems and what we will do is you look at the birth chart and we can see those systems and we can also see what we call the five components and the five conditions. Alright? The first five planets are related to components which are the blood, the lymph, the neurons, the hormones and the oxygen and the last five planets are related to conditions in the body. Alright? If we know where those planets are we can tell what is going on with organs and systems in your body. And we do other diagnostics we can look at your teeth. For instance, your teeth, you have 32, they are broken up into four quadrants which represent earth, air, fire and water and we can tell based on maladies in the teeth what systems are impacted for instance. If your upper left eight quadrant are impacted, those quadrants deal with three specific systems and that is your immune, your reproductive and your skin system.

1:06:43 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So if you see maladies in the teeth in that area, you can see that correspondence because everything in the universe is fractal or it corresponds. So we can look at the teeth until everything is going on inside the body. And we can teach you how to that. We have a certification that we do in the society for only for nationals, indigenous nationals of the Aboriginal Republic of North America where they become aboriginal doctors based on science. They can look at your body and tell everything is going on no just biologically and anatomically, but psychosocially because there is a corresponding behavioral psychological and social component that is related to the disease state. Alright? And essentially what we are saying is we can diagnose where the diseases localize in a system and then we can prescribe the right plans and the right ritual regimens, mental regimens to get rid of that disease and we have done it over and over again now to simplicity. It is just simple to prescribe remedies not only to regenerate tissues but to get rid of what they call HIV and cancer. Alright? I have one sister who came to me, in three weeks, she had sulfate packs all over the uterus. Three weeks all gone. And this is just two months ago. Alright? She comes to the classes in New York and it took three weeks to get rid of them. Alright? Seven patients that we have removed from the OraFix test, when they take the quick OraFix test one of them took the ELISA test and had a HIV positive. Seven patients within a four-month period all in the same program removed which means we changed the HIV positive test to HIV negative

1:08:48 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Now, let me explain something. It is very important for you to understand that there is no virus called the HIV virus. What you are being tested for and was being found is that the antibodies in your body are responding. Alright? And therefore HIV is an antibody test. It is not a viral test. So change in HIV positive to a negative is just a simple as calming the immune system down and getting rid of the thing that has been causing the flare up which causes the test to come on a positive when certain antibodies are present. The certain antibodies are present because a certain immune deficiency that exist in three particular systems. Alright? So we need to understand that that is not an amazing thing. I can teach somebody as 13 years old how to correct HIV positive test to HIV negative test is simple. You just require the person to take on the regimens that we give them in order to do that. Alright? So when we start coming down to disease, curing disease is not some magical thing that happens and you know, somebody needs an award or medal for that. No. It is as simple as understanding how to remove what we talked about earlier that impact the mitochondria in any particular system. The challenge becomes removing the emotional issues and I would recommend that everybody go to our legal page and look up Brother Sumama, who is a hypnotist in our society and he can help you with some of those issues. We do some of the hypnosis depending on the level of damage that we see in the systems because a lot of the biological damage is related to psychosocial mental damage that we have taken on in this craziest world that we lived in.

1:10:59 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So that becomes important sometimes because the healing cannot take place biologically when there is emotional state in the body that are not being lifted up from the consciousness and removed. They have to get rid of the emotional garbage too because the emotional garbage actually encodes itself into genes, the vibrations and chemistry. Okay? Alright. The next thing that we want you to understand -- we got some other stuff but I am not going to -- see we have some callers that are raising their hand. I want to take of these some callers. But on the food, we come to the food, it is important for us to understand that everybody needs to know learn how to prepare their own foods. Alright? Very, very important because you need to put the energy into the food that you are putting inside of your body. Everyone should know how to prepare meals, by that time children get 12 years old, they should begin to prepare meals for everybody in a house. No, you should not be cooking large levels of grease and fried dish and etc. Most of your meals should be you know, natural without having to apply any heat. But there are certain foods you need to apply heat to, alright? Or in order to break down the cell wall so that they can be readily digested. And there are certain plants that become a local part of our diet that we can't just eat raw.

1:12:46 Dr. Aly Muhammad

In fact, when I deal with my supplementation with the wild plants and the organic plants, I have to cook all of the herbs in order for them to work so the raw food diet where they are saying that if you take something to a certain temperature you are killing the enzymes is based on European ideology. I will break it down for you real quick. First of all the word enzymes means fungus. It comes from a Greek word enzymos which means something that has leaven in it. And if you remember your biblical story, the Israelites were taught that they were on a Passover not to eat anything with leaven in it especially the bread. And that they had to put a mark on their doors where the death angel will come. I like to read the story because it is so much similar, isn't it? Metaphysical symbolism but surprisingly to say heat is energy. Alright? Heat is energy. The reason why enzymes cannot exist beyond a certain temperature is because they are the byproducts of spores and fungus. This is why nobody necessarily prescribing a raw food diet. It is going to deal with someone with certain levels of cancer and AIDS and bring them back without a certain levels of proper supplementation because the mineral quality that is needed there requires you to cook the wild plants and supplementations. As far as the supplementation itself, your one a day vitamin you need throw them in the trash. All of your wheat grass and all those stuff put those stuff in the thrash, you're eating a bunch of hybrid stuff. Alright? If you are gonna to supplement, supplement with plants that have not been genetically modified and that are not hybrids.

1:14:44 Dr. Aly Muhammad

If you want to test the food to see whether there is a hybrid, here is your test. So that nobody will ask me about a thousand foods and they probably don't even know about, ask me whether there is a hybrid or whether there is not a hybrid. Here's your test. Get you a glass jar, glass jar of any type. If you have an old glass jar you use in juice or something. Take that fruit plant or whatever it may be, place it in the jar seal and shut for 72 hours. If it is natural, it would turn brown, black or whatever color and to decompose like the leaves do in the fall. If it is unnatural, it will spoil, you will see fungus etc that will developed on it and you will know that it is either genetically modified, hybrid etc. That is your test. We do this lab experiments in our certification, but you can test any food to see whether it is natural and not do that mechanism. So if you want to learn what food should I eat, take the food that you are already eating and test them and see whether they are natural. Alright? We are going to take some of these callers. Calling in 302 669 you are on Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

1:16:02 S

Peace goes with you.

1:16:04 Dr. Aly Muhammad

What is going on beloved?

1:16:06 S

Yeah. I was like -- actually that -- I mean __1:16:09__ the subject in the diet but I eat but it is like I do shrunk drastically from the size that I was so it's just my size, how can I get my weight up?

1:16:28 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay. You need to take some plants or foods that are calling natural fats and the two of them that stands out the most as far as retaining weight are coconut water and coconut milk or the meat of the coconut. Eat that as often as possible and Irish moss or sea moss. That will allow for you to retain some mass and expand your mass naturally.

1:17:00 S


1:17:01 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Those are two foods that -- you can eat the coconut meat three times a week and you will see the mass coming back on naturally if you are working out push ups and all that stuff you will see it come back on. And sea moss I recommend that one a day if wanna get more mass.

1:17:25 S


1:17:26 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Do they got. Okay. That was the guy. I think it went out. I want to take the next callers 615 516 you are on Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

1:17:37 S

Yes. I have been diagnosed with a brain disease or chemical imbalance in my brain. They're calming it, but I never really felt it that what I was because I never had the symptoms since after they gave me the medication -- and I am trying to figure out, I think there is a different ways to come away from all of that. I have been trying to eat healthy and you know, do the right thing and I fell a whole lot better over the years when I done a little research and everything but I don't know what to do. You know, I'm kinda figure out what's next.

1:18:17 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay. I'll tell you what, do you mind telling me your birthday. I can look up your chart and maybe give you some recommendation right now. What is your birthday?

1:18:23 S

April 14th.

1:18:28 Dr. Aly Muhammad

April 14th. What year you were born?

1:18:33 S


1:18:35 Dr. Aly Muhammad

73. Do you know the time that you were born? If you don't know it we don't need it.

1:18:41 S

I think it was in the morning like early, like may be 2 or 3 in the morning.

1:18:46 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright that's good. Alright. What is the location? Where you were born at?

1:18:55 S


1:18:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Mississippi. Alright. Give me a moment I will put this is as we are talking. Alright. In a moment. Alright. A little more second. A little malfunction. Alright.

1:19:42 S

Medication called BuTrans. They have medication called BuTrans and they prescribed me like a 120 mg but I reduced it to like half of it and had feel better but it is like -- how do you clean out the brain, you know.

1:20:04 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. I will give you some stuff to do that. I just want to take a look because sometimes, you know, you're just dealing with certain energies and you have to know how to deal with them and if I can take a look at the chart and I can go, okay. I see it right now. Alright. Okay. Yup. I see it. Alright. So you have a sun in opposition to your Uranus. Alright. So essentially, you have a lot of mental power if I am looking at the first house and I see sun there and I see Venus but they are both opposing Uranus which deals with circulation. Okay? So now, the element that you are going to need to improve to stabilize and detox is copper. You need a lot of copper in your diet. Okay? So I am going to give you some plant names to take and I am going to give you a recommendation to go to our site to order something that will help you because ultimately which you want to do is to get off of the medication. Alright? And you want to give your brain the proper amount of copper to deal with proper circulation of energy because I see that there is an opposition here and that opposition can manifest in a lot of ways and you also have a T square in your chart so that opposition can affect the brain and central nervous system and it can affect the excretory system, the kidney, the bladder, etc. Alright. So tell me when you are ready to take some of these herbs down.

1:21:59 S

I am ready.

1:22:01 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay. The first one is called Yellow Dock. These are some herbs that you will need.

1:22:10 S


1:22:11 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yellow Dock

1:22:13 S

Dock? Okay.

1:22:15 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Got it? Dock.

1:22:17 S


1:22:19 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay the next one is called sarsaparilla. Sarsaparilla. This one is for the glands in your brain. The glands like the pituitary, the hypothalamus and the pineal gland.

1:22:40 S


1:22:41 Dr. Aly Muhammad

This is gonna help -- kinda balance those. Alright. The next one is called Red Raspberry.

1:22:56 S


1:22:58 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. Alright. There is another one we call Blessed Thistle.

1:23:04 S

Can you repeat that?

1:23:07 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Blessed like I am bless and the

1:23:09 S


1:23:10 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And the last part is thistle.

1:23:13 S

Ah T-H-I.

1:23:14 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I-S-T-L-E. Yup.

1:23:17 S


1:23:19 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. This one you want to get a lot of -- the primary one is called anise. A-N-I-S-E.

1:23:29 S


1:23:31 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. And I got two more, one is called Blue Vervain.

1:23:42 S


1:23:44 Dr. Aly Muhammad

And the last one is called wild carrot also called Queen Anne's lace. Wild carrot. Now, if you want to order those herbs are already prepared. You pick them from my website at dralimuhammad.com that's D-R-A-L-I-M-U-H-A-M-M-A-D.com. We have something called the female tonic.

1:24:15 S


1:24:16 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Female tonic the one that will give you the copper and then we have one that is called the waters of Nu for your brain and your endocrine system that is going to help to balance out this energy that I see in your chart because it is affecting the brain and it could eventually affect the kidneys and there is another T square here that I see as on the digestive tract. Are you having any digestive problems at all?

1:24:51 S

It does take awhile for me to have like bowel movements and things. I have been trying to take place bowel movement you know, these different things so it keep me going regularly. But it's the (Cross talk)

1:25:08 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Do you have any problems with respiration?

1:25:11 S

Not really.

1:25:14 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Good. Say it again.

1:25:19 S

Only when I get sick.

1:25:21 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay. Alright. Have you ever had any problems like asthma anything like that when you were young?

1:25:26 S


1:25:27 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay. Good. Alright. So you gonna increase the copper and the reason -- what I'm looking at in your chart again is a sun opposition Uranus and let me explain what that means anatomically. This essentially means that the nervous system for some reason is not getting the kick back from the meridian system so that causes a stress on the brain. Alright? Now, I don't see anything other than just stress. I don't see like organ malfunction but I do see a lot of stress on the brain and the endocrine organs of the brain and I think that is more of just a deficiency of certain mineral than anything else. Of course, you know, when they give you the medication and they start prescribing, that's all the industry. That is just to keep, you know, your insurance so your health care paying for the medicine and that is all, they are not concern with healing in the body.

1:26:40 S

Yeah I know at the time when I'm sick. I knew it from the day one but it was a __1:26:45__season go to the doctor and get all those medicine. If I didn't take my pills, a family member here and they seldom get here and is asking like changes when I talk to my family and trying to tell them this is the right and think, but they it will come a long time to realize we really go __1:27:06__.

1:27:07 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Right. Right. Right. Right. And it going to take awhile to detox all those toxins that you placed into your body and you also have a Chiron in that same house which essentially means that there is like some type of like a mental or spiritual ___1:27:31___ that deal within that particular area. The first house deals with yourself and putting yourself first as important or focus in on issues of self and they could have been or might be some negation there because of things that you are talking about now but one thing I do see when I see your chart is impacted like this automatically I know that you are missing that particular mineral and you need that because that is primary mineral of brain and central nervous system. I don't see anything else that deserves any attention but check out the website and then there is a commentary box on the website.

1:28:17 S


1:28:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Send me or remind and I can give you more details from looking at the chart because I am just gonna just save this chart and -- so if you send me any questions or anything I can give you some full recommendations on other stuff too.

1:28:33 S

Oh, I appreciate that. It is going to be a big help I am __1:28:36__.

1:28:37 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay. Yes ma'am. Thank you sis.

1:28:39 S

Thank you.

1:28:42 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. Then another caller. Calling in 615 516, you are on Aboriginal Radio. Peace. 615 516 you are on Aboriginal Radio. Peace. Oh I think I was just stopping. Okay. 404 299 you are on Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

1:29:06 S

Shalom brother, how are you?

1:29:09 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Shalom brother what is going on I am wonderful guy, how are you?

1:29:12 S

Excellent. Excellent brother. Couple of things, I want to ask a couple of help related but then I also have a question in relationship to the various so called racist and so forth but I have this, what they called retinitis pigmentosa and one of the first thing they tell you is that you should not have direct sun light into the eyes especially UV rays because it damages the retina and listening to your dissertation in eye, I realized that I may have to readjust my thoughts in that prior to this and so forth, but it also triggers cataracts and my family members have been encouraged me to do cataract surgery to remove the cataracts but I know I felt that there might be a natural way of dissolving them, so that's my first question to you and so forth.

1:30:07 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay. Now, whenever you have -- has anybody in you family had this problem before? Your mother or father had?

1:30:15 S

No. Actually, a half brother of my father and my direct sibling, one of my younger brothers and so forth we have the same disorder.

1:30:24 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay, so there is something genetic. I am saying it genetic only in the sense that your father probably handed down some recessive chromosomes that haven't healed themselves, so you know they are manifesting in you and your brother. And you, you know in your own lifetime can improve that so if you do continue to have children that won't get pass down but the fact is to say I am not familiar with the specific name of disease but I am familiar with that part of the anatomy. Here is the first thing, I wouldn't recommend that you go out that you gaze into the sun or stare into the sun. But I would recommend that you give certain foods in that helps strengthen the retina and the overall eyeball itself. And what minerals that is very, very important to the eye is chromium oftentimes you will see people who developed cataracts or blindness or different types of problems with the retina or macular degeneration is because of a lack of chromium and it spreads to the pancreas, because the pancreas is also primarily made of that same mineral, chromium

1:31:43 S


1:31:44 Dr. Aly Muhammad

So the recommendation I am going to give you know just simply over the phone is you need some chromium-based foods first.

1:31:55 S

I am going to follow up with you on more details and diagnosis on that side. Secondary, my wife is suffering from inflammation and it's affecting her in different ways in regards to the nerves in her face and also other areas of her body. Its not manifesting like in a rheumatoid arthritis, but inflammation is an issue and I am going to ask her to follow up with you on that one also and she wants recommendations also for that.

1:32:28 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Is the inflammation localized somewhere? Is it throughout the body?

1:32:32 S

Well, in the facial muscles it's the number 7 and 10 nerve, they are exhibiting parAlises in the form of Bell's palsy and difficulty in swallowing and in other areas it's manifesting like -- she gets dizzy when she walks along for a little bit and so forth and skin rash that has started popping up here and there and so forth.

1:33:08 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Okay. That sounds like some problems also with the vagus nerve if the dizziness and the lack of balance. You have multiple nerves malfunctioning, there is one particular gland that could mix the nerve system and the endocrine system is called the hypothalamus, it could be some problems in that area too. But she can follow up with me because anything that is brain related is generally related to those three brain glands, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal and also with the level of neurons that are being produced. Whenever there is a destabilization in the cranial nerves for some reason, the person is not reducing or is blocking the production of the proper amount of neurons. So it's kind of like a wire of that you know in the house.

1:34:01 S


1:34:05 S

I will have a follow up with you this week. Now my question in regards to men, you have mentioned the indigenous people the planet versus __1:34:16__ and so forth. But when you said Asians, the Chinese and so forth and some other areas what we call a permanent Mulatto like the Southern Europe and the Middle East and so forth. How do you classify those folks as indigenous Aboriginal or other? And that was one of my questions, because you have mentioned it several times and I also wanted to ask that question.

1:34:52 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. Well, in my position there is only one indigenous people to the planet and that is the people that we commonly use the misnomer African for, the African racist, we would say more as racist or you know something of that nature. We are the only truly indigenous population of people and we know that through not only through the genetically diversity, but we know that through the current studies on the production for the racists. In 1987, there was a study on the original race carried out and what was discovered is that all of the races on the planet came from seven particular mitochondrial lines of the African woman or the original woman or the black woman whatever you want to call her. So what I am saying essentially is the only race of people, you know people blood line or people that are natural to the planet are the Moors or the people who are commonly called African. The other groups have come about through various levels of experimentation and devolving that we can go into to take all day, we have done some radio shows on that and talk about radicalisms that had caused devolving of racists and what are people did in the past to try to bring these times racists back into a better anatomy and physiology. Now, this opens up the discussion on harmonies and whole lots of other things. But I am only speaking there is only one indigenous race. The Asian race is in all these other races, these are what I call biological variances from the indigenous type.

1:36:40 S

But would they be classified as indigenous, that would be more the key question?

1:36:43 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well you know, that's more of a jurisdictional thing.

1:36:49 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Because what is indigenous one group of people might be not indigenous to another group of people, that's based on their law system, that's based on their politics you know, so I am only speaking from the politics of our society and nation. I can't speak for the Chinese people who they classify indigenous because with anybody who was in China before the State was created... it is more of a political.

1:36:49 S

Okay, I got that.

1:37:15 S

Okay then, I appreciate your answer and I like that and I would be following up soon.

1:37:20 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well, thank you. Alright. Okay, so we got our caller 803 543. Hello, this is Peace. What's going on guy? We lost you for second, let's try to get you back, 803 543. Peace, brother. What's going on brother?

1:37:36 S

Yeah, peace.

1:37:39 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yes Sir. How are you Sir?

1:37:42 S

I am doing well man. I am doing well. You did it again, bro. You did it again, right. Yeah. You want the mirror. You want __1:37:47__ I was just that, man. I said hold this time. Because the last time when a brother asked a question you gave him like a weird answer like I have thought about on a family that I support, they got organic farm and they don't want the family to know about this Asya's Organic Farm. That is A s y a's Organic Farm. They are down here in the __1:38:13__ territory which is in South Carolina. And they ship, they actually can ship, they are an organic farm, so they don't use no irrigations on (Cross talk).

1:38:30 Dr. Aly Muhammad

What site again so that I can type it into the chat?

1:38:32 S

Alright. I will give you the email and I will give the name. It's called Asya's Organic Farm, A s y a Organic Farm. And two emails you can contact them by this azeezeomustafa@yahoo.com and the other one is scforzanizfar@yahoo.com and they are Aboriginal Muslims, you know black folks and be announced to inform to see how they do their planning and definitely certified with a staff. I mean I eat their food. They come off here like on, they come over here like three times a week to the Farmer's market or whatever and they do compare to like because I go to the healthy food store too. Man, I don't even buy no vegetables from the healthy food store no more. That's just greater. I will buy (Cross talk) healthy food store no more. You take their __1:39:56__, man it's certified but you go and take and feel the difference guaranteed.

1:40:02 Dr. Aly Muhammad


1:40:03 S

If you don't, you definitely get a detox, you know what I am saying. They are certified man. They sell like they got the herbs, they got their own seasonings, they got the vegetables and fruits, they sell like doing the seasons so you don't ask for stuff out of season. They don't do things like that on...

1:40:27 Dr. Aly Muhammad


1:40:29 S

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah man. They are part of the family. They have taught me a lot. Because I got a little go out on the side too you know what I am saying where I do my grown and I get all of my seasons. They do hurdle organic seeds, so you know what I am saying all these stuff certified from the food that I eat to the seeds and I plant that too. So you know what I am saying I know they are certified but the families definitely check them out, because they definitely own instrumental of my growth right now. So I definitely wanted to added that on and you don't point about that because if I look into my life that I am now a man and to where I was you know just say two years ago or whatever, now that I am implemented in the __1:41:20__ and other more slots too that like when you are talking about the bread, the pasta, oh men. I will get that in with my work out and do my running, man you would be -- folks would be amazed that I can run for, I mean now I run over about an average of six of five days a week. I mean for over 40 minutes and I just do it by time, but before when I was getting into of it that's when I had a lot more time when I get up earlier and running for the lowest of time that was like two hours. I just ran over from here to broad river and that is where I was hit the pavement. But I really mostly hit the grass and now do the 40 minutes and get my other work out on that I have a lot more stuff to do, but I am saying to say because I do the __1:42:13__. In know this in a matter of fact, when Dr. David Blair when I was in some of his show, he talked about farming __1:42:21__ I know this might not sound. He had to say that for me not to know that because last year when I was so concern, he gave up a way different energy to me last year was a way more harder with MIC.

1:42:34 Dr. Aly Muhammad


1:42:34 S

Because may be it wasn't -- yeah, you are you know what I am talking about. I was about to say that it might be because it was my first year really getting out there and soaking the sun, but I mean because this year folks talk about its hot and man he said so many black telling its hot. They can't deal with their feet.

1:42:56 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Right. Right. Right.

1:42:58 S

Did any hot like that, no more man. I was looking at it and people were like...

1:43:04 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I can see that the vibration is up now bro.

1:43:07 S

There is no doubt, no doubt man. Because I would be looking to people like, man, like on Tuesday, man, he is telling me, parasites. It's a great process that they are turning into.

1:43:16 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Correct. Right.

1:43:17 S

You know, what's that medical term that you like which fit well, is that a phototrophs and the heterotrops, that's what they are turning into. A lot of them they are telling, man, it's too hot. Yeah, blah blah blah. Now, let's talk about -- I ain't no quacking. You know what I am saying they ain't my blood line. I feel it just, you know I am not out there all the time but we are there for you and you will be like oh man. Let me tell you what I just found. I just found was with white plums is more. Up your body. Airport, man you are going to whack the gas or wild plum trees that they ain't get the berries going to the blackberries, yeah the red berries -- they ain't ripe but they are growing but you know what I am saying the grapes and all of that. I picked my own and in a matter of fact I have sold my own seeds. But to a brother you know what I am saying he studied with me during the __1:44:17__. I mean he really big right now but you know I make - you know when I am using that I add it too but yeah man, I own -- man no doubt. But you just don't have a point man. And the more they want to see you once they start getting me into this you know this is a lifestyle man. Once they...

1:44:39 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah, because they don't feel it, you know.

1:44:40 S

They don't feel it, man. They don't feel it, bro. So you have a point, man and I just appreciate man, anything that you are doing, bro. I hope that I am cool man.

1:44:51 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I have been listening to you calling for months and I could feel the vibration raising. I am just proud of you guy. You know what I mean, because I feel it. I mean, I feel... and getting into substances and the jewel from this, so peace bro.

1:45:06 S

Yeah, no doubt bro. Hey, do you all __1:45:10_ still got her own recipe book?

1:45:14 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah. Yeah, she definitely got it. Yeah.

1:45:16 S

Alright. How can I get that?

1:45:18 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I got you. Because your nationality staff is going out tomorrow so I just dropped it in there so by Wednesday you will have it. I will push you a mail in there. You are good.

1:45:25 S

Alright. I appreciate that bro. I definitely appreciate that. And one more question, I notice since you had told me this and I'm sure so you call it but the deodorant right, you were saying how we switch, you are eating up your odor not as bad because it did say to me even when I was dead I knew I had like I mean I can heal quick. And I know I did a lot of hot boy stuff to get you know the scars and stuff that hurt and that we are with and I heal it quick. So you know I would cheat when I came over to this knowledge to kind of steal you know what I am saying. You don't get it with steal to get __1:46:11__. You know the dignity that I still had. But back to the point on the deodorant, the deodorant and I noticed some changes on you know my lifestyle to eat and back to all organics now the odor is not really there right there. Like it is -- I still got a little bit odor but it is not nearly stronger than it used to be. Nowhere near. But I want to ask you this, do you like do you use deodorant or like should we be giving up deodorant entirely? Because I know about the baking soda without the aluminum, but a lot of that helpful stores aren't really be filling a deodorant.

1:47:01 S

But you know, yeah, I just want to let you know what, what deodorant would you recommend? I mean I really don't get no smell but you know?

1:47:11 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah I will recommend these two things. If you gonna used a deodorant some with tea tree oil they are safe, because they just straight made out of the oil from the trees. The next thing that you could use if you got, choose some oil, some organic oil like frankincense and myrrh you can use those. Just a little bit, just add, you what I mean but ultimately, I hear they got latest and people laugh at this, ultimately you body get cleaned you don't need it, people experiment they'll see. They can go six month where they only __01:47__ and at the end of six months, their big test to themselves go out side workout I guarantee you, you will have no smell literally. So I mean ultimately you, you wanna get to that test, you're testing your body because that is telling you that the level of cleanliness that your body is in. Once you get to the point where you have no smell, you know you regenerate. All of this fails all the way down to atoms and everything literally. Ultimately you don't want - but they replace that the tea tress oil has a good deodorant and then you can use like at the oil, like the frankincense and myrrh and other organic oils just bypass. Another one is eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a pungent and absorbs any smell that you have and this you know you can just pull over down.

1:48:37 S

Yeah my grandma gathered eucalyptus tree.

1:48:49 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Alright. Got a few more callers calling in. I think we got some minutes. Let us what time we got. We got 11 minutes left try to get through all these callers and lot of hands up so let's keep it straight to the point so we can get everybody on 972 829 and you are Aboriginal Radio. Peace.

1:49:13 S

__1:49:13__ Dr. Muhammad.

1:49:17 Dr. Aly Muhammad

__01:49:18__ what is going on, is that how you...

1:49:21 S

I am fine, thank you. Just have what are common and a quick question, I went to my position earlier this week and I was having some chest pains where it maybe it might have been a heart attack and so and what she gave me the EKG but before she did it, she let me know that the studies whatever they were based upon white males and so I thought that was, that was kind of interesting but basically what is the being suggest but it was acid reflux. So I guess I do not have a question as to, what would, I mean I know that it is diet related but I guess I just want to kinda hear your take on and what you think positive.

1:50:16 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Well I mean I will give you answer to the question some quick remedies to acid reflux, if you can give this water it is a synthetically made water but they do it by using sodium bicarbonate, it is called a Essentia. I'm mentioning that what needs to happen is you need alkaline liquids in alimentary tract primarily in the stomach so called hydrochloric acid, you need to alkalize. I mean you call hydrochloric acid but it is supposed to alkaline literally and when gets acids that is when you acid reflux and the pain is gonna come up the alimentary tract and because of how those organs are situated, they pressed on the lungs then they pressed on the cavity and you get a whole bunch other going on there. So that is one immediate stomach remedy to the acid reflux. The water is called Essentia, what this water works, it because it does have sodium bicarbonate as compound that alkalize fluids in the gastroesophageal tract and also another positive about what it is, they have a sodium bicarbonate the gastroesophageal reflux which gives us an acid reflux is also based on organism that have embedded themselves into the esophagus and that including bicarbonate will help with getting rid of those. Another thing is we use an elixir called phoenix and I will tell you herbs in it. Use dandelion the one that you need, we used black walnut, and we use coriander, red clover and sarsaparilla. Dandelion, black walnut, coriander, red clover and sarsaparilla...

1:52:51 Dr. Aly Muhammad

The reason why you want to take those, is because they can kill pathogens plus their eggs and removed them from that area and that will relax the area once you get the fungus out of that area and alkalized the stomach fluid. And you want to see quick improvement on that, and you could make that as a tea and take it every morning and before you go to bed at night, and within a few days, that should go away. You should not any problems from it. Generally, this is caused by pathogen get in to the esophagus and the hydrochloric acid beginning to turn at acidic pH.

1:53:40 S

Okay, okay thank you very much and we will just keep on doing what you are doing.

1:53:48 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Thank you sister. Alright, we have got some more callers and we try to get to all yours 678 349, you are on Aboriginal Radio, peace.

1:53:58 S

Peace. What going on there? He has brought to tell __1:54:02__.

1:54:04 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Oh yes sir, yes sir what is going on Jason, talked to me guy.

1:54:08 S

I had a question on the Rh. Both myself and the queen. Both of us, we got Rh, we'll try to see what we need to do about this.

1:54:26 Dr. Aly Muhammad

You do not need to do nothing, you go. The Rh factor of course we know what it means for so called Rhesus factor. It is a factor that deals with the protein that is on the blood. Generally, speaking, there is a lot of way that we could have got as people a mainly do __1:54:47__ but as far as your personal health and having Rh factor is not a problem. The only problem will be worried in the future try to have children with someone who has RH negative then they would be no need for certain types of precautions but as far as your own anatomy and physiology is the thing that if the answer to all this stuff and we talked about all night of course you have got on his diet and keep a proper work exercise and other things in, but when your dealing with anatomy and correcting anatomy brother talking earlier, brother Talib, the best way and the simplest way is the amount of sunlight intake you take in an on daily basis. That will transform all parts of you anatomy, literally to the point that depending on the amount that you taken in. Any malady that is considered heterotrophic and any of your tissues can be regenerated because if you put in the proper plants in your body and you getting the sunlight, phototrophic light from sun, every six months your tissues are transforming themselves based on the foods that you eat.

1:56:26 Dr. Aly Muhammad

I mean if you are wanted change that into a negative you can do that, they had some other exercises that you can do with the mental exercise are the most important because everything in the body is about geometry and imaging, well light and geometry. So if you have something in your body that you want to go away, essentially all you have to do is have a repetitive ritual where you have extreme levels of concentration where your telling the body, this is what I wanted to do and if you've given the body the proper light, proper water, proper food and a proper breathing it will happen. I have some of the stuff and what I can do is email you three or four types of basic rituals that deal with breathing, and imaging and the imaging exercises we give you, let us say like the shape of carbon that it takes on a red blood cells, that is all based on geometry. So you can take in a shape, meditate on their shape with a certain your mind over protracted period of time and it can help you, I will give an example. I had a sister about two years ago or a year and a half ago, she has severe problems with rheumatism, I looked at the chart, I could see the problem was not with - she change the diet, the problem was her doubt, her mental doubt so I gave her some exercises to do where she had to view a shape that was based on how iron look in tissues. She didn't know it, she kept doing it after about a month and half got test it and iron levels are up. It was working, the image is working and I explained to her that any image that you've taken to your mind and train into your mind is a light image and it affect you genetics so I can email you some real basic Facebook. You like two or three that you can use.

1:58:28 S

I want that way to that, man because me and the queen we have no idea and it is about almost a year now. (Crosstalk) I want one more time for __1:58:43__ because I am trying to increase my eye sight too and he got the chance to tell brother earlier where you're talking about the chromium as well as.

1:58:59 Dr. Aly Muhammad

Yeah, yeah the chromium levels you can them from wakame, arame, onions, red onions it is an excellent source to help with the eyes and have some exercise charts. And what I can do is I can send that basic information that so can start cause you do the eye exercise charts along with the dragon breaths and breathing and it will definitely, you know, may help with any problems with macular degenerations and retina problems, eye sight problem, etc because all of that is connected to the occipital lobe, etc. So we will call off buck as we get to close our mouth, I know I have missed some of you but we love you We will be back at next week, Aboriginal Radio, Dr. Ali, we've missed some of the calls, its Peace.