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A Thousand Moms builds community support for LGBT/Q youth in foster/adoptive care. These youth face the highest rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide.

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We conttnue our special series on the Brain and our re-release of the Dana Sourcebook of Brain Science. I'm Dave Balog, CIO of A Thousand Moms, Building Community Support for LGBT/Q Youth in Foster/Adoptive Care. Dr. Ray, Fred... more

1. What percentage of Americans smoke on a daily basis? 20 percent, one in five. 2. What percentage of American high school students use tobacco? 20 percent, more than one in five, 5% of middle school students smoke. 3. How many adult... more

As diverse as the world is, thousands of ethnicities in hundreds of countries...we all have one driving, daily need. Sleep. Why is this and what to do if you can't sleep. A Thousand Moms offers this program as part of its brain and behavior... more

The suicide of beloved actor Robin Williams has led to a surge of calls to crisis hotlines. Today we talk about mental illness and suicide. According to Kay Redfield Jamison, author of Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide in her... more

Background: Substances of abuse are a cultural phenomenon as ancient as civilization itself. Only recently, however, have scientists begun to study their effects on us, and more specifically, their effects on our brains. Why do... more

A Thousand Moms Talk is made possible by the support of listeners like you. Sad news recently that singer/songwriter Glen Campbell has released his final song and that he is in the 6th of 7 stages of Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's doesn't... more

Looking Inside the Brain Background: For the last century, scientists have been able to use the x-ray machine to examine the bony parts of the living human body, but they were not able to x-ray the living human brain. Since the 1970s,... more

"Every aspect of our lifes depends on the normal functioning of our brains...All of our human qualities are at risk if something goes wrong with our brains." W. Maxwell Cowan, neurscientist. A Thousand Moms begins a major, 7-part series... more

Many this week have been watching the PBS series on the Roosevelts. But we think there's an important angle not being addressed, the emergence of the gay rights movement pre-Stonewall. The Stonewall Riots of 1969 are often credited... more