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A Thousand Moms builds community support for LGBT/Q youth in foster/adoptive care. These youth face the highest rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide.

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HBO recently aired "The Case vs 8," a documentary of the 5-year trials and hearings that eventually led to the Supreme Court ruling invalidating California's Proposition 8. Today we hear excerpts of interviews with the plaintiffs and the... more

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, the smart, adorable, and clever hosts of the very popular YouTube series AsapSCIENCEposted a video yesterday in which they came out as both gay and a couple of seven and a half years. The reason... more

For Mother's Day, we discuss the images and icons developed through the mass medium. How do they reflect our society? What qualities would best suit a mother of an lgbt youth in foster/adoptive care? From Marie Barone to June... more

Why Are Openly Gay Positive Role Models Important for Children? Because some children, from a very early age may be aware that they are LGBT. For a child or young person growing up heterosexual there are many positive role models... more

What's another 50th anniversary to the Gayby boomers? This week, it's the Mustang. 60's memories today and much more. Is this the car that led to the social change of the 60s...the sexual revolution and liberation in general?

Today,there's a revolution happening on college campuses. Today we take a look back at a low point in our culture and then turn to the revolutionaries of today who are breaking down barriers to LGBT freedom everywhere. Listen to the chilling... more

Join us for another popular Too Cool News 1) Baseball's first lesbian owner 2) Forgetting Fred Phelps 3) Gay: Rich or Poor

Spring has finally arrived and we celebrate with our Spring Fling! Live music, interviews, and more! Support LGBT Youth in Foster/Adoptive Care.

Back to our popular Too Cool News format. Three topics: Justin Aaberg's 19th Birthday. A celebration with Tammy Aaberg. Kitty Genovese: LGBT history uncovered after 50 years. Gay humor. Information, history, and fun. Special... more