ABC's of Personal Finance

ABCs of Personal Finance

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Debbi is a personal finance coach, motivational speaker, and author. This show covers every aspect of personal finance from buying a house to cosigning, from habits to attitude. Personal finance is as easy as ABC.

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Friday is Valentine's Day so we want to talk today about Marriage and Money. Can the things you do in your marriage, both good and bad, affect your wealth journey? Debbi will explore this question in this week's show. So join her, won't... more

Did you set goals or New Year resolutions that you have already abandoned? Well, don't worry - Debbi will talk today about it is not too late to start over and how to set up your goals in order to succeed all year long.

As we enter the 2nd week of the government shutdown, we want you to know how the shutdown will effect your finances. In today's show, Debbi will show you what is effected and what isn't and how to deal with it. You won't want to... more

Have you ever wondered why all of the financial experts say that debt is so bad? Everyone has debt - isn't it normal? Today Debbi will address debt and answer these very questions. See you soon!

Today is Debbi's birthday and she is celebrating by taking a trip back in time. She is going to show you a time of wealth and contentment and give you tips on how you can be there again. This is going to be a great show! See you soon!

Debbi is away at an event today so we are replaying one of our most popular shows on the subject of marriage and money. We hope you enjoy it. It is a good one!

Fall is here and it is time to do your 2nd financial checkup of the year. One major area is life insurance. Today is a repeat of our show - Life Insurance 101 - to help you know what you need and how to get the most coverage for your money.... more

We get asked all the time about the timing for putting your finances together if you are getting married, dating or living together. Today, Debbi will answer this question and explain what the best way is for everyone involved. You won't want... more

You never need a company to settle your debts for you. It is a waste of money that could be put towards your debt. Today, Debbi will show you how to settle your own debts and become debt free today. This one is for you. See you soon!

Are you struggling with your finances, your career or your relationships? Maybe it is time to get mad. Today Debbi will talk about how getting mad just may be exactly what you need to catapult your wealth journey forward. Don't miss... more