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A Thousand Moms builds community support for LGBT/Q youth in foster/adoptive care. These youth face the highest rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide.

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On a day when neo-fascists choose to take off their hoods and declare their part in the national decline, we also look at the deeply disturbing investigation that is Russiagate, the empty but dangerous threats of nuclear Amageddon with Korea,... more

Get our books, Healing the Brain, at Amazon.com Welcome to A Thousand Moms Network of Support: Addiction and our Families Cocaine and Methamphetamines And Positive Parenting Prevents Addiction Cocaine is a powerfully addictive... more

Gay concentration camps in Chechnya. Believe it. While the world and the United States agonizes over Trump and Putin and aggressive nationalism of a macro scale, in the country of Chechnya, a Russian satellite state, gay men are being... more

A Thousand Moms Network of Support takes a deep look at opiates and opioids and their cousins, heroin and fentany. Communities are agonizing of the addictions and the deaths of their your. What is the science of opioid addiction?... more

Opiates and opioids, never far from America's addiction scene, have taken on crisis dimensions since the introduction of oxycontin and other related drugs. The move to cheaper heroin, opioids' cousin, has sent youth and adults to... more

He seemed presidential. That's how David Gergen and Jim Acosta assessed Trump's speech at the G20 summit this week. How is he presidential? Does reading a speech that contradicts many of his statements and positions make... more

We await the latest news on healthcare--what toll is it taking our our health? Stress is a powerful negative to our health and in particular we mean chronic stress. Are you eating more? Smoking more? Drinking more? Has a preexisting... more

Our fathers helped build this country, saving it from Hitler and then building a middle class in America that provide security and education and jobs that made America great. And now we have a nation torn asunder by a crime covering a... more

One year ago, the LGBTQI community was devastated by the hate-inspired shooting at the Pulse nightclube in Orlando. We grieve with the families, our community, and we learn how we can go forward. The Trump fiasco sinks... more