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A Thousand Moms builds community support for LGBT/Q youth in foster/adoptive care. These youth face the highest rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide.

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One week, one step closer to Trump's final achievement or jail. Who will the grownups be to tell Trump you can't destroy NATO and the peacekeepers of the world in favor of Putin. www.healingthebrainbooks.com

Our food choices are critical and affect us now and for the future. Why cheeseburger-man Trump is not the model we need. www,healingthebrainbooks.com

What do you do when Armageddon looms? Trump is on the verge of nullifying 50 years of progress across the board.

More horror and madness from Trump: The children. Immigrant children scarred for life, separated from families. And Trump's lies continue. Visit www.HealingTheBrainBooks.com

It's so bad, children are being locked up in an empty Wal-Mart, it's clear Trump stole the election, and we're in utter chaos. Unless you deny it all. Visit www.Healing thebrainbooks.com

We're at a loss for the death of two celebrities. We talk about mental illness, depression and the spike in suicide rates.

A Thousand Moms Is sponsoring tuition rewards to families who can save up $50,000 per child at a four year college. Memorial Day Tribute. Mid Terms. Visit...www.athousandmoms.org, visit www.healingthebrainbooks.com

Too Cool News: Royal Wedding, Brain on Facebook, Trump

Show a video of Fred Rogers, the famous "Mr. Rogers," and you'll get warm smiles as reactions. How did he support LGBT causes decades ago? Www.HealingTheBrainBooks.com

Is Joy Reid a homophobe? Yes, in her own words. What happened with the MSNBC host and why does it matter? How does lgbtq health get affected by stress, trauma, etc. from the earliest age and over What do you say to a... more