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AQBAM Radio is the virtual panel discussion for original women's battles and victories. It is a verbal vehicle driving peace for the mind, soul and body, utilizing ascencion building exercises with various significant topics put on front street. The radio show airs twice a week with Beautiful SeeAsia hosting groundbreaking shows on Tuesday night, 9PM Eastern Time. Everything controversially taboo is brought to light with this sensational hostess. Saturday mornings at 9AM Eastern Time is the segment entitled "Wisdom Smoothie" is the weekend jumpstart with life changing deliveries on personal matters of the heart and home by some of society's eloquent sisters, such as Precise Wisdom, Isis 360 and Yasheeka just to name a few. Mathematics of relationships, treasures of a traveling woman and the arts of spirituality and more are some of the themes. Today, in 2011, self awareness of the original woman is at an all time low due to the distortion of what her role truly is in this universe. She, woman, is the connection between a vision and its result, while aligned in truth. We will once again, reclaim a holistic, healthy and honorable composition and exhalted because of it. "A Queen By All Means" (AQBAM) is an inspirational program to further assure that the concepts of raising the feminine esteem levels within the community of original women is an ongoing instruction. AQBAM is embodied by a diverse cipher of religious, spiritual and cultural women from various locations within the United States. It is a support system forever evolving within its core and therefore projected into the masses for how women are to grow within their own independent lives within a collective society. AQBAM is a character building exercise in higher virtue, emerging the Queen buried within who recognizes divine feminine principles and oneness with the masculine counterpart (men). We are on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or just Google us.

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So what has emotions cost you in life? What have you earned from them? Tomorrow we're talking about the price of emotions and what has it cost individuals and the collective community. We'll discuss what are emotions,... more

Wisdom Smoothie is taking you back from our July 2010 archives. A build on preparedness and current events. Reflect on where you were last Summer and check to see how much have you progressed or evolved since then. It can be a... more

Got to keep your partner happy right? How we conduct ourselves outside of the home is a totally different identity from the woman in the bedroom. So what are those things we are to be mindful of to keep our partner satisfied? What are the... more

For the women who are in relationships and their partner don't want to have anything to do with their children. The mothers can't control them, they don't want to listen to another adult telling them what to do, they don't have manners,... more

PIONEERING BACK TO NATURE We're still in the cities and suburbs without gardening skills, true land possession, wellness, clean bill of mental health, trained and upright babies who know how to work themselves and the land?... more

Every 2nd Saturday - The Science of Love; Mathematics of Relationships: It takes both Masculine and Feminine to create Paradise in a Relationship. Seems like most Men want Heaven but are not reciprocating the love. Queens are... more

Exhale this week, we want you to call in, discuss what's on your mind & if seeking insight for what's happening in your world. We'll be giving shout outs to builders, business owners, entrepreneurs doing the damn thing. Those of influence, we... more

The woman is the first teacher we've heard the MInister say...a powerful and truth filled statement! The woman is also the first healer...the health of the community resides in her. In order to effectively heal the community we, as women and... more

April 2nd is a very serious time for the energies above as so below, beyond the height of your religion and culture. There's a serious planetary transit taking place now but it intensifies in April, the first week and these governments and... more

Our men are starving for something deeper than a Juicy Couture toting, big butt and a smile, echo in the brain sista who has become a master at giving him hell but lacks the knowledge of how to be the utopia of his dreams. Precise will be... more
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