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Aaron Moriarity

The UFO Show: With Aaron Moriarity


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Join UFO enthusiast Aaron Moriarity as he discusses topics related to the UFO/Alien phenomenon from all perspectives. Known for his relaxed on-air style Aaron Moriarity has been a favorite of listeners and the guests he has interviewed.

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Jon will not only tell us about the strange things Stan & Lisa have been through, but also his own paranormal happenings while making this epic world changing movie! Strap in, tune in, get ready to to join this truth finding quest as we all... more

Author of several books, Lawrence R. Spencer Editor of the "Alien Interview" Based on the documents provided by: Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy. joins Aaron Moriarity as we explore what could well be, the real story, not only about... more

Join Host Aaron Moriarity as we explore the upsurge in board game popularity in the USA and the world. From the very first known board game that dates back to 4000 bc China, Goe to chess, checkers, and the brand new 2 player stategy... more

The powers that be are so afraid of the truth, they have censored, removed Disclose TV and all of the videos they posted. This is a call in show! please call in and sound off on this very bold move by the power elites to keep the truth as... more

Join Me and Lisa Romanek as she talks about her new book, "From My Side of the Bed" Pulling back the covers on Extraterrestrial Contact A Spouse's Point of View. Lisa has been through it all and has amazing stories to tell, Stories... more

Join Stan, Lisa and I for a show to remember! Stan & Lisa Romanek talk about humanity's glorious future, that we can all bring ourselves, together! Thay will cover the recent new books "Answers' by Stan Romanek , and From my side of... more

Join me as we get to know Phil and his amazing life as an expirimental aircraft builder, and we will get updated on what his father Col. Philip J Corso gave him to continue disclosure. Col.Philip Corso is the man that disclosed the alien reality... more

Mack Maloney talks about his new book "UFOs in Wartime" What they didn't want you to know. from Constantine's army seeing a cross shaped object in the sky in the year 312, to a ufo being shot down in the Gulf war, and So... more

A.J. Ensor talks about his new book, "The Human Quantum Leap" In the book A.J. Ensor, through his contacts in the American intelligence community reveal that we are NOT alone, why they visit in secret, and much much more!... more

Expiriencer & Psychic cosultant Anya Briggs talks about her interactions with light beings, reptilians, and much much more! Do not miss this show! New info that will blow your mind! So call the neighbors, wake the kids, and listen in!!
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