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A Valid Voice

A Valid Voice


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A Valid Voice is a show that provides compelling conversations about a variety of topics from a Christian perspective. Tune in and be blessed!

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This show is based upon a poll we conducted with people who are single. We, along with our special guest, Ms.Tamika Miller discuss topics such as: online dating, interracial dating, compatibility, contentment and the Ex. Tune in as we... more

Whatever you do in word or in deed; do it all for the glory of God! In this episode, business and marketing executive, Symeria Hudson will share practical insight on how to identify your God-given gift, and use it for His glory!

Are you burdened down by the cares of life? Are you wearing a dark cloud of despair? If so, it is time to shift! In this episode, we will discuss how to put off the Spirit of Heaviness, and put on the "One Size Fits All" Garment of Praise. Guest... more

We are at war. Not the war in Afghanistan, but the war that is raged to disturb our peace; attack our families, our finances, and our health. These oppositions are sent to evoke fear and panic; to wear us down, and cause us to withdraw and... more

How do you define pleasure? Where do you derive pleasure from? Are there any limits to pleasurable activities and if so, what are they? When it comes to pleasure, there are various views and opinions about what is appropriate and... more

Statistics show that blended families now outnumber traditional families. Over 65% of American families are blended in some capacity. And although the family structure is being challenged overall, the blended family has a unique set of... more

Have you been judged because of your race, social status, appearance or past? Have you ever prejudged a person or situation only to discover that you were wrong? In this episode, we explore how judgments are often made based on... more

Everyday we are presented with an opportunity to become offended by someone or something. But, just because the opportunity presents itself, it doesn't mean we have to take it. We can refuse and choose to, "Take No Offense!" Tune In... more

Have you ever considered the source of astrology? Do you know that divination includes: astrology, horoscopes and the zodiac? In this episode, we and our special guest Ms. Yolanda Crumb, share insights on this hot topic. Scriptural... more

In order to live in purpose, we must first start the process. In this episode, we interview author and writer Aisha Adams. She shares a detailed account of how losing her job launched her into her destiny, and inspired her to write the book,... more