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A Thousand Moms builds community support for LGBT/Q youth in foster/adoptive care. These youth face the highest rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide.

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In this first of a series on addiction, we look at the magnificent human brain and why it is so susceptible to "hijacking" by susbstances of abuse. Addiction is a brain disease, preventable, but nevertheless a brain disease. Then visit our web... more

How can Donald get away with it? This week he slandered much of the world with a slur heard round the world. Is there no end to his idiocy? And thanks to changes in campaign finance laws, the political contributions are legal. We'll share the... more

More lunacy from the Trump experience: A tell-all book that tells all. You want to know what your president is like, how really crazy he is, listen here as we read the juciest parts of Fire and Fury and add a dash of commentary.Why is the... more

Who knew it would be this bad? Many of us. But the reality of the daily, wrenching stress of life under Trump has taken a toll on our mental and physical health. We discuss what happened and how to cope.Join Dr. Ray and Dave as we vent,... more

Who knew it would be this bad. WE ALL DID! One year into a nightmare presidency, Donald Trump his infected America and the world with his unique brand of confusion and fear. To his fans, he can do nothing wrong. To a... more

Here we are waiting for news about taxes, #metoo, the investigation, Russia and more, more. How low can we go? Even the Queen of England won't meet with him. We'll talk about Roy Moore, Trump allegations, firing Mueller, net... more

We cover the news of the week: the death of an icon and gay man Jim Nabors, Al Franken's resignation from the Senate, Marriage Equality passes in Australia, and Trump. The news about the RussiaGate connection keeps growing and what... more

May you live in interesting times, said one wise man. Between daily firings of noted celebrities for sexual assault, Trump on the run, and much more, we're all spinning. What happens to a sexual assault victim? Learn here. When a Matt... more

The news about sexual abuse and trauma inflicted by celebrities, politicans, and Trump has opened up a much needed discussion. Host David Balog shares his story.Sheilds and Brooks on PBS' News Hour may have said it best. Sexual... more

John F. Kennedy remains respected as a competent, intelligent, likeable president across the world. On this anniversary of his assassination, we find out why. David Pitts has written a remarkable book, JFK and Lem: The Untold Story of a... more