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Wednesday, June 5, 6pm EDT: Tonight's radio show is going to rock our conventional thinking about the toxic effects of electro-magnetic fields (EMF's) and bring it to a whole new level. Many know about cell phones yet tend to ignore... more

Wednesday, May 29, 6pm EDT: The quest for health and wellness starts in the simplest of places: your own home. Mitchell is convening a Roundtable on Indoor Air Quality & Healthy Homes which you don't want to miss. Guests are one... more

Wednesday, May 22, 6pm EDT:. Today's first guest is renowned physician & healer, Dr. Gerald Epstein, who has a world-wide reputation for his pioneering work on the use of Mental Imagery for Healing. Dr. Epstein is the author of The... more

Wednesday, May 15, 6pm EDT: This evening, Mitchell Rabin will be inviting calls from anyone about anything. He will open by speaking about what psychopathology has wreaked on both our inner & outer eco-systems, plus... more

Wednesday May 8, 6pm EDT: Mitchell's guest today is world-renowned scholar, philosopher and author, Dr. Jean Houston. Jean is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time and one of the principal founders of the Human... more

Wednesday, May 1, 6pm EDT: Tonight we're focusing on healing, a particular form of Mind-Body healing that has become very popular over the past several years, called EFT. To explore this, my guest this evening is Nick Ortner. Nick is... more

Wednesday, April 24, 6pm EDT:The Advanced Energy Conference will be at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC on April 30-May 1. Today's Advanced Energy Roundtable with feature the following guests: David Winchester of Clean-Tech... more

Wednesday, April l7, 6pm EDT: Mitchell's guest this evening is the inimitable Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, philosopher; ordained Zen Buddhist priest, scholar; teacher of esoteric spiritual philosophies of the East and the West; creator and... more

For today's show, colleagues & dear friends who I originally met in India in 2004, Barry Snyder and Karen Anderson will be discussing another form of healing which they have written up in their latest book, called The Luminous Self.In... more

Wednesday, April 3, 6pm EDT: This week's radio show is continuing the theme of healing, this week focusing on nutrition & food as healer and vitality-builder. Two guests who have been involved in nutrition virtually all their lives will be joining... more
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