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AQBAM Radio is the virtual panel discussion for original women's battles and victories. It is a verbal vehicle driving peace for the mind, soul and body, utilizing ascencion building exercises with various significant topics put on front street. The radio show airs twice a week with Beautiful SeeAsia hosting groundbreaking shows on Tuesday night, 9PM Eastern Time. Everything controversially taboo is brought to light with this sensational hostess. Saturday mornings at 9AM Eastern Time is the segment entitled "Wisdom Smoothie" is the weekend jumpstart with life changing deliveries on personal matters of the heart and home by some of society's eloquent sisters, such as Precise Wisdom, Isis 360 and Yasheeka just to name a few. Mathematics of relationships, treasures of a traveling woman and the arts of spirituality and more are some of the themes. Today, in 2011, self awareness of the original woman is at an all time low due to the distortion of what her role truly is in this universe. She, woman, is the connection between a vision and its result, while aligned in truth. We will once again, reclaim a holistic, healthy and honorable composition and exhalted because of it. "A Queen By All Means" (AQBAM) is an inspirational program to further assure that the concepts of raising the feminine esteem levels within the community of original women is an ongoing instruction. AQBAM is embodied by a diverse cipher of religious, spiritual and cultural women from various locations within the United States. It is a support system forever evolving within its core and therefore projected into the masses for how women are to grow within their own independent lives within a collective society. AQBAM is a character building exercise in higher virtue, emerging the Queen buried within who recognizes divine feminine principles and oneness with the masculine counterpart (men). We are on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or just Google us.

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Our men are starving for something deeper than a Juicy Couture toting, big butt and a smile, echo in the brain sista who has become a master at giving him hell but lacks the knowledge of how to be the utopia of his dreams. Precise will be... more

Isis 360 is hosting our Wisdom Smoothie Saturday segment, informing you how to invest in yourself. A few ways and opportunities on how to invest in the most precious entity and being there is.tips of how to uplift and upgrade the greatest... more

We are in a very urgent time for divine partnerships in the horizon of Spring. It is imperative that relationships rise to the occasion of empowerment, new information and community sacrifice. We're in an interesting time & traditional... more

Many of us are doing a lot of work to improve our character and the way we exist on this planet has human beings. Many of us rant, rave, and chant about being liberated and building a dynamic nation. This of course is the desired state of... more

We’ve built up and finally made it to the 7th major Chakra on AQBAM radio’s Saturday morning Wisdom Smoothie: Reiki 101. Join I Quintessential Earth at 9:00 am as she guides us higher in the grounding to the Crown Chakra. Learn... more

Giving your children whatever they want instead of what they need can be the very things that's killing them. From video games, poor diets, music, media, giving children today's form of entertainment is killing them as natural human beings.... more

Working together in a marriage & relationship can be very profitable and lucrative. What ideas can a team come up with to make an income together? How can each entity involved individually grow & build an empire together. The power... more

Four PROFOUND guests are on A Queen By All Means Radio tonight for a powerful show! There's no way you can claim to be a man or woman of the universe without understanding its pertinence to humanity, nature and the events... more

Beautiful SeeAsia is sitting in for Isis 360, our resource Queen, providing us with an abundance of deals, loopholes, financial information, investments, etc. This week: SeeAsia is talking to the people about the best investments to make with... more

Does a woman's hair determine her true crown? We'll be discussing the character of woman based on her hair and if it really matters. Are there hoes with locks? Are there virtuous women with perms in their heads? Do low hair cuts mean... more
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