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Being Older Is Wonderful And This Is The Reason Why

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Host Arlene B Mitchell lets you know why you should feel great about turning 30 and older.  There once was a time when being older meant life was heading towards nothing but retirement.  Now we have a new generation of men and women they are being called the  "Been There and Conquered it All Already " crowd.  (Term created and quoted by Arlene Brown Mitchell) This group of people are over 29 have dealt with jobs, friendships, relationships, family, and other major life changes. For many people getting older means more than aging, it is widom, understanding, clearity, many lessons learned and that is just the start.  Many have went on to make great chances like forming businesses, resculpturing their bodies, retraining their minds and creating new things that all use in everyday life. Being proud and having pride in being older is something that you should be looking forward to. Yes, the gray hair still comes but it does not change who you are or what you can do!  At 30, 40, 50 and up you can still be a positive part of society. Take a look at many of the most powerful and influential people make sure you check their ages then look in the mirror and know your worth!  

**I kept getting cut off from the dashboard but I will kept reconnecting. I also had to change microphones and that was a draw backI apologize for mixing my words, since I kept getting cut off I was pressed for time. I hope that my message was somewhat clear. If any one else has been having trouble send me a message and let me know what is going on with BTR. Thanks for checking out the show!