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A Better World Radio with Mitchell J. Rabin educates, promotes & inspires listeners around being conscious stewards, being healthy & green-minded, as we build a new ethical, spiritual & sustainable business & lifestyle model.

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Mitchell Rabin has been covering this becoming massive movement across America calling for a re-vote due to the U.S. Intelligence agencies declaring that our election was hacked by a foreign government, namely an adversarial one,... more

Mitchell addresses a national conundrum: All 17 intelligence agencies say our national election was influenced by the Russian government, all the way to the top, purposely in favor of Trump. Yet the election results are being allowed to... more

This evening, Mitchell will be addressing the topic of a Democracy that is teetering in the high-wire due to its last election having been reported to have been hacked and the process corrupted by a foreign government by the CIA, FBI, in fact,... more

Mitchell's guest is psychologist, professor and author Dr. Bernard Starr, most recently the author of Jesus Uncensored, Restoring the Authentic Jew. Dr. Starr poses some very important, interesting questions about who Jesus is, what his... more

Today, Mitchell holds a Round Table discussion to look at voting systems in the U.S. How good and accurate are they? Are there better approaches to reduce fraud or inaccuracies? Accurate voting is a pillar of Democracy. Today's... more

Our voting system was hacked by a foreign power. It is illegal and it threw the election to the foreign power's choices, not the American People's. Can the Supreme Court allow this to stand? It surely shouldn't as it is in breach of Article... more

Mitchell continues the series regarding the hack of the Russian government into the U.S. election, said by the CIA to not only leak information but to manipulate the votes themselves with the intent of getting Donald Trump as President.... more

Tonight, in this special Round Table about the Russian Hack into our elections and all that is developing quickly including today's news of President Obama's dismissal of 35 Russian Diplomats from the U.S., our guests, Jerroll Sanders,... more

Unprecedented in US history is a cyber-attack on our national elections, said by the CIA and FBI to have been swayed in the direction of one of the two major candidates.. Does the Constitution protect us? What do we do about it---accept... more

Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, is Mitchell's guest this evening. What is the role of genes, what are the roles of emotions, mind, beliefs and lifestyle in health and illness. Tonight, you'll learn!
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